Finding a source that will help you skyrocket your follower number is not a piece of cake, and you need to double-check all the aspects.

This can take up a lot of time, and you certainly didn’t plan on spending your day opening 10 different tabs just to see if a source is legit.

Let’s say you’re interested in Media Mister, and you’d like to know whether it’s worth buying followers from this source or not.

We’ve done some research, and it turns out that Upleap has checked out all the boxes for a legit and cost-effective Instagram growth service. If this got you interested, then you should definitely check out our review about it.

Today’s topic is Media Mister, and whether this source should be on your list or not.

That’s where we come in.

With that in mind, we put together this compact and to-the-point Media Mister review, so you don’t have to spend hours on end researching this source.

If you want to keep your options open, you can take a look at this table of possible alternatives.

IG Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Upleap4.7Check Price
Socialfollow4.5Check Price
Nitreo4.2 Check Price
KENJI4.2Check Price

Media Mister – Key Aspects

Like any other service out there, Media Mister has its fair share of the good and the bad. And since we are analyzing one social media growth service, we have a lot to work with. To someone, the collected information may seem hard to grasp.

For this reason, we decided to sum up the pros&cons of Media Mister for a better representation.

Deals with multiple platformsRequesting some sensitive information
Decent reviewsDelays in customer support
Affordable pricingSome followers are fake
Promotes gradual growth

Is Mister Media Safe?

The first and logical question you ask yourself after accessing the official website would be “Can I trust this source with my money and information?

That’s a tough one.

We’re not gonna lie, there were many online companies that didn’t care about their reputation. And just as companies don’t care about their history, a number of customers choose to blindly trust them and freely give away their sensitive information.

This is a huge mistake, and Media Mister is aware of it.

If you are worried about Media Mister and its origin on the Internet, in the lower part of the homepage, you have a segment that’s dedicated to the company’s history.

To save you time, here are a few words about Media Mister’s reputation.

It was founded in 2012 and over the course of years, it had about 50,000 satisfied customers. Media Mister was founded with the goal of helping boost social media presence on multiple platforms.

What Does Media Mister Offer To Its Customers?

As we just mentioned, Media Mister was created for a simple reason – to help you boost your social media presence and engagement.

If your main job is related to social media, here you can find a wide selection of platforms that you can skyrocket with likes, followers, and subscribers.

Here are the platforms you can rely on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Pinterest

These are just some of the options available to you, but what we are specifically interested in is Instagram, and whether it is worth buying followers from this source?

Buying Followers From Media Mister – Yay Or Nay?

Even after you’ve been convinced that Media Mister has a background story, you are still not sure whether to buy Instagram followers from Media Mister or not.

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about, and so we’ll need to look at some basic features and requirements of this Media Mister’s Instagram package.

Quality: Satisfactory

Quality is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. It is important to know whether the followers that arrive on your profile will be real people using Instagram or just fake accounts.

In most cases, the quality of followers that Media Mister forwards is satisfactory. You can actually choose the “origin” of your followers.

To put it simply, Media Mister allows you to choose whether your Instagram followers will be worldwide, from Europe, America, Asia, Africa, etc.

Our advice would be to go with the mixed option – this way you will prevent a majority of fake accounts coming from China.

Delivery: Organic-Like

The next thing you should pay special attention to is the speed at which these followers reach your account.

Always choose sources that promote gradual delivery.

Thankfully, Media Mister took care of that as well, and the number of days after which the followers will arrive depends on the package you buy.

For example, 50 followers will arrive within 1 to 2 days, which is quite fine, bearing in mind that Instagram is tracking any type of automatic inflow.

Prices: Budget-Friendly

And of course, the prices.

We are aware that not everyone has the same budget, and online companies of this type should therefore make their services available to a wide range of customers.

Buying followers should not be limited to business profiles and influencers, but also to ordinary people who want to boost their follower number for whatever reason.

To bring this closer to you, let’s use one Instagram follower package as an example.

Buying 1000 Instagram followers from Media Mister will cost you $20, which will hardly damage your budget or allowance. 

Caution – Sensitive Information Required

What worries us is the fact that Media Mister is asking you for a little more information rather than just a username or a link to your Instagram profile. 

Here’s what you need to fill out before you finally buy a package

A screenshot showing the media mister checkout

Not to be too suspicious, but giving away your full name and phone number is not a frequent requirement. In addition to this, payment is only possible via credit card.

Automatically, people that relied only on PayPal may not be so willing to buy something from Media Mister once they see the checkout.

At the end of the day, this is a personal matter. Someone who has had a bad experience with giving away personal information will probably skip this type of service.

Occasional Delays In Customer Support

Media Mister deals with many platforms and offers a great deal, but lately, customers have complained about occasional delays in their customer support team.

The mistake that Media Mister is making is that it still relies on the old-fashioned way of reaching out – via email. Here’s what their customer support option looks like.

A screenshot showing the media mister customer support option

It is not emphasized anywhere on the homepage (as it should be), and you can imagine how many potential customers are currently waiting for feedback.

Comments From Past Customers

No review will be complete without comments from past customers. Of course, here, we won’t rely so much on glowing comments that you came across on the homepage.
Instead, we’ll visit Sitejabber, and search for some Media Mister real views.

A screenshot showing a positive review on Sitejabber

From what we’ve seen here, the reviews are pretty decent, and it seems that Media Mister’s employees are reading them as well.

Is Media Mister A Scam? Conclusion

We’ve managed to review all of the important features of Media Mister, and put them all together in this compact review. Now it’s time to make a decision – is this service legit or fake?

It’s not perfect. There are a couple of aspects that certain customers won’t agree with, but that’s not all there is about this service. Media Mister has its fair share of attractive offers.

It’s not a scam, that’s for sure, but does it suit your needs? If you are unsure, you can go through this review one more time.