Not long ago, there was a discussion between my friends and me on the topic of the biased or unbiased opinion of the reviewers online.

Meet Alfred popped into the discussion as an example of a service that has such good reviews but seems to lack in usability when someone tries to use it.

All of my friends and I started thinking about why that is. This Meet Alfred review is going to give you an insight into some of the things we’ve discovered along the way while testing this service and its validity that comes from the numerous good reviews that you can find online.

Let me tell you, the results might come as a surprise. Not only were the differences between the online community’s opinion and our own experience astonishing, but there were also some features that didn’t work the way the company advertises them to.

Now, let’s jump straight into it, and let me explain all the personal impressions I just shared with you.

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Back to today’s review…

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Like with all services in this line of work, there are things that are obviously good (but might not be original), the things that the company needs to work on in order to better their service and improve the user experience overall, and the things that are potential deal-breakers.

I’m now going to list all the things that I like, that I don’t like, and that I can’t work with when it comes to Meet Alfred and their service.

I leave it to your personal interpretation if these are some of the things that you might like or dislike as well, and to come to your own conclusion at the end. Remember, these are just my personal opinions, and you shouldn’t base your own opinion solely on mine.

The Good

Look, Meet Alfred really has some good features to it. Starting from the website design that is quite nice and sleek to some other features that you might like as much as I did (or even more).

  1. Design – this is the first thing that you see when you decide to explore the versatile options of the Meet Alfred service. All I have to say about this one is that there’s nothing to dislike here except maybe the amount of text that you’re met with.
A screenshot of Meet Alfred’s front page.

2. Free trial – this is an option that is rarely seen on the websites that offer this kind of service. It’s because the companies behind them don’t want to spend extra money on a period of free services to anyone who clicks on their website. But it’s really refreshing to see it.

A picture of the “free trial” button on Meet Alfred’s website.

3. Saves time – this is not exactly something that is only Meet Alfred’s characteristic, but this service also has it. The amount of time saved with just using one automation tool is quite significant. You should consider starting to use one because all the competitors are doing it!

A screenshot of a positive comment regarding saving time by using Meet Alfred on Trustpilot.

Overall, these are the three things that I like about Meet Alfred and their service. It might seem like a small number of good things, but trust me, some of the other competitors don’t have that much.

The Bad

There are also things that I don’t quite like about Meet Alfred’s service. The way that this service works is not the smoothest, and there are some risks that come with it. Now let’s take a look at some of the features I don’t like, and then we’ll talk about them.

1. Quite glitchy – There’s an overwhelming number of comments online that claim to have experienced the same thing as I did while using this service. Constant glitching is something that will follow you along if you decide to go with Meet Alfred and their service.

A picture of a negative comment on Trustpilot regarding Meet Alfred’s service.

2. Pricing – this is not related to the price of the service, but rather to the clearness of the difference between the packages. I deeply believe that they could have done a better job explaining why one is more expensive than the other, but that’s only my opinion.

A screenshot of two billing plans on Meet Alfred’s official website.

3. Customer support – I personally didn’t have the chance of experiencing their customer support, but it seems that there’s an overwhelmingly big number of users and former users that say their experience with Meet Alfred’s customer support was poor, to say the least.

A screenshot of a comment on Trustpilot describing their experience with Meet Alfred’s customer support service.

4. Getting banned/losing your account – there are quite a few instances of people losing their accounts after using Meet Alfred. I wouldn’t think this is a problem since this service has been around for quite a while. But, it seems like this is a non-stop problem for them.

A screenshot depicting a comment on Trustpilot regarding them losing their LinkedIn account after using Meet Alfred.

The Ugly

This is the toughest category to talk about because it’s purely individual. The first thing I want to get out of the way is that I don’t have a problem with how much does Meet Alfred costs. I think their prices are well composed and that there shouldn’t be a problem with that.

The other thing that really bothers me is that they don’t make it clear what it means when a service is cloud-based.

When I conducted my experiment using Meet Alfred, one of the most common questions I got asked is “Is Meet Alfred cloud-based?” and this question was always posed with perfect legitimacy.

People should be introduced to the terms that are crucial for the functioning of a particular service that they want to invest their money in.

Investing is time is very valuable. This is why we invested our time in evaluating and trying these these services out so that you won’t have to. One notable service outperforms them all, and that is Aimfox. They are well reviewed online and gives the most value for the features you are getting. Want to judge them for yourself? You can dive in deeper on how it works with our extensive review.

Meet Alfred Review – Conclusion

All-in-all I’ve said too many things, and some of you might have a hard time remembering all of them without scrolling back through the article. This is precisely why I made a pros and cons table and presented my opinion in it. Let’s take a look:

Website designGlitchy
Free trialThe unclear difference in pricing
Time-savingBad customer support
Possibility of losing your account
Non-existent cloud-based explanation

It’s clear from this table that there’s something wrong with the ratio of pros to cons. I would say that there’s a good number of pros but an overwhelming number of cons.

Cons are probably more important because they can be deal-breakers and can put you and your account in danger, so I recommend always paying closer attention to them than to pros.

Remember to stay safe and take your time picking the right service!