Well, it’s official – Social10x is no more.

It’s not the first time that an Instagram growth tool hit a snag. However, you have to seriously damage Instagram and their terms of use to get shut down completely. 

In reality, many growth companies skate by unnoticed even though the service they provide is subpar or the followers are fake. 

But in the end, they all end up like Social10x, it’s only a matter of time. 

So, what did Social10x do that was so despicable and deserving of an unfortunate demise?

Prepare for the full story that we reveal in this Social10x review. 

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Social10x – Quick Recap

When all is said and done, it comes down to this:

Facebook sued them
Gone for good
Sold fake followers
Charged people without providing the service
Refused to allow customers to unsubscribe
It was a SCAM

What is Social10x?

“What WAS Social10x?” is the right way to phrase this question.

This service, as we previously stated, has permanently closed its doors. Let us tell you what it was before we go into the details of its collapse.

This was the previous version of their website.

An image of Social10x’s old homepage.

However, it’s only available in the online archives, and if you go to social10x.com right now, you’ll see the following:

A picture depicting the current Social10x site.

As we previously stated, Social10x is no longer available.

While it existed, it was an Instagram marketplace where you could buy Instagram followers, likes, and comments.

So, what went wrong with this seemingly ordinary Instagram growth service?

Let’s dissect the entire service to discover where Social10x went wrong, starting with the most popular of all features, IG followers. 

IG followers

You had the option to purchase up to 5,000 Instagram followers. They were reasonably priced, with the biggest bundle costing only $29.

Apart from one-time offers, Social10x also offered something officially called “premium monthly Instagram followers.”

What was this exactly?

You were able to subscribe to this service and get up to 1,500 followers every month. Although there was nothing premium about them, they were more expensive, hence the label “premium.”

Social10x, it turns out, was selling FAKE followers. 

It didn’t take long for the folks who purchased the followers to find this out, as each account had a strange name, no pictures, and no content – the three hallmarks of bot accounts.

To make matters worse, they failed to deliver on several occasions. You’ll see what we mean when we show you customer reviews in a sec.

IG likes

Likes are also quite popular among Instagrammers, second only to followers. 

Social10x offered two sorts of likes: one-time likes and auto-likes. The former was applied to a single post of your choosing, while the latter was applied to each new photo you uploaded.

Not much information on the likes is available, other than the fact that 1,000 one-time likes cost $59.

When you think about it, this is not exactly budget-friendly. One thousand likes won’t do wonders for your account, so you would basically be out 60 bucks and not much would happen. 

IG comments

Only a few reviews mention buying Social10x comments, and they all agree on one thing:

The worst aspect of this service was, without a doubt, the comments.

This isn’t all that surprising because comments are rarely a good feature, let alone a great one. 

Judging by the remarks from previous customers, the comments were not only from fake accounts, but they also made no sense and were clearly generated by low-quality AI.

To make matters worse, this was Social10x’s most expensive feature and one that they were most proud of. A total of 25 comments cost $59 USD (and they were even more worthless than likes).

Free trial

Apparently, potential customers could try Social10x for free at one point. 

We’re huge fans of free trials because they let us know the company is not afraid to let the clients test out the service before spending their money. 

That being said, based on ex-users reviews, this free trial wasn’t that impressive and didn’t offer you a true sense of what this service is like.

As you can imagine, all of this led to Social10x’s inevitable doom. 

What really happened to Social10x

Social10x, according to the Internet, was closed down in 2019. Despite this, we continue to discuss it. What is the reason behind this?

It doesn’t harm to read about defunct Instagram services, to be honest. It demonstrates what not to do and informs us of all the red flags we should be aware of in the future.

When we started looking for Social10x reviews, we quickly discovered that the service had been sued by Facebook for using bots and selling phony followers and likes.

Despite the fact that this addresses all we need to know about Social10x and what kind of service it really was, we thought this wasn’t the time to stop digging deeper. 

Au contraire – it was the time to look for contentious customer reviews. 

Starting off with Trustpilot, this is what we discovered:

An image of Social10x reviews on Trustpilot.

75 percent of the reviews are one star, while the rest are wonderful five-star comments that speak highly of the service.

If you inspect carefully, you’ll see that the favorable reviews are brief and ambiguous. For example, take a look at this one positive review. 

A positive Social10x review on Trustpilot.

Doesn’t it seem a bit generic?

Now, compare it to some of the negative reviews that speak about the faults.

An image of a negative Social10x review on Trustpilot.
An image of a negative Social10x review on Trustpilot.
An image of a negative Social10x review on Trustpilot.

From reviews such as these above, it’s easy to gather the biggest issues with Social10x:

  • Followers bought through Social10x were obviously FAKE
  • Most of the accounts were bots from Asian countries
  • Instagram removed the followers after a while

As if this wasn’t enough, any complaint to customer support was in vain. 

But this is not all. 

Probably the worst thing this company did was continuing to charge their clients even after being unable to provide the service AND not allowing them to cancel their subscription. 

This is definite proof we need to call Social10x a SCAM.


Hopefully, you weren’t one of the people that fell for the Social10x scam. 

Even if you were, you’re on the right path of preventing it from ever happening again by reading our unbiased reviews. 

Our number one goal has always been to deliver the truth to our readers, and that’s what we did with Social10x too. 

What more can we say than be extremely careful who you trust with your money and stay safe, folks!