You must have had the opportunity to come across multiple Instagram-growth services during your search. While some caught your attention, others were quickly discarded.

You understand that it takes an awful lot of time to analyze the one you were interested in, and to go through every detail.

That’s where we come in.

Our compact and detailed SNS Growth review will tell you everything you need to know about this service and save you the time you’d spend opening and closing tabs all day.

We’ve done our research, and concluded that Upleap is one of the best growth services there is currently. If you’re in a hurry, and you need a reliable option, we recommend trying out this one. You can even read more about it in our review here.

  • Are SNS followers real?
  • Can I trust this service with my money and Instagram information?
  • What do other people have to say about it?

These are just some of the key issues we will be dealing with, so don’t waste another minute of your time on some unexplored service and scroll down!

If you’ve got a minute or two to spare, you can spend it by checking out this table of alternatives we put together.

IG Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Upleap4.7Check Price
Socialfollow4.5Check Price
Nitreo4.2 Check Price
KENJI4.2Check Price

SNS Growth – Boiled Down

Each service we have analyzed so far has its good and bad sides. Each one should be analyzed in detail, and that’s why a table of pros&cons has always helped us see the bigger picture.

SNS Growth is no exception, so we advise you to take a few seconds, and go through its key aspects.

Easy to navigateFollowers sometimes get deleted
Doesn’t require sensitive informationThere are no reviews
Affordable pricesSlow customer support
Offers a 60-day guarantee

SNS Growth Is Easy To Get Around

Before you click on buy and order Instagram followers, you should at least get a little acquainted with the service itself, and how it works.

What do we know about SNS Growth that can help a potential customer?

First of all, SNS Growth is an Instagram-based growth service with which you can boost your Instagram account. Here, you can buy:

  • Instagram followers
  • Instagram likes
  • Instagram views
  • Instagram auto likes and views
  • Instagram story views

Before we get to the offer that interests you the most, we’ll take this opportunity to briefly comment on the offers of SNS Growth in general.

If your job requires an Internet audience, then you know for sure that it can be extremely difficult to collect the desired number.

Here’s some advice. Don’t focus on offers such as automatic views or likes. This will most likely harm your account, whether it’s for private or business purposes.

How Does SNS Growth Work?

You don’t have to worry when it comes to buying followers from SNS Growth.

In case you are satisfied with this service, and want to buy a package of followers, this will not take longer than 5 minutes.

All you have to do is:

  • Choose a package that suits your requirements.
  • Enter your Instagram username and billing information.
  • Choose instant / gradual delivery.
  • Wait for the followers to start coming in.

I have mentioned some noteworthy details when it comes to online shopping. Sometimes, they can determine whether a service is legit or a scam.

Not Requesting Sensitive Information

We have mentioned the steps you need to take for a reason.

Just because SNS Growth works like this, doesn’t mean that all the other services out there are the same. 

Chances are that you have at least once encountered a service that required you to enter private information (full name, telephone number, address) before ordering followers.

In 90% of cases, such services turned out to be a scam.

What would happen after this is that you would lose your money, your account would be hacked or you would simply never get your order.

The worst outcome is definitely the one where your private information is at stake.

Luckily, SNS Growth does not require you to give away your private Instagram information. It just needs your username and billing details.

What makes it even more reliable is the fact that you are able to pay via PayPal. Many services have canceled this option, and we all know how sensitive customers are when it comes to entering credit card information.

This is very important and in many cases a decisive moment in buying followers.

SNS Followers – Are They Real Or Fake?

A customer’s biggest concern is definitely whether the followers he bought are real or fake.

It’s time to focus on the ones you can buy from SNS Growth.

Let’s start with what their follower packages look like. Here are the choices you are presented with:

A screenshot showing follower packages on SNS growth

SNS Growth advertises its followers as real people that use Instagram just like you. Is this true?

We can say with certainty that the followers of SNS growth are mostly real people. Of course, you will always come across a couple of suspicious accounts, but that is a standard thing with these services.

Moving on to delivery speed.

When it comes to the speed at which these followers arrive at your profile, you have a choice between instant and drip-fed delivery.

If you choose instant delivery, the chances that Instagram will recognize these followers as purchased and delete them are much higher. This happened on multiple occasions, so our honest advice would be to avoid this.

Lastly, the prices at which SNS Growth sells its followers do not exceed the limits of a normal budget. For someone who just wants to spice up their follower number, $14 is not a risky price to pay for 600 followers.

What If You Lose Your Followers?

You may not be able to cancel your order once you’ve clicked on buy and filled in your information, but SNS Growth gives you a chance to rely on their 60-day guarantee.

All you need to do is contact someone from their team, and your missing number of followers will be returned soon. They explained this in more detail in their FAQ section.

A screenshot showing the faq section

Slow Customer Support

You may have to wait a few days before someone from their customer support team reaches out to you. This is because SNS Growth uses the standard email version as a means of communication.

Allegedly, their customer support is available 24/7, but it’s hard to get back to everyone if you’re relying only on this.

SNS Growth Reviews – Where Are They?

We’re not trying to raise suspicion, but isn’t it weird that SNS Growth doesn’t have any reviews other than the ones you can read on their homepage?

Neither Trustpilot nor Sitejabber have one SNS followers review posted.

We would understand if this was a service that has just appeared online, but SNS Growth has been on the Internet for some time now.

We’ll try not to jump to any conclusions, and give this service a bit more time – maybe the next time you check Trustpilot, you’ll come across some comments from past customers.

Is SNS Growth Legit? Summing Up

We managed to cover the most important aspects of SNS Growth. Now is the time to decide how reliable this service actually is.

If we take everything into account, SNS Growth doesn’t look like a scam. The only thing that is a bit suspicious is the fact that there are still no reviews from past customers, however, this can change quickly.

You can wait for a couple of reviews to pop up, or you can buy followers and write a review about it.

Whatever you decide to do, we wish you good luck!