Usually, when a company offers its services or products for cheap, it means that either they don’t have a clue on how to price their products, or there is something wrong with the said product or service in general.

This Venium review will allow you to fully grasp the truth behind what this company is offering, and a general idea about is it smart or not to invest in their cheap services.

Generally speaking, people are drawn to low prices because they think it’s always worth it if they’re paying less, but that doesn’t always have to be true.

Some companies do offer quality services for low prices, but others don’t. There are also companies that provide their users with awful service but overcharge them for it, and still get clicks!

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All-in-all, there’s a lot to say about Venium, their service, and the price tag they put on what they offer.

For those who have shown even a little bit of an interest in what they’re offering, this review will help you form an unbiased opinion on whether their services are worth it or not.

This is quite important since your money and, potentially, the safety of your Instagram account is in question.

Now, without any further ado, let’s jump straight into this review, and see what people from Venium have in store for their customers.

Is Venium A Scam?

The answer to this question entirely relies on what you consider a scam. For us, a scam is characterized as a situation where one thing is promised and not delivered, or another thing is delivered instead.

There are multiple websites we trust when it comes to potential scamming services. One of the best ones for this is the official Scamadviser website.

We went ahead and entered the Venium URL in the search bar, so let’s take a look at the results:

A screenshot showing an overall trust score of the official Venium website on

Sadly, these results aren’t good at all. It’s rare to see a website having this low of a trust score since it is really hard to be this untrustworthy.

A couple of things are obvious from these results. The first thing is that this website probably shouldn’t be trusted.

The second is that there are major holes in this company’s business policy that are endangering their customers.

The third and the last thing that we gathered from these results is that the safety of your information isn’t on the highest level when you’re visiting this website.

All of these things should be taken seriously since we know countless examples of people losing their personal data, credit card information, or even their whole Instagram accounts by using websites that are not safe.

We’re not saying that this will happen if you decide to use Venium, but we’re just saying that you’re the one that’s responsible for your own safety on the Internet.

When we saw this, we immediately turned to websites that allow customers to leave their reviews regarding specific services. Two of the most popular ones are Sitejabber and Trustpilot.

Sadly, Sitejabber turned out empty, and Trustpilot didn’t have much more than that to offer.

There was one extremely short review, but it was enough for us to see in which direction it was going.

A screenshot showing a negative review addressing the negative experience a customer had with Venium on the official Trustpilot website.

Although this is a single review we’ve been able to get our hands on (and that it’s grammatically incorrect), it shows you that there are some problems with Venium and the services they provide.

It’s quite important that we remember that, even though this is a single review, we have to take it into consideration.

It would be quite an awful feeling if someone didn’t take your experience into consideration, or write it off as invalid in some sense.

We feel like we have to take every customer’s experience into consideration when building a bigger picture, and presenting it to you since the customer experience is the most valuable thing out there when it comes to these things.


Almost anyone that’s reading this article is interested in the prices that Venium put on their social media services.

We are going to talk about Instagram primarily since that’s what most of you are interested in, and it’s their most used service.

When people see low prices and cheap offers such as the ones that are found on the Venium website, they immediately either like it or think there’s something wrong with the service.

To be interested in a service just because the price tag attached to it is low is not a good idea. There are a lot of websites that provide their users with cheap services, but almost always those services have terrible quality.

But, let’s focus on the service we’re interested in today – Venium. Take a look at their prices:

A picture of the first five packages for Instagram followers that Venium offers on their website.

We have to admit, these prices do seem tempting, but you have to remember one thing – if you don’t pay with money, you’ll pay with something else.

What we mean by this is that you might get your personal information compromised as a result of buying followers for cheap, or even get your Instagram account that you worked so hard to boost deleted or banned.

These are all situations that none of us would like to be in, so it’s probably a smarter decision to go with a website that has a slightly bigger price tag on it but that’s safe and secure when it comes to things that are important to you.

In other words, there are some benefits to buying Instagram followers for cheap, but there might also be major downsides to doing that as well.

Venium Review – Finalizing Our Thoughts

Some of you might still be asking “is Venium legit?” after all of this.

Well, for those of you who are asking – we think Venium is NOT legit.

Let’s clarify why by taking a look at the characteristics of their services side by side:

Cheap Instagram follower packagesThe website is not secure
They seem to scam people
Extremely low trust score on Scamadviser
A low number of reviews on the Internet

It seems that from just looking at this table, all the things we’ve said fall into their place. A company that has so many downsides and so few upsides shouldn’t even be considered.

We understand that there are honest mistakes, but there are also bad business policies and careless companies that don’t give much thought to what they’re selling to their customers.

All-in-all, for the sake of your money, time, and Instagram account, we highly recommend you stay as far away as possible from Venium and consider some other options to suit your needs.

If you need more help doing that, just scroll to the beginning of this article and you’ll find some amazing alternatives there!