Are you looking for a detailed Nitreo review to see if it’s worth the money or not?

Then you’re in the right place.

Because today you’re going to find out everything that we’ve discovered about this new star amongst the Instagram growth tools.

We’ve put the app to a test so in this post we’ll break down:

  • the pros
  • the cons
  • the price
  • the reviews

Ready? Let’s dive right in 🙂

What is Nitreo?

In case you’ve just heard about Nitreo and you’re not quite sure what it is, let me fill you in with all the details.

Nitreo helps you get organic, real Instagram followers faster.

A screenshot from Nitreo review showing before and after results

It’s not a bot, but a combination of real phones, artificial intelligence and human touch that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Nitreo basically engages only with real people in a natural way, just as if you were interacting with those people.

How do they manage to do this?

Well, on their websites there’s a bit of a black box of how exactly does it work. But we’ve managed to get some inside information for you.

They actually use account managers who engage with real people. They like people’s posts, view their stories, follow their accounts.

In this way, people start reciprocating.

They will follow you back and also engage with your posts because they are relevant to your niche.

Now here’s their secret sauce.

They also use an artificial intelligence system that learns exactly who is more likely to follow you back and become a loyal fan.

So once the system has gathered enough data, they use real phones to engage with those people just as if you would do it. And they also have the account managers who are overseeing everything and adjust course when needed.

Simply put, in the end, you get:

  • only real followers
  • an Instagram profile that grows naturally and safely
  • real people engaging with your content

How does Nitreo work?

Setting Nitreo up is a no-brainer. Here’s how it works.

Once you connect your Instagram account to their service, you can choose exactly the type of people you want to reach.

For instance, you can get Nitreo to engage only with users/posts who use certain hashtags.

Image showing how you can targets certain hashtags

You can also pinpoint the exact location of the followers you want Nitreo to interact with. It’s perfect if you have a local business or if you want customers from a certain location only.

Screenshot showing Nitreo location targeting settings

There’s another interesting feature that allows you to reach people who are following your competitors, for example.

A screenshot showing how you can reach similar users on Instagram

And if you want to be even more granular with your targeting, you can choose:

  • the minimum number of people your target-followers should be following
  • the minimum & maximum followers of your ideal followers
  • to NOT follow accounts without a profile picture
  • the engagement score of the people you are targeting
  • the number of posts your target should have
  • the last date your target audience should have posted
  • the type of account you are targeting: business or personal

An image from Nitreo review showing advanced settings

Is Nitreo a Scam?

There are dozens of Instagram growth services that don’t work anymore.

This is why we’re doing a lot of testing and we’re recommending only the tools that we know for sure they still work.

This is why we’ve managed to get someone from the support team to offer us a demo account to test and write this unbiased Nitreo review.

Our test account had 1424 followers when we started using Nitreo.

screenshot showing Instagram followers before

In the first few days, we’ve seen almost no results.

So we’ve got in contact with their customer support managers and they reassured us that it’s totally fine.

Their sophisticated algorithm is learning about our niche so that we can pick up more relevant followers.

This seemed a bit suspicious, but after a few days we started getting followers, without us doing anything.

And the more time it passed, the more relevant the followers were. It seems that their algorithm is adapting and improving over time.

After using it for about 2 weeks we ended up with 3568 followers and increased overall engagement.

Image showing Instagram followers after using Nitreo growth tool

So we got 2144 new followers in 2 weeks. It isn’t a massive growth, but it’s a safe, natural way of getting real followers.

And the best part…

We’ve got all these new, relevant followers without touching our account.

Is Nitreo Legit Or Safe?

Nitreo isn’t a way of buying fake followers. Nor a bot that can get your Instagram account suspended.

They have account managers who use real phones to engage with real people that are relevant to your niche.

Once their algorithms learn who is more likely to engage with your content, they use real phones combined with artificial intelligence to do all the heavy lifting for you.

And because they are not using any kind of bots, you never put your Instagram account at risk of getting shadowbanned or even permanently banned.

Actually, we’ve looked through every corner of the Internet (read forums) and we haven’t seen anyone claiming that Nitreo is a scam.

Nitreo Price

Nitreo doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

You can choose between two pricing plans:

  1. Essential – $29/month
  2. Speed – ($47/month)

a screenshot showing pricing plans

And you have the option to pay monthly, twice a year or annually.

Of course, if you choose the annual plan you benefit from a sweet discount.

But what’s the difference between the two options?

Well, the Speed plan helps you grow your Instagram faster.

Plus you have more ways to target your audience along with faster support.

But you can always start with the Essential plan and upgrade anytime once you feel that they’re doing a great job.

And if for whatever reason you don’t like the app, they have a 14 days money-back guarantee so there’s no risk for you.

Just reach out to customer support and they immediately get back to you (we’ve tested this as well!).

Nitreo Discount Code Or Coupon

You can use code GGDT47 for a 25% DISCOUNT.

And you can also benefit from the 14 days money-back guarantee in case you aren’t happy with the results you get.

Nitreo Review: advantages and disadvantages

Let’s analyze some of the main pros and cons of Nitreo:

Get followers relevant to your nicheNo free trial
Get real followers
Grow your Instagram organically
Build up real engagement
Grow your Instagram safely
Hyper-target your audience
Quick setup
Location targeting
Hashtag targeting
Gender targeting
Target only profiles with pictures
Target business or personal accounts
Select minimum & maximum followers
Select minimum & maximum following
Artificial intelligence optimisation
Positive reviews
14 day money-back guarantee

Nitreo Review: Is It Worth It Or Not?

We’ve been in the Social Media game for a long time. We’ve tested hundreds of Instagram automation tools over the years and most of them deliver poor-quality followers (read fake).

So we’re happy that we finally found a legit tool like Nitreo.

It does what they say it does – you can grow your Instagram safely and organically.

It also comes at a decent price.

And if you look for Nitreo reviews online you’ll see that people are happy with it.

So based on all these factors we recommend you try it 🙂