SocialFollow® is back!

We're back, and we're excited to show you our new and improved service - Organic Instagram Growth!


Buying Instagram Followers


Organic Instagram Growth

This is not just a rebrand! In the past year we have taken the time and developed an entirely new way of growing Instagram accounts.

Enter: Instagram Automation

Over the past couple of years Instagram has heavily updated their anti-spam algorithms, which means that buying Instagram followers has became riskier than ever. That is why we are moving away from selling followers, and instead developed our new Organic Instagram Growth service. With this approach, we automate your Instagram account and connect you with real, targeted Instagram users that will want to Like, Comment, and Engage with your account - all on autopilot!

Buying Instagram Followers

Organic Instagram Growth​
Hands-Free Instagram Growth

Unlock the power of Instagram Automation

SocialFollow® is an AI-powered solution which is designed for Influencers, Businesses and Individuals. After the initial setup, you'll be able to fully invest your time and energy into other priorities, like creating quality content, while gaining new followers automatically.

Super intuitive and easy to learn

Brand new Dashboard

SocialFollow comes with a brand new Dashboard - it's feature rich, and super easy to use. While it comes with tons of customization features, it also comes pre-loaded with optimal settings for your account. Grow your profile on autopilot while you focus on your creating content engaging content and running your business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know SocialFollow® sounds too good to be true - here's how it works:

You were previously giving away free followers. What happened?

In short: After some major Instagram algorithm updates in 2022, we needed to make some changes to the way we grow accounts. You can learn more here.

How many free followers I can get?

Due to latest Instagram algorithm changes, the previous model of "sending" followers would potentially get your account banned. We needed to develop an AI that could mimic human-like behaviour to organically grow your account, and that comes with increased maintenance expenses. You can learn more here.

How many followers can I get?

Because you're interacting with real people, results will heavily depend on the quality of your content and targeting setup. By our latest reports, clients see an average growth rate of about 500 followers/month.

Why do you need my Instagram username and password?

SocialFollow works by automating the interactions on your Instagram account to get you real, targeted and high quality followers. In order to use the service, you will need to securely connect to our servers. We use a one-way encryption system and never store your credentials.

Will it get my account blocked?

Absolutely not.

Are the followers fake?

No. We don’t work with bots or spam accounts. After signing up with SocialFollow and setting up targeting by Influencer and Hashtag, your account will start automatically interacting with real Instagram users that fit your targeting setup.