Have you come to a halt in your search for an unbiased Instapromote review? It’s your lucky day today!

We had the same problem – too many incomplete Instapromote reviews that don’t speak the truth about this service.

That’s why we decided to go ahead and start a research of our own, which brings us to this thorough and objective review of Instapromote. It’s backed up by numerous hours of research, so you can trust that what we say is true.

Is Instapromote worth your time? Should you trust it with your Instagram account? Keep reading to find out!

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Instapromote – Key Takeaways

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you’ll discover in this review:

Secure websiteA good chance it’s a scam
No online reviews
Not a good fit for Trustpilot
No 24/7 customer support

What is Instapromote – The essentials

A screenshot depicting Instapromote’s homepage.

We can tell you right away that Instapromote puts a lot of effort into how they want potential consumers to see them.

We’ll give them credit for having a nice webpage. It’s brief, informative, and pleasing to the eye.

Unfortunately, it is the pinnacle of their service; from there, it is all downhill. Aside from the homepage, the rest of their website is in shambles.

You’ll find lengthy and, dare we say, ridiculous blogs about why you should purchase followers. These posts may be beneficial if they were written well, but that isn’t the case here.

This is basically Instapromote doing a lot of self-promotion, going on and on, and talking a lot without actually saying anything.

However, this isn’t the most serious issue we’ve had with Instapromote; it’s hardly an annoyance.

The real problem arises when you start researching the actual service and look for ex-user reviews. 

Let’s start by telling Instapromote’s side of the story.

They are a professional team of social media professionals who, according to their website, have served over 100K consumers in 10+ years.

The first part of the sentence, while unlikely, was not impossible to believe.

The second part, however, was a true eyebrow-raiser. It made us ask the question – Is Instapromote real?

You’ll understand the need for pondering this question when we tell you that, for a company that has been operational for more than a decade, Instapromote has astonishingly few online ratings.

Zero customer reviews

Pay special attention now as this part tells you all you need to know about Instapromote. 

First, let’s check out their Trustpilot page:

A picture of Instapromote’s Trustpilot page

When Trustpilot labels a company as “not a good fit”, it means they have bought fake reviews. 

How can we trust a company that is deemed untrustworthy by Trustpilot?

The answer is we can’t. 

All this led us to believe that Instapromote enjoys stretching the truth, not only about their years of service but about everything else as well.

They claim that all of the followers are genuine. They also claim to deliver outstanding growth and engagement outcomes, but the lack of customer reviews only speaks to the contrary.

Just look at Instapromote’s page on Scamadviser:

 A screenshot of Instapromote’s page on Scamadviser.

What does this mean?

Scamadviser has this thing called “trust score.” As you can see, Instapromote’s trust score is rather low. This is their way to warn you that this company might be a scam.

Lastly, in a desperate attempt to find at least one online customer testimony, we also checked Sitejabber. Alas, it was all in vain.

A screenshot of Instapromote’s page on Sitejabber.

The thing is that it hasn’t always been like this. When we looked into Instapromote a few months back, the reviews were available. Not plenty of them, but you could read a few words from past customers talking about their experience with Instapromote. 

If our memory serves us well (and it does), most of these reviews carried a negative sentiment.

Instapromote – Budget-friendly or not?

Another issue we had was the rate at which Instapromote sells its services.
Instapromote may not be the greatest option if you want to buy Instagram followers cheaply. That is, legit followers.

An image of Instapromote’s followers’ packages

A hundred followers for $2.95 appears to be a bargain at first sight. And it would be if they were all real followers that Instapromote delivered to your profile. 

But we can’t know whether this happens or not for sure.

With the lack of reviews, we have no true insight into this service and how good it is. There’s a real chance you may not even receive what you buy. Or that they forward only bot followers to your account. 

This could majorly jeopardize your profile. 

So, you see how, even with a reasonable price point of three bucks, it’s still not safe to give you a green light. If you decide to try these followers, you’re doing it at your own risk. 

Although Instapromote offers a few more features such as likes, comments, views, and auto likes, we won’t pay them too much attention. 

If we can’t trust them with the followers, the rest isn’t really worth mentioning. 

The only good thing about all this is that you can pay via PayPal, so at least your credit card info is safe.

Is Instapromote legit?

We can’t say that Instapromote is a legitimate company. First of all, the safety of this service is highly questionable. 

If they sell fake followers, it is most certainly not safe for your account

Second of all, where are all the reviews? 

A service that has – allegedly – been around for 10+ years and served over 100K customers has to have some trace from past users. 

It’s all really sketchy indeed. 

Customer support

One more thing we have to mention is Instapromote’s customer support team. The only way to contact them is through a form on their website.

They request your name, IG profile URL, email, and transaction ID. You should hear from them in 1-2 business days. 

In our opinion, this is not an effective strategy. A live chat would be a much better option.

Final word

Instapromote isn’t quite up to par. Sure, their website is secure and they offer a PayPal option, but that’s about it.

Although we can’t say this with absolute certainty, the rest of it is probably awful.

We strongly advise you to skip this one in order to save time, money, and your Instagram account.

If you want to put your account into trusting hands, go check out our recommendations from the beginning of this review.