Are you tired of searching for a reliable and reasonably priced service to boost your follower number on Instagram?

It’s no easy task, considering the number of hoaxes that hide behind good advertising and one-time offers made just for luring in naive customers.

Say no more!

We’ve been on an online quest to find the best possible choice for YOU, and after long in-depth research, we’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon Upleap.

Yes, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

Upleap has proven to be the most efficient and righteous service for boosting your follower number in no time. It checked out all the boxes.

If this got you hooked, then you should put what you’re doing on hold, and scroll down this all-inclusive Upleap review if you want to grasp the full effect of this service!

We’ve even taken the extra time to put together a list of possible alternatives. If you’ve got a minute or two, check them out!

IG Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Upleap4.7Check Price
Socialfollow4.5Check Price
Nitreo4.2 Check Price
KENJI4.2Check Price

Preview Of Key Aspects

When meeting our requirements, many services have failed after just a better look through their homepage. The prevailing disadvantages were a critical point in rejecting most of them. We were looking for a service that wouldn’t make you second-guess your choice.

By a happy coincidence, Upleap has proven to be a top-notch Instagram-growth service.

Before embarking on a detailed analysis of all these features individually, we think that it will be useful for you, as a potential future user, to look at the main features visually depicted.

Therefore, here is one short pros & cons table.

Budget-friendly pricesNo free trial currently available
Attentive customer service
No sensitive information required
Fast and organic-like growth
Fairly good rating

Now that you’ve seen what Upleap is about from a far, it’s time to leaf through every aspect in more detail, shall we?

Upleap – Quick Intro

We’re all about getting to know the service a bit more before we actually click on the buy button, and we think that’s a smart move when buying followers for your social media platforms. 

First, you need to chill and check out the homepage for a few minutes. You need to make sure that you are not distracted by any pop-up ads that may distort your entire first impression.

And first impressions are a big deal around here!

When you visit the Upleap official webpage, you’d be surprised – but in a good way. You are looking at a neat layout that you can scroll through without any interference.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

A screenshot showing upleap homepage

We know that looks aren’t everything, and you’re here for a whole nother purpose, but the entire purchase becomes a more pleasant experience when you’re not experiencing any errors or bugs.

Wouldn’t you agree?

How Does Upleap Work?

The main question of any Instagram-growth service is on what principle it works. Is it based on an exchange method, or does it resemble a regular online purchase?

We bring good news.

You can forget about those old-school exchange methods. Shopping with Upleap is fast, efficient, and safe. Here’s what you need to do.

First, you need to pick out a package that suits your needs and budget, which should be a piece of cake with Upleap.

After that, you’ll need to fill out a couple of information regarding your purchase. And don’t worry, Upleap will NEVER ask for your Instagram password.

CAUTION: Services that require you to type in sensitive information (postal code, address, full name) or your Instagram password should be avoided at all costs!

Once you’ve completed your purchase, all you have to do is wait for your followers to start coming in.

As you can see, with Upleap, purchasing followers is as easy as ABC.

Can You Request A Refund?


You can request a refund under certain conditions. In the Terms and Conditions segment, it is stated that Upleap reviews this on a case-by-case basis.

You’ve Been Overcharged

If you’ve been mistakenly overcharged for your services while buying followers, you are allowed to request a refund after you’ve contacted Upleap’s customer support. We suggest making a screenshot of your payment for better clarification of the problem.

These things happen all the time, and you shouldn’t hesitate to report the problem if it happens to you.

A Drop In Followers

Another very common problem that can happen is a sudden drop in followers. Note that users often mark spam accounts themselves, for which the company is NOT RESPONSIBLE.

In the event that a drop in followers occurs within 30 days of your purchase, Upleap will be happy to give you a refill.

Buying Followers – Sounds Good!

It’s time to focus on the real deal – buying Instagram followers.

If your goal is to boost your social presence on Instagram, you can achieve that only by equipping your profile with real people that are going to engage with you in the future.

The flaw in many Instagram-growth services is the fact that they forward temporary accounts. You’re lucky, because Upleap does not fall into that category.

The followers you buy here will stick with you for the long run!

For a better insight, here’s a glimpse of Upleap’s follower offers.

A screenshot showing follower offers

Less Than A Cup Of Coffee

We understand that there are customers of all backgrounds, from teenagers who want to impress their crush, to companies that need a wider audience.

With that in mind, Instagram-growth services should make their prices flexible so that they are accessible to all types of potential users.

Instagram is the most used social media platform today, and therefore buying services that boost it should not be limited to customers with a deeper pocket.

Unfortunately, there are no rules when it comes to prices.

Some companies overestimate their services, and decide to stick to premium pricing, thus limiting their services.

On the other hand, companies that usually offer low-quality followers sell them for dirt cheap prices. The catch here is that most customers associate low-priced services with quality.

Upleap’s followers are less than a cup of coffee, but they are not ridiculously cheap – there’s a difference!

Even if you just wanted to experiment, opting for the lowest offer will cost you $9, and that is certainly not going to ruin your monthly budget!

Fast & Organic-Like Growth

In addition to prices, which are sometimes the deciding factor, you need to be aware of how these followers will arrive to your profile. Will your numbers start to change within seconds of completing your purchase, or will you have to wait a bit first?

Upleap is well-aware of Instagram’s algorithm, and its power to detect bought followers and remove them from your profile. That’s why it decided to rely on fast, but organic growth.

We understand that you want your followers as quickly as possible, and Upleap successfully fulfills your wishes.

You can expect an inflow of followers only minutes after your purchase has been completed.

In case a problem arises, or you start to lose a certain number of followers, feel free to scroll back up – you can contact Upleap’s support team for a refund or refill.

Real People Following You

One thing’s certain. You won’t have to worry about Instagram bots. Upleap only forwards real people who will continue to engage with your future Instagram activities.

Why are we mentioning this again?

It’s no secret that there are hundreds of companies that buy temporary profiles from India, China, and Africa and resell them under the title “high-quality” or “premium” followers.

Of course, this will not be clear until you decide to enter one of the follower profiles you bought and check its authenticity. Zero followers, posts, and no profile pictures are a major red flag that you’ve been scammed!

Luckily for you, Upleap uses real people in its offer, and you can check this in the same way. When you check out the profiles of these followers, you will see that they are just regular people who use Instagram on a daily basis (just like you).

You Can Always Get A Discount

Another great thing about Upleap is that a site-wide discount is available on their homepage. And why should you check this out?

Because this can reduce your price by as much as 50%, so someone who wants to buy more followers can save up a good amount of money.

This is super-easy, and all you have to do is claim the discount and proceed with your purchase as usual.

Here’s what it looks like:

A screenshot showing the sitewide discount

… But There Is No Free Trial

Many Instagram-growth services offer free trials so that their potential customers can be convinced of the quality of their followers without spending a dime first.

This is especially an advantage for skeptical customers who have had bad experiences with past companies, and now every new purchase is making them question everything..

Unfortunately, Upleap doesn’t offer you a free trial.

This could be classified as a minor drawback of the company, given the power of the free trial to convince potential buyers and give them a chance to see for themselves that the services are legit.

Still, we’re recommending Upleap, and hoping to see a free trial option soon.

Get In Touch With Their Support Team

Forwarding services and boosting your Instagram account is Upleap’s major concern, but you need a bit more than just numbers on your profile.

You need to have a reliable customer support team you can turn to in case something goes wrong with your order, or you just need more information.

Either way, Upleap has managed to navigate its support team to help you with the following issues:

  • Membership
  • Questions about your order or buying followers
  • Bug reports
  • Affiliate Program
  • Other (specific)

We cannot stress enough how important and helpful it is to get feedback within the next 24 hours. 

Many, many services lose their customers because of an inadequate and unprofessional support team.

Whether you’re having a major issue with your order, or you just want to know more about Upleap and its offers, you should be met with decent customer service – period!

Reviews That Confirm The Quality

Last but not least, it’s time to look at what the people who used Upleap had to say about their service, value, and quality.

When you scroll down, you can see comments from people from all over the world recommending Upleap.

A screenshot showing onsite reviews

This is a good advertisement for the company, but it should not be your only source of information when looking for past experiences. Consider visiting a couple of external sources that post legit reviews.

Our choice was Sitejabber, and we went to check whether the comments from the homepage match those posted here.

And they did!
People on Sitejabber seem to be pleased with Upleap, and they’ve decided to praise its services. Here’s one comment from a happy past customer.

A screenshot showing a positive review on Sitejabber

Is Upleap The Real Deal? Summing Up

It’s time to take into account everything we’ve mentioned so far (and we’ve mentioned a lot) and decide if Upleap is the real deal or not.

After in-depth research, we can say with 100% certainty that Upleap is a legit Instagram-growth service that will help you reach the desired number of followers at the speed of lightning!

With Upleap, you don’t have to worry about giving away your private information, receiving bots, or having to set aside huge amounts of money for a handful of followers.

Even reviews from past customers confirm this, which automatically proves that Upleap is not a scam.

Seems like we’ve got nothing more to add except that Upleap is ready to make you Instagram-famous!