It’s not easy knowing who to trust to boost your Instagram account, especially nowadays when too many scammers have infiltrated the market. 

We’ve made it our goal to help you stay safe on Instagram by writing up super-thorough, unbiased reviews of Instagram growth services. 

Today’s topic is a service called Stormlikes. Join us as we dig deep to answer the million-dollar question – Is Stormlikes safe? 

You can sit back and relax, and close all those tabs about Stormlikes because our Stormlikes review covers every nook and cranny. 

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Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand!

Stormlikes in a nutshell

If you’re short on time and can’t peruse our whole review right now, here’s what it all boils down to. 

We suggest, though, that you come back later and read it till the end so you get a better picture of Stormlikes.

You might get temporary engagementMany of the followers are bots
Some of the followers are realToo many negative reviews
They do not ask for your IG passwordComplaints about customer support

What Is Stormlikes?

A screenshot of Stormlikes’ homepage.

According to their website, Stormlikes is “the most trusted source of Instagram engagement.” Like we haven’t heard that before.

What is it really?

In simple words, Stormlikes is a third-party service that sells things that can help you grow on Instagram – followers, likes, and views. 

Unlike many similar companies, this one is not focused solely on Instagram. They also offer services for a few other giant social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Spotify
  • TikTok
  • SoundCloud
  • Twitch

One more thing you should know about Stormlikes is that their main selling point is the claim that they only work with real people, emphasis on real. 

This basically means all the followers they sell are authentic profiles, and the likes and views come from legit accounts as well. Or at least they say so. 

The truth is you can never be too cautious when it comes to Instagram growth services. 

It’s vital to do your own research and look for off-site reviews cause they’re the only ones that tell the truth, but more on that later. 

The sad reality is that a large number of these services employ bots or sell bot profiles to their customers under the disguise of “real accounts”.

This can quickly create trouble for you with Instagram as bots directly violate this platform’s terms of use. 

Instagram is working hard to put an end to bots once and for all, and they’re regularly updating their algorithms to catch anyone with suspicious activity on their profile. 

You can only imagine how easy it is for them to figure out you’ve bought fake followers. 

And they don’t care whether you’ve done it intentionally or by accident. The repercussions are the same either way – a block or a permanent ban is Instagram’s favorite form of punishment. 

So, what’s the deal with Stormlikes’ followers? 

Instagram followers

The first thing you need to know is that Stormlikes divides followers into two categories – high quality and premium. 

The weird thing is, when you try to see the prices for premium followers and click on the “Premium” button, it redirects you to another site called

A screenshot of a site where Stormlikes redirects you.

There is also another button labeled “Real growth” and when you click on it, it takes you to a third site called 

A screenshot of a site where Stormlikes redirects you.

So, the truth is you can only buy the so-called high-quality followers, although Stormlikes doesn’t really specify what qualifies them as high-quality. 

They do promise the following with each package:

  • Guaranteed instant delivery
  • Real followers from real people
  • No password required
  • 24/7 live support

The deals range from 100 to 25,000 followers. 

Considering they promise instant delivery, we would advise against getting the largest package as it will surely raise suspicion with Instagram when you receive 25K followers overnight. 

With these large packages, a drip-feed method would be far more efficient, but sadly, Stormlikes doesn’t offer it. 

Instagram likes and auto likes

The story of likes is similar – they separate them into the same categories, and the premium likes take you to 

As for the high-quality likes, you can get between 50 and 50,000 of them. Again, Stormlikes promises instant delivery, which is not the best strategy.

One thing we liked about this part of their service is that Stormlikes allows you to split the purchased likes between multiple pictures. 

Auto likes are another service they offer. They have a system that recognizes recent uploads within minutes and sends the likes your way automatically.

Stormlikes claims all the likes come from genuine accounts. 

Instagram views

There isn’t much to say about Instagram views. 

It’s almost the same story as with likes and followers, except that these views are not really going to help you reach the desired engagement rate. 

If you’re eager to try them, there is no harm given how cheap they are, but don’t expect to gain plenty of engagement from them. 

Getting started with Stormlikes

It’s fairly simple to use Stormlikes. To get started, just go to their official website, click on the “Buy Instagram Followers” button, choose a package, and proceed to payment.

It’s great that they don’t ask for your Instagram password. 

If you see that a similar service wants to know such private info, it’s most likely a scam to hack your account, because there is no legit reason why they would need to know your passwords. 

What customers have to say about Stormlikes

Based on reviews from reputable sites such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot, customers seem to have a mixed opinion of Sitejabber. 

Stormlikes’ Trustpilot page is filled with both positive and negative reviews, with an average score of 2.9/5.

Some customers really enjoyed using it, like this fellow:

A screenshot of a satisfied Stormlikes’ customer taken from

Others, not so much. The most common complaint seems to be the disappearance of purchased followers. Take a look at what this one customer says:

An image of a negative Stormlikes review on Trustpilot.

Apparently, the followers disappear very quickly after arriving at your profile. There is only one reason why this would happen: the followers are, indeed, bots. 

Now, this doesn’t mean all of the followers they sell are fakes. There is a good chance some of them are real. But that doesn’t really matter since a large portion turns out to be fake.

Another part of Stormlikes people aren’t satisfied with is customer support. Reportedly, they don’t reply as quickly as promised, and they disregard any complaints about the drop in followers. 

The followers are not the only problem. A few customers reported that likes come from suspicious foreign accounts (probably bots):

A picture showing a complaint about Stormlikes’ likes on Trustpilot.

The situation is similar on Sitejabber – opinions are mixed and the main issue is with the authenticity of the followers. 

All in all, you could say that Stormlikes has its good sides and its shortcomings. It’s up to you to decide which ones will affect your decision to try Stormlikes (or not).

Is Stormlikes budget-friendly?

Stormlikes always has an ongoing sale, which is most likely a ruse to get people to purchase the goods while they’re on “sale”. But don’t rush to do it, the prices are always the same. 

So, how much does it cost to get followers from Stormlikes?

An image that shows how much followers cost on

Truth be told, we were shocked at how cheap these followers are. After realizing they cost next to nothing, it wasn’t such a big surprise that most of them turned out to be fake. 

Although you don’t have to pay a fortune for real, engaging followers, know that they are never THAT cheap.

In the long term, it pays off more to buy real followers at a steeper price since they will actually engage with your content and won’t jeopardize your account. 

As far as payment options at Stormlikes go, they are all legit. You can pay via PayPal or credit card. 

Is Stormlikes Safe & Legit?

Time to answer the big question! 

After hours of research, we can only say that Stormlikes is a legit company. There is no reason to think otherwise. 

As for safety, well, the jury’s still out. 

On the one hand, they have an HTTPS website and secure payment options, plus they don’t ask for your passwords. 

On the other hand, since there is a chance they sell bots, your account is not entirely safe. 

Wrapping up

Stormlikes turned out to be kind of disappointing. It’s not a terrible service by any means. However, it’s not a great one either. 

In theory, they could bring you some engagement if you’re willing to risk it a bit. Plus, the service is super cheap so it certainly won’t break the bank. 

If, in the end, you decide these subpar services are not for you, make sure to check out our recommendations from the beginning of this review!