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How It Works

Socialfollow® helps you grow your Instagram followers without logging into your account or asking for your password. Find out how we do it and why our platform has been kept free forever.

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Getting Started Is So Easy

Four Simple Steps To Getting Yourself More Followers

1. Sign Up For FREE

Simply sign up by filling out some basic information about yourself, like your first name, email, and a random password. You do NOT have to give us your Instagram password. You will be asked to provide us with your username.

2. Choose Your Interests

Choose a few categories that you're interested in and you'll get recommended to follow a few Instagram accounts in each of these niches. You need to select a minimum of 3 categories.

3. Follow Only A Few People

As soon as you've selected a few categories, Socialfollow® tells you to follow up to 10 people based on your chosen interests. This sets you up for the fourth and final step!

4. Then Get LOADS Of Followers!

When you follow these people, you will get at least 50 followers free. Just be sure not to unfollow them, otherwise your new followers will be alerted to unfollow you!

Come Back To Socialfollow Daily®

50 Free Followers, Every Day ⚡

We reward all our users who return daily to grow their Instagram. Provided you follow 10 other users on the platform, you will receive 50 free Instagram followers. You can do this every single day without any issue.

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Hey! We Are Closing Signups In...

Why? We see a lot of users making accounts to try 'cheat' our system. We have a big network of Socialfollowers® on our platform already. So, if you want Instagram followers for free... here's your LAST chance to join our community!

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Just So You Know

No Surveys, No Payments

There are loads of services trying to offer you 'free' instagram followers, when actually all they do is try get you to fill in surveys so they can make some money. We DON'T do that. We're a platform that allows all of our users to grow together, for free.

We will never ask for your Instagram password, we will never ask you to fill out any surveys, and we definitely will never try to sell you anything!

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