Advertisements often know how to make a particular service look like a first-rate choice when it’s just plain and simple. Unfortunately, people are increasingly relying only on what they can read on the homepage.

This is a huge mistake, and because of that, a large number of past customers believed that Poprey could make their Instagram blow up with followers.

In short, Poprey did nothing right.

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If you don’t want to make the same mistake again and trust a source that is falsely presenting its services, I advise you not to skip this Pooprey review.

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Now, without further ado, it’s time to expose Poprey. 

Stay tuned!

Poprey – Full Or Errors

It was clear to you from the introduction itself that Poprey was clearly not what it presented itself to be. However, did this service try to cover up small bloopers, or were there some huge mistakes involved?

This is exactly what we will focus on in this pros & cons table:

Obvious fake reviews onsite
Low-quality followers
Inorganic growth
Poor rating on Trustpilot

What Is Poprey?

Let’s see what Poprey is all about first.

This is a service that deals with boosting your social media platforms. This is a multi-platform service. At first glance, it may seem like a great choice to someone who is intensely involved with social media.

With Poprey, you can buy followers, likes, and subscribers for:

  • YoutTube
  • TikTok
  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

If you go to its homepage, you won’t be able to see that much. The site looks pretty basic, and not even that attractive to visitors.

Poprey praises its services and claims that they promote your social media networks, increase activity on your account and help you increase your income.

How Does Poprey Work?

The only thing that might be good about Poprey is the fact that the buying process is not complicated.

You must have had the opportunity to buy followers from services that require you to spend almost half an hour filling out surveys and even giving away some private information.

Poprey is nothing like that, but sometimes a quick purchase doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a safe one.

If you wanted to buy Instagram followers from Poprey, all you had to do was:

  • Choose a package
  • Fill in the information
  • Wait for the followers to start coming in

The process may have been simple, but it wasn’t very reliable. Poprey used to overcharge its customers, or not deliver the package at all.

We will say a few words about this later because, over time, this has become one of the main problems of this service.

Onsite Reviews Are Evidently Fake

A poorly done part of Poprey is its onsite reviews. Surely there are people who scroll down to see if there are some reviews from past customers on the homepage.

While this is not an adequate measure of quality, we think it’s worth looking at what Poprey posted.

A screenshot showing onsite reviews

You can’t help but think these are fake reviews. Moreover, it is obvious that Poprey was looking to post basically anything, without thinking about what it would look like to visitors.

Followers Real-Looking But Actually FAKE!

There’s so much wrong with these followers if you only take a closer look.

A screenshot showing the followers package.

The first thing that diminishes the value of this whole offer is the look of the package. It looks very cheap, and not attractive at first glance.

First impressions count!

However, we are here to look below the surface.

Inexpensive Does Not Imply Quality

The first thing you learned if you had a bad experience with Poprey is that their prices don’t imply quality.

When you take a closer look and compare Poprey with some other services, the prices are much lower. This must have made you want to buy something.

We even see that Poprey offers 10 Instagram followers for free.

Should you click on it?

Based on the experience we had with these 10 free Instagram followers, we can say with certainty that this was a very bad choice.

If you’re curious to try it, we advise you not to do it!

Don’t let the cheap prices lure you in!

The quality of followers that Poprey forwarded was below the limit. What exactly does this mean?

Well, Poprey reportedly sold high-quality and premium-quality followers. The only difference between these two types is the price. Premium followers were 2-3 dollars more expensive.

Poprey advertised its followers as “real-looking”. If you think about it for a second, this is some pretty bad advertising. 

It makes you think that they are by no means real people from Instagram, but temporary accounts. These are the accounts that will be on your profile for a few days and then disappear.

This is not going to help you much in the long run!

Inorganic Growth Causing Problems

Sure, poor quality can make you lose faith. But what can ruin your whole experience is the speed at which followers arrive at your account.

Poprey claims that high-quality followers arrive instantly, and are premium followers gradually.

However, this is not true at all. Whatever follower package you choose, all followers will arrive at your account at once.

A social media nightmare!

Instagram is strictly against any automatic inflow, and this directly violates that rule. Moreover, it can damage your account enough to shut it down.

There have been several such examples, and it might be a good time to scroll back up and look for some Poprey alternatives.

Nobody To Turn To For Help

If you have been charged incorrectly, or you have noticed that your followers have started to disappear rapidly, you certainly want to report this problem to someone.

Unfortunately, your complaint will not go far.

Poprey didn’t make sure that it had a sufficient customer support team at all. Within this service, there is no one available 24/7.

This, of course, has a huge impact on the whole experience of your purchase. Unavailability and extremely unprofessional treatment of potential customers can drive away many people.

No Guarantee? Oh, No!

The icing on the cake is definitely the fact that there is no guarantee.

Whether you spent $3, $30, or almost $300 on Instagram followers, you can say goodbye to your money once you click the buy button.

Poprey will not give you a refund in case you have not received followers, or if you have been charged more than you should.

Unfortunately, this is happening more and more often.

Here’s some advice for future buyers. Before you dedicate yourself to a company and decide to buy a large number of followers, go to their Privacy & Policy section, and make sure they offer any guarantee or refill on the last amount.

If there is no sign of that, chances are it is a scam.

Poor Rating On Trustpilot

We wanted to see what past customers have to say about Poprey, so we went to Trustpilot.

The positive reviews we’ve seen seem to be automatically written, and a bit fake, while the negative ones go into detail. People mostly complained about two things and that is:

  • not receiving their orders
  • rude customer support

Here are two examples that illustrate what we mentioned a moment ago.

A screenshot showing negative trustpilot review

The thing with reviews is this: Never limit yourself to just those reviews that you can read on the homepage.

In the case of Poprey, you could immediately sense that this is not an adequate measure of a company’s quality.

Whenever you have the opportunity, look to visit some external sources. They will help you create the most realistic picture of the company because these are 100% real experiences from past customers.

Is Poprey Legit? Summing Up

We had a chance to dig deeper into some key takeaways about Poprey, and after reading this detailed review, it should be clear to you that Poprey is obviously a scam!

This service has done nothing right, from forwarding fake Instagram followers to being rude to its customers. And this was only the beginning…

These are not assumptions, but facts that other people have confirmed in countless reviews.

We believe that we have covered everything there is to say about Poprey and its services. In the future, make sure to stay away from such services!