From time to time, an Instagram growth service disappears from the face of the earth, quite inexplicably so. 

When this happens, we’re left wondering why it came to that. 

Of course, it’s super easy to speculate and we all know gossip spreads like fire, so we end up with all these shocking stories and reasons behind it. But sometimes, the truth is simple. 

Instagram services break Instagram’s (i.e., Facebook’s) policies. Despite the fact that this is the most prevalent cause, most of these defunct sites do not openly recognize the actual reason for their demise, leaving us with a slew of theories.

One such service, Risesocial, is the subject of today’s article.

You might be wondering why you should take a few minutes out of your day to read about a failing Instagram growth tool. Here’s why.

It’s critical to know everything there is to know about these disasters so you can learn how to see possible red flags and recognize them easily in the future, potentially saving yourself a lot of time and money.

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As for Risesocial, make sure to keep scrolling till the end because we’ll answer questions like:

  • Is Risesocial legit?
  • Why did Risesocial shut down?
  • Is Risesocial a scam? 

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Risesocial – A Roundup

Here’s a quick rundown of everything wrong with this service. Typically, we would call this a table of pros and cons, but can you call it that when the pro column is empty?

It’s gone for goodHacked their customer’s accounts
Locked people out of their accounts
Charged against clients’ will
It was a scam

What is Risesocial?

This question should be rephrased as “What WAS Risesocial?”

This service, as we have stated, is no longer functional. We’re not sure when they stopped operating, but the most recent review we saw was published in 2019, so we can presume that’s when they went out of business.

And here we are, still debating it.

If you go to their old website,, you’ll notice that it’s up for sale. We looked through the website’s archives to get a sense of how it used to look:

A screenshot of the old Risesocial homepage taken from the web archives

It looked quite typical, as you can see. This photo was taken in July 2019, which is about the same time as the last review that we mentioned above.

So, what did Risesocial do to earn a spot on the list of services that have been shut down?

The fact is that we have no idea.

However, based on prior Risesocial customers’ comments and other online comments, it’s fair to conclude this company’s business model violated Instagram’s regulations. Most likely, they sold phony followers.

The trouble is that when it comes to anything Instagram-related, bots are strictly forbidden.

If you buy phony followers, whether on purpose or not, Instagram has the authority to delete them from your list and punish you in any manner they see fit. Consider yourself warned if they just remove the followers. You’ve managed to dodge a much serious punishment in the form of a ban or a block.

Uncovering the truth

So, what did Risesocial do to deserve to feel Instagram’s wrath? 

Why don’t we start with testimonies from past customers? People who tried Risesocial can tell us a lot more about this service than any other source. 

There are a few sites that we turn to for honest customer opinions on any service of this type. They are Trustpilot and Sitejabber. You can also check Scamadviser, a site that tells you whether a company is a scam or not.

However, as far as Risesocial goes, Trustpilot is the only place we’ve found Risesocial customer reviews, and boy, it’s not beautiful.

The big chunk of reviews – 90% – are extremely negative, while the remaining 10% are slightly better but still rather terrible.

Take a look at what one customer has to say:

An image of a Risesocial review on Trustpilot

Risesocial locked this person out of their account. To be honest, this is the first time we’ve heard of a growth service doing something like this. It leads us to assume that Risesocial was a scam.

But this is not all. 

The fact that Risesocial continued to charge even after cancellations adds to the credibility of the previous claim:

 A screenshot of a Risesocial review on Trustpilot

Because of the incident, people were forced to change their credit cards.

Still don’t believe Risesocial was a hoax?

Consider this comment from Risesocial’s ex-client: Risesocial requested their Instagram password, then three days later, someone attempted to enter their account from numerous locations. This person goes into great depth about their experience:

A screenshot of a Risesocial review on Trustpilot

To make matters worse, past customers report that Risesocial was uninterested in their complaints. Clients’ calls for help were frequently ignored, proving that this service was nothing more than a blatant fraud meant to steal your money and personal information.

If the amount of information we’ve given you in the last few paragraphs has left you feeling a little overwhelmed, here’s a quick recap of what Risesocial did:

  • Hacked their clients Instagram accounts
  • Charged people against their knowledge
  • People had to change credit cards due to it
  • Asked for personal info such as passwords
  • Locked people out of their Instagram profiles
  • Completely ignored customer complaints

Honestly, does it get worse than this?

Our experience with scams like these is vast, but Risesocial somehow still managed to surprise us. 

Not to mention that the experiences we’ve shared thus far are only a small part of the whole picture. If you have the time and interest, you can learn more about the Risesocial scam on Risesocial’s Trustpilot page.

Was Risesocial ever legit?

It should go without saying, but for the sake of a thorough review, we’ll say it again: Risesocial wasn’t legitimate. Not in the beginning, not later on, never.

The proof is indisputable: this growth service was a complete scam and Instagram did the right thing by taking it down.

A company that cheats, steals, ignores, hacks, and endangers its customers can only be described in one word – SCAM.

Final word

Given what we’ve learned about Risesocial today, it’s not surprising that the company met its end. If you ask us, they deserved it. It’s great that Instagram is doing its part of removing these scammers for good, so there’s enough place for honest services to shine.

Hopefully, our review has provided you with enough information for future reference. 

If you want our unbiased recommendations, go back to the beginning of this review and look at the services we mentioned there.