Want to know who to follow on Instagram? It’s wide, wild world out there on the platform, and if you’re new to the game – you may not know where to start.

When creating a new Instagram account, it helps to have an idea of your niche. This will help you determine the type of audience you’ll appeal to. Your next step is to follow the right accounts; as this offers inspiration for your content and connects you with influential figures in your industry.

Below, we describe some of the best profiles in five of Instagram’s most popular niches: fitness, beauty, travel, art, and comedy. If you’re looking for quality content to follow in your niche, these guys should get you started.

Who to Follow on Instagram – Fitness and Lifestyle

Instagram’s fitness and lifestyle accounts are generally comprised of gym selfies, motivational quotes, and flat lays of healthy food. This time of content aims to inspire others to live their lives, both mentally and physically.

Kayla Itsines

Both a professional trainer and mega-successful Instagram influencer, Kayla Itsines hosts one of the platforms most credible fitness accounts.

Who to follow on Instagram - kayla_itsines

Courtesy of kayla_itsines (Instagram account).

Her feed is filled with before-and-after photos of client transformations, each with a personal account of their own fitness journey. Users will also find plenty of videos that offer simple workout routines for users to imitate.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a fitness account without tips on healthy eating. Kayla regularly posts colorful, eye-catching photos of her meals, with accompanying tips on pursuing better nutrition.

kayla_itsines Instagram post

Courtesy of kayla_itsines (Instagram account).

This profile not only offers an engaging feed of quality images; it shares fitness experiences from of a diverse group of people, with actionable advice on diet and exercise.

Simeon Panda

Trainer, influencer, and entrepreneuer, Simeon Panda kills it as one of Instagram’s top lifestyle accounts with content that inspires as much as it informs.

This British trainer’s feed has “fitness” written all over it – flaunting photos and videos of the man’s workout activities. Each offers brief tips on improving one’s gym routine, with links to his Youtube channel for full versions of his training videos.

Who to follow on Instagram - simeonpanda

Courtesy of simeonpanda (Instagram account).

Simeon landed Forbes’ list of the world’s top 10 fitness influencers, and has amassed a total social media following of over 12 million. Alongside his successful Instagram, Simeon is also the owner of two sportswear brands: Just Lift and SP Aesthetics.

simeonpanda Instagram post

Courtesy of simeonpanda (Instagram account).

Having accomplished an impressive amount in his field, Simeon’s profile is a must for any fitness junkie looking for that daily dose of inspiration.

Joe Wicks / The Body Coach

Both a fitness and healthy eating enthusiast, Joe Wicks helps audiences pursue better diets and workout routines through his brand, “The Body Coach”.

Who to follow on Instagram - thebodycoach

Courtesy of thebodycoach (Instagram account).

His Instagram profile offers a mix of recipes, workout videos, and client transformation photos; with a few glimpses into his personal life. He also hosts an IGTV channel of videos where he talks to the camera, offering his audience with personal, motivational advice.

thebodycoach Instagram post

Courtesy of thebodycoach (Instagram account).

Joe is author of the successful cookbook, Lean in 15; a 90-day program of healthy meal plans and exercise routines. His profile is another prime example of a fitness account that not only shows you what healthy living looks like – but helps actively achieve it yourself.

Who to Follow on Instagram – Beauty

Beauty and makeup is one of Instagram’s greatest content titans, with over 339 million posts to its name (and counting!). Profiles in this niche are loaded with videos on makeup tutorials, trends, or time-lapsed transformations; with outstanding, high-quality photographs showcasing the fine art of cosmetics.

James Charles

With a dazzling reputation on both Instagram and Youtube, James Charles is a 20 year-old makeup superstar with nearly 16 million followers on his Insta-profile alone.

Who to follow on Instagram - jamescharles

Courtesy of jamescharles (Instagram account).

His feed consists of high-quality selfies displaying his latest makeup art – from natural, glowing looks, to FX makeup, to optical illusions. James’ profile is a treat for any who appreciates artistic creations as well as general makeup applications. Alongside your typical model aesthetics, the young influencer isn’t afraid to venture into weird and wacky visual concepts.

jamescharles Instagram post

Courtesy of jamescharles (Instagram account).

As mentioned, James Charles also has a Youtube channel for more in-depth tutorials on his makeup looks; along with product reviews, makeup challenges, and collaborations with other influencers.

Huda Kattan

Also known as “Huda Beauty” on Instagram, Huda Kattan is one of the platform’s leading beauty influencers, with a profile of over 39 million followers.

Who to follow on Instagram - hudabeauty

Courtesy of hudabeauty (Instagram account).

This makeup artist, blogger, and business woman is best known for her cosmetic brand of the same name (Huda Beauty). Her feed involves plenty of user-generated content; showcasing avid makeup fans who use her product. These could be as simple as everyday makeup looks – to full-blown videos of customers creating outstanding makeup art.

hudabeauty Instagram post

Courtesy of hudabeauty (Instagram account).

Alongside her brand account, Huda also has a personal Instagram (@huda), where posts regular updates on her personal life, latest product campaigns, and business collaborations.


As with the previous two, Jonysios is a beauty influencer with colorful feed displaying varying makeup looks and transformations. However, his content stands out with regular video uploads, showcasing the time-lapsed process of his most memorable makeup applications.

Who to follow on Instagram - jonysios

Courtesy of jonysios (Instagram account).

It’s these one-minute clips that truly allow Jonysios – and his vibrant personality – to shine. Rather than simply applying one product after the next, he entertains the audience with a comedic demeanor and fast-paced editing. And if you’ve gotten yourself addicted to these snippets, his bio directs viewers to his YouTube channel full of longer-form vlogs and tutorials.

jonysios Instagram post

Courtesy of jonysios (Instagram account).

Though amassing a much smaller follower count of 1.1 million followers, this man is sure to double – or even triple – his numbers in time.

Who to Follow on Instagram – Travel

When seeing the sights the world has to offer, one can’t help but snap and share. Instagram thus houses some of the internet’s most beautiful scenic captures; from iconic city landmarks to the hidden wonders of the globe. This type of content is the perfect recipe for “#FOMO”, but they can also inspire that chase for adventure.

 Murad Osmann

Best known for his “#followmeto” series, Murad Osmann offers some of Instagram’s most dazzling travel photographs. His images have that distinctive look of a beautifully shot location; taken from his point of view as his wife pulls his hand towards the scene.

Who to follow on Instagram - muradosmann

Courtesy of muradosmann (Instagram account).

This photo trend caught on in 2011, inspiring a series of similarly taken photographs under the hashtag “#followmeto”. While a creative concept on its own, his feed doesn’t fall short of breathtaking landscapes and worldly landmarks. Each image is taken with a perfect view and composition, keeping fans eager for the next stunning destination.

muradosmann Instagram post

Courtesy of muradosmann (Instagram account).

Alongside photography, Murad is also a film producer for the company Hype Film. He was also once labelled “Infuencer of the Year”, and landed Forbes’ list of Top 10 Travel Influencers of 2017.

Jennifer Tuffen

Also known by her username, “@izkiz”, Jennifer Tuffen showcases her global adventures through cinematic photographs that pop with color and dazzling detail.

Who to follow on Instagram - izkiz

Courtesy of izkiz (Instagram account).

Viewing her gallery through the grid-view alone is enough to impress. Her profile flaunts a consistent color scheme of soft, pastel hues – with the occasional stroke of bright red, green, blue, and yellow. If there’s a feed that encapsulates “eye candy”, this would be it.

izkiz Instagram post

Courtesy of izkiz (Instagram account).

In an interview with MediaKix, Jennifer shares how her choices in color help her stand out from the crowd of travel influencers. She takes plenty of time to edit her photos, adding the necessary tweaks and filters to create vibrant, attention-grabbing images.

Beautiful Destinations

If you’re looking for inspiring photographs of all corners of the globe – you can’t go wrong with Beautiful Destinations.

Who to follow on Instagram - beautifuldestinations

Courtesy of beautifuldestinations (Instagram account).

With over 12 million followers, this Instagram account aims to amaze with each image or video. Their content ranges from scenic landscapes to up-close-and-personal videos of animals in their natural habitats. They also showcase heart-stopping videos of travellers on the edge of cliffs, or swimming in the depths of the ocean.

beautifuldestinations Instagram post

Courtesy of beautifuldestinations (Instagram account).

Whatever your “travel” fix may be, this account will surely deliver. It’s one of Instagram’s quintessential profiles for adventure junkies; presenting the populous, wondrous, and dangerous of the world – and everything in between.

Who to Follow on Instagram – Art and Photography

Instagram is ultimately a platform for showcasing the internet’s best visual content. What better visual content to share, than works of art themselves? These encompass a wide variety of forms, from traditional illustrations to striking photographic concepts.

Typography Inspired

Enjoy typography aesthetics? This account may just be your best source of inspiration.

Who to follow on Instagram - typographyinspired

Courtesy of typographyinspired (Instagram account).

As its name suggests, Typography Inspired spotlights some of the best lettering art by other users on the platform. These works display a generous range of styles, including those inspired by comic-book cartoons and the simpler, more elegant designs.

typographyinspired Instagram post

Courtesy of typographyinspired (Instagram account).

Apart from providing an aesthetic fix, plenty of these projects offer memorable witticisms and inspirational quotes. It’s an all-around feel good profile for those who appreciate the art of typography.

Brooklyn Street Art

Perhaps you prefer your typography on the streets. Brooklyn Street Art’s profile highlights some of the best works of graffiti – from Brooklyn neighborhoods to various streets all over the globe.

Who to follow on Instagram - bkstreetart

Courtesy of bkstreetart (Instagram account).

Photographed by Jaime Rojo, this feed is chock-full of head turning concepts and illustrations – all in the form of public graffiti. Visuals include both large works of typography and murals of figures from popular culture. Some have embedded social commentary, while others simply confront and shock.

bkstreetart Instagram post

Courtesy of bkstreetart (Instagram account).

Jaime showcases each of these in a passionate appreciation for “art in the streets”; proving that they needn’t be encased in a glass frame or box to be marvelled at.

Jeremy Veach

On the lighter side of things, Jeremy Veach offers both a colorful and adorable photography profile featuring his pug, Norm.

Who to follow on Instagram - jeremyveach

Courtesy of jeremyveach (Instagram account).

Jeremy’s shots manage to turn the simplest of locations into gorgeous, wallpaper-quality settings. Starring in most of his images is Norm, who brings a vibe of candid cuteness to each of his featured shots. For many users, its this tiny pug that makes Jeremy’s feed addictive; one can’t help but scroll to the next photo for more of Norm’s photogenic presence.

jeremyveach Instagram post

Courtesy of jeremyveach (Instagram account).

This feed also flaunts a mix of varying photographic styles – including widely-captured landscapes, point-of-view shots, and artistic, close-up portraits of Norm.

Who to Follow on Instagram – Comedy

Finally, we have comedy. Compared to the other topics mentioned, comedy accounts are a more niche genre of content – yet garner millions of followers nonetheless. Being the subjective field that it is, such profiles vary in its post types; encompassing memes, skits, text images, or simply humorous photographs.


Though they found their claim to fame through their YouTube channel of the same name, this couple’s Instagram account is no less hilarious in content.

Who to follow on Instagram - h3h3productions

Courtesy of h3h3productions (Instagram account).

Operated by Ethan Klein (comedy partner and husband of the show’s other half, Hila Klein) this Instagram offers an extension of comedic material from their already successful YouTube series. However, his posts remain just as entertaining for non-subscribers of the channel.

h3h3productions Instagram post

Courtesy of h3h3productions (Instagram account).

This account mainly chronicles the every day life of Ethan and Hila; documenting mundane activities in the most humorous ways possible. Whether you’re an established fan or a passing viewer, you’ll surely be tempted to hit that “Follow” button.


If you’ve wandered the internet long enough, you’ve likely seen this format before: elegant, typical looking e-cards that offer sarcastic – rather than inspirational – lines or greetings.

Who to follow on Instagram - someecards

Courtesy of someecards (Instagram account).

Someecards is the Instagram account of the acclaimed website of the same name; dedicated to creating and sharing such content. This profile is much of the same, giving users their daily dose of snarky, quotable content.

someecards Instagram post

Courtesy of someecards (Instagram account).

Their feed has something for everyone, whether you’re a depressed college student, or a depressed 9-5 office worker. Despite their longstanding presence among Internet memes, these “cards” remain as relatable as ever.


Similar to “someecards”, sarcasm_only curates some of the internet’s best “relatable” memes. This account, however, is more geared towards a female demographic. Its humour centers on female friendships, growing pains, and the everyday mundanities.

Who to follow on Instagram - sarcasm_only

Courtesy of sarcasm_only (Instagram account).

Their feed showcases a variety of popular meme formats, which includes screenshotted Tweets and captioned GIFs. So if you like your jokes blended in biting sarcasm (with a dash of self-deprecation) you’ll want to follow this account.

sarcasm_only Instagram post

Courtesy of sarcasm_only (Instagram account).

Know Who to Follow on Instagram?

Now that we’ve laid out the top users to follow on Instagram, it’s time to get connecting! Following the best influencers in your niche can build a clear idea of what content works best for your target audience, and offers inspiration when crafting your own. Additionally, as Instagram is a social platform, following the right users gets you engaged with those in your community. Who knows, you might even make a new friend or two.