Your search engine is certainly full of history related to LinkedIn Automation Tools. Maybe you found something that interests you, and maybe you didn’t.

If you are currently reading this review, surely you are interested in something more about how LeadFuze works? Good, because I just happened to prepare myself for such a question.

Unfortunately, in this business, the number of fake companies that use various shady actions and tricks to take your money almost exceeds those that try to break through with honest and reliable services.

LeadFuze is on the thin line between these two types. And for that very reason, I decided to take a closer look at the features of this Automation Tool.

I don’t have much to say in the introduction, just that if you’ve already come here, stay with me until the end of this LeadFuze review. My information will hopefully help you in your decision.

If you are in a hurry, but you are in dire need of a reliable source, my recommendation would be AimFox. This is a proven LinkedIn Automation Tool, and you can check out this recommendation by reading my review.

Back to the task at hand…

LeadFuze Promises

The only proper way to start a review is to consider everything this company has to offer its potential customers.

As with any business, promotion is an important part and certainly has a considerable share in convincing a first-timer. So, let’s take a look at what Lead Fuze promises:

The first promising statement is that LeadFuze is “the most accurate contact + data intelligence possible for revenue teams and recruiters.”

If I may say so, this is a strong claim. But, LeadFuze decided to back this up with ratings by previous customers. It looks like this:

A screenshot showing customer ratings

I don’t want to rush anything, but I didn’t accidentally point out this extract. You will see later how I will connect this to the segment related to past users.

Reportedly, LeadFuze has 3 clear target uses:

  • Sales

At your service are complete automated lists with actual contact data. This is a big plus for salespeople who plan to integrate with CRM.

  • Marketing

This is certainly an inevitable and one of the more important goals of automation tools. LeadFuze provides its customers with both personal and business emails that help them get in touch with their target audience faster and more efficiently.

  • Recruiting

Recruiters benefit from this use because LeadFuze uses its filters to find people who are passively looking for a job. This saves recruiting agencies a lot of time.

The list goes on, and all these promises surely make you feel something towards this Automation Tool. Has this company decided to live up to its promises, or is it just trying to outweigh its competitors, and if so, “what are LeadFuze’s top competitors?”

Well, there are certainly a lot of them that offer similar, if not the same, promises, but the competitor that came to my mind is AimFox. Remember I mentioned it earlier?

The Prices For Those Promises

Sure, this all sounds very appealing and sure makes you want to try the services. So, a logical sequel would be to ask yourself what the prices of such promises are?

It is time to comment on the financial segment as well.

A screenshot showing package prices

Now, there is one thing I did not like and one that is good for this site.

What I don’t like about the pricing of packages are the prices I currently see. I say this because I recently visited this site, and the prices were lower. It wasn’t a huge difference, but it jumped very quickly.

This is borderline acceptable, but if I return to the site within a month (or less) and find another price increase, I will begin to doubt the services of this Automation Tool seriously.

I think the reason for these prices is what is written in the description of the service and all the items that are listed. However, one should keep in mind the individuals who have just started to deal with this, and their budget is certainly a little tighter.

On the other hand, there are also options for teams that want to use this together and take advantage of leads for recruiting and targeting new audiences. The items available are the same, but the price difference is a bit bigger. 

Of course, since these are teams, it is easier to solve such costs, but I still have to take into account the personal financial obstacles that always exist.

The thing that I liked and think is a valuable addition to this company is the “custom” option. This is made precisely for a team or individuals that are not so financially flexible.

If I were to be asked, “what is LeadFuze’s best feature?” I would say this one.

This option allows you to calculate how much it would cost you after you select what you want – after that, it is up to you whether you agree or not.

LeadFuze has another small plus when it comes to offers. Namely, this company provides 25 free leads as part of the free trial option.

If I look at this from the company’s point of view, this is their way of proving the quality of services. Keep in mind that most companies do not do this, which is a minus.

On the other hand, if I look from the perspective of a potential user, this is a way for you to check if this is the right choice for you or not.

However, not all free trials work perfectly. There are free trials that don’t work at all and automatically change your mind.

Potentially Fake Onsite Reviews

Comments from past users can significantly influence the direction in which your opinion will develop. When it comes to LeadFuze, things don’t match up here.

As for onsite reviews, there are blocks and blocks of onsite reviews that testify to how this is a top-notch Automation Tool you must try.

Here’s just a glimpse:

A screenshot showing onsite reviews.

When I said that something doesn’t match up, I meant that in addition to this long list of reviews, off-site they hardly exist. Is this a potential red flag? Could be.

Is LeadFuze Legit?

As I said at the beginning, there are more and more companies that offer their services through some shady actions. You must have wondered at some point if LeadFuze is legit/legal?

What pushes LeadFuze to be legal is integration with other software tools. Maybe some of your previous choices are on this list.

A screenshot showing the integration feature.

Like you, we are tired of perusing the internet and finding questionable services that gives you more doubt than actual truth. We’ve tested them all for you so you won’t have to, and the best LinkedIn Automation Tool in the market right now is Aimfox. Still having doubts? Read our review.

LeadFuze – Summing Up

It is time to put all the information I gathered in one place and decide what to do next:

Offers a free trial.The prices keep rising.
Neat layout of the site.Potentially fake onsite reviews.
Integrates with third party tools.

It’s not exactly equal, but it’s clear what the pros and cons are. It is up to you to decide if it is worth the risk.

Good luck!