Tired of seeing hourly updates from certain Instagram accounts? Unfollowing people may come off as burning bridges and blocking someone seem too harsh. Thankfully, you can now mute someone on Instagram!

If you want to know how to mute someone on Instagram, we’ve got you covered! Plus, a few tips to avoid getting muted by your followers.

Mute someone on Instagram

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Block, Unfollow, And Mute Someone: What’s the Difference?

It’s so easy to tap the follow button. But when certain accounts start posting annoying content, it’s time to reconsider. Why give them space on your Instagram feed, right?

However, severing that virtual connection can be nerve-racking. It’s a good thing that Instagram offers plenty of ways to avoid unwanted accounts.

You can either block, unfollow, or mute someone on the platform. Confused between these three terms?

Instagram Block Feature

This feature is best reserved for accounts that you loathe.

When you block someone:

  • You won’t see them in your feed. In fact, you won’t be able to visit their profile.
  • Blocked accounts can view your profile. However, your posts won’t be visible to them.
  • They won’t be able to like or leave a comment on your posts.
  • Most importantly, they can’t send you a DM.

Block someone on Instagram

Remember, blocked accounts can still see the Follow button. However, tapping it won’t do anything.

But there are two levels of Instagram blocking. First, you can block them from leaving a comment on your post.

Second, you can completely block someone from seeing and interacting with your profile.

Will the blocked account be notified? Don’t worry! Users won’t be notified when another account blocked them.

Instagram Unfollow Feature

If blocking someone seems too much, then consider unfollowing the account.

When you unfollow someone:

  • You can still visit their profile and view their content.
  • If their content appears on the Explore page, you’ll still see it.
  • You can like or leave a comment on their post
  • They can also like, comment, or send you a direct message.

Unfollow someone on Instagram

Note: If the account you unfollowed has set their profile as private, you won’t see their content even when you visit their profile.

Instagram Mute Feature

Is blocking too harsh? Will unfollowing the account be detrimental to your real-life relationship?

The mute feature is finally here!

With this feature, you can stop seeing content that you’d rather not see just because you don’t want to offend anybody.

Mute someone on Instagram

For example, you don’t enjoy your friend’s food posts on Instagram. Blocking them is too much yet unfollowing them might hurt their feelings. Thankfully, you can mute them.

What happens when you mute someone?

  • Their posts and Stories won’t appear on your feed.
  • They can still view your profile and content.
  • You’re still following them.

This may not seem much but muting someone gives you more control over the content on your feed. It helps you decide how to consume social media.

But will people be notified? Don’t fret!

Muted Instagram accounts won’t be notified of such action. No need to dread the “Why did you unfollow me on Instagram?” conversation.

In fact, you’ll still receive a notification if they tag you or if they comment on your posts. If you go to their profile, you’ll still see their posts. Therefore, you’re still in the loop!

Why Mute Someone On Instagram?

When Certain Accounts Make You Feel Unhappy

Instagram has become a part of our daily lives. It’s a wonderful channel to communicate with others. Most importantly, it’s a great platform to find like-minded people.

It’s actually pretty cool! Until we start comparing and being in despair because other people’s lives are so much better than ours.

Hashtags like #travelgoals, #blessed, and #nofilter can affect one’s mental health.

sample post for #travelgoals

Credit @mademoiselllejulie via Instagram

Thankfully, Instagram gives you the choice to mute someone.

But before you start hitting mute, here are a few things to consider:

  • Does their content make me feel less happy?
  • Will you be happier if you don’t see their content on your feed?
  • Do you feel insecure or jealous?
  • Is this account promoting products and services that make you uncomfortable?

If Certain Accounts Trigger Your Anxiety

Following official news accounts can be informative. They help you stay updated with what’s going on around the world. However, news articles can be too much. Some news can be false, obsessive, or depressing.

In fact, some news can induce fear and panic.

Sample of news from ABS-CBN

Credit @abscbnnews via Instagram

With that said, you have every right to choose to avoid seeing these on your feed. Mute people who trigger anxiety, depression, and other negative feelings.

Remember, muting someone, especially a news account, won’t keep you out-of-the-loop. However, it helps not seeing them on your feed.

More importantly, the Instagram algorithm might use this information when curating content for your feed and Explore page.

When You’d Rather Not Socialize With Certain Family Members

Instagram is first and foremost a social media platform. If socializing with certain accounts is affecting your mental and emotional well-being, it’s time to set boundaries.

For example, a relative tends to post rude content. Or maybe they keep sharing panic-inducing articles. Whatever the reason, muting someone is highly beneficial.

For one, your relative won’t be notified. Secondly, you can avoid their content. Most importantly, there’s no risk of affecting real-life relationships just because you’ve unfollowed them.

To Protect Your Digital Space

When you mute someone, you limit the content you consume on Instagram. It allows you to personalize your feed. Focus on engaging with content that positively impacts your mental and emotional well-being.

Remember, social media should be enjoyable. If it causes anxiety, fear, or self-doubt, you have plenty of options other than blocking.

Instagram gives its users the ability to protect their digital space. With the mute feature, you can set boundaries without completely cutting off your online connections.

Ready to hit mute on certain accounts?

How To Mute Someone On Instagram

To mute people, simply tap the ellipses (…) located at the top-right corner of any post.

How to mute someone on Instagram step 1

Then tap the “Mute” option.

How to mute someone on Instagram step 2

You’ll be given an option to either mute posts or mute posts and stories from that Instagram account.

How to mute someone on Instagram step 3

That’s it! Depending on which option you chose, you won’t see their posts or their posts and stories in your account.

Is there another way to mute someone on Instagram?

Another option is to press and hold a Story in your tray.

How to mute someone on Instagram via Story tray

What if you want to see a muted account’s posts again? Can you unmute someone on Instagram?

Yes! Simply go to the muted account’s profile. Tap “Following”.

How to unmute someone on Instagram step 1

Select “Mute”.

How to unmute someone on Instagram step 2

From there, you can simply toggle either or both Posts and Stories options.

How to unmute someone on Instagram step 3

Want to keep track of accounts you’ve muted?

Here’s how:

Go to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines.

How to view muted accounts step 1

Select Settings. Then tap Privacy.

How to view muted accounts step 2

How to view muted accounts step 3

From here, select Muted Accounts.

How to view muted accounts step 4

You’ll then see a list of muted accounts.

How to view muted accounts step 5

Now you know how to mute people on Instagram.

Want to further protect your digital space? You also have the option to hide your Stories from certain accounts!

How To Hide Your Stories From Other People

You can also prevent certain accounts from seeing your future Stories. Simply go to your profile and tap Settings.

How to hide your story on Instagram step 1 Tap Privacy. Then select Story.

How to hide your story on Instagram step 2

From here, you have the option to Hide Stories From certain accounts.

How to hide your story on Instagram step 3

Select the accounts you’d rather hide your Story from. Tap Done.

How to hide your story on Instagram step 4

In doing so, these accounts won’t see your future Instagram Stories.

Remember, this option is different from blocking. These accounts can still see your profile and posts.

Bonus: How To Avoid Getting Muted On Instagram

Users rejoiced when the mute feature was released. It might be one of the best features of the platform until you consider getting muted.

This is especially alarming for businesses.

Instagram is now the home of influencers and brands. In fact, it has become a marketing channel for businesses. With that said, brand presence on the platform is crucial.

Getting muted on Instagram could greatly affect your engagement.

Worried about your followers tuning you out? We’ve come up with a few tips to make sure you’ll maintain an excellent Instagram presence.

Post High-Quality Content

Some users might mute someone because the quality of their post has deteriorated over time.

Don’t let this happen to you!

Just because you’ve grown your account doesn’t mean you can stop exerting effort in your post. Don’t take your followers for granted. Make sure that your content is of the highest quality.

  • Share impressive posts and Stories
  • Your content must provide valuable information for your audience
  • Continue to build a connection with your audience through each post
Sample of content that aligns with brand identity

Credit @cuppinginitiative via Instagram

When posting a photo, video, or Story, ask these questions:

  • Is this in line with your brand identity?
  • Will your audience find this type of content relevant?
  • Is it worth watching?

Each post or Story must be created to convince your audience to hit the follow button.

Provide content that brings value to your audience. This means understanding what they want to see from your account. Know who they are and what they care about.

In doing so, you’ll create content that resonates with them.

Take for example Krave Beauty. Their audience care about using clean skincare products. For this reason, their content emphasizes that their products contain only essential ingredients.

Sample of high quality content

Credit @kravebeauty via Instagram

When you post relevant content, your audience will more likely engage with it. If you don’t, your followers might hit the mute button.

Engage With Your Audience

Don’t want to be muted by your followers? Then keep them interested in your account!

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Consider building a community. Don’t just look at your audience as followers and potential consumers.
  • Make them part of your journey.
  • Build a strong relationship with your audience. In doing so, you’ll encourage brand loyalty and higher engagement.

There are plenty of ways to engage with your audience.

For one, you can ask your audience a question. One option is to ask a question in your Instagram caption. This helps you start a conversation with your audience.

You can also use the Question Sticker in the Instagram Stories to encourage more interaction.

Ask a question on Instagram

Credit @frankgreen_official via Instagram

Next, you can use Poll Stickers in the Stories. In doing so, you can get the users’ opinions or feedback. This will make your audience feel like they’re voices are heard.

Poll Sticker on Instagram Stories

Credit @figleavesofficial via Instagram

Another option is to host a contest or giveaway. Who doesn’t like free stuff? You can use this strategy to encourage your audience to like your content, follow your account, and tag people in the comment section.

 instagram contest ideas

Credit @gtskombucha via Instagram

Instagram contests are a surefire way to boost engagement. And if your followers are aware that your account regularly hosts a contest or giveaway, then they’re less likely to mute your account.

Don’t underestimate the power of interacting with your audience. For instance, leaving a comment on posts where your brand is tagged can go a long way.

Avoid Spamming Your Followers’ Feed

More isn’t always better. This is especially true on Instagram.

Will posting constantly help build your brand presence and boost awareness? Not necessarily. In fact, you might end up spamming your followers’ feed.

Instagram users prefer quality over quantity.

Posting hourly content and creating dozens of Stories in a day results in low-quality content. For this reason, your good impression will wear out. As a result, you’ll get muted by your followers.

Post content that bring value to your audience

Credit @glowrecipe via Instagram

Remember, high-quality content requires proper planning. Don’t rush. Cultivate your ideas and present them in a way that is enticing to your audience.

On the other hand, neglecting to update your Instagram account will also hurt your online presence. In fact, your followers might forget about your account!

With that said, you must strike the perfect balance. Here are a few tips:

  • Create a posting schedule. In doing so, you’ll have time to plan and create your content.
  • Use Instagram analytics to know when your audience is most active. Schedule your content accordingly.
  • When creating Stories, make sure that they are in line with your brand. Don’t bombard your audience with irrelevant Stories.

These are just a few of the best practices on the platform.

Remember, when you post high-quality, relevant content, your followers will surely hit the heart button instead of mute.

Are You Ready To Mute Someone On Instagram?

Instagram mute could be the best feature that ever happened on the platform.

The reasons behind muting an account may vary. In fact, you can mute people for no particular reason at all.

But being able to mute someone gives you control over your feed. More importantly, it helps you protect your digital space.

So don’t feel bad about hitting mute!