With over 1 billion active users, chances are, you’re using Instagram to widen your reach. With that said, you must utilize all its features. And while images work great, Instagram video is also becoming increasingly important.

In fact, there are plenty of ways to use Instagram videos. With features like Instagram Stories, IGTV, and video ads, you have plenty of opportunities to create a solid Instagram video strategy.

Sunday Riley IG video sample

Credit: @sundayriley via Instagram

In this post, we’ll provide tips and tricks to create killer Instagram videos. Plus, we’ll list the top Instagram video creator to help you get started!

But Why Does Your Brand Need A Solid Instagram Video Marketing Strategy?

According to Instagram, user-time spent watching Instagram videos increase more than 80% year over year. Additionally, 25% of Instagram ads are videos.

Although images tend to have more engagement, users are more likely to respond to video ads. Additionally, users can now upload Instagram videos up to a minute long. Imagine what a 60-second video can do for your product!

Need more reasons to create Instagram videos?

1. Convey More Of Your Brand Message

They say a photo is worth a thousand words. With that said, a video can convey even more. For one, a solid IG video will help showcase your brand identity. In fact, you can create Instagram videos showcasing your:

  • Products and campaigns
  • Brand advocacies
  • Team and their stories

Take WWF International as an example. They use Instagram videos to raise awareness of their advocacies.

This post, in particular, urges their audience to make their voice heard for the planet.

WWF instagram video sample

Credit: @wwf via Instagram

Another example is from Everlane, a retail company that uses sustainable practices to produce high-quality clothes. They pride themselves on being radically transparent.

Everlane Instagram video sample

Credit: @everlane via Instagram

In these Instagram Stories, they talk about the “plastic problem”.

2. Better Showcase Your Products

According to statistics, 54% of users want to see more video content from brands. In fact, consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video first. Instagram saw a huge increase in purchases thanks to videos. Therefore, creating Instagram videos could potentially increase sales.

One example that comes to mind is No Cow. They are promoting their products as dairy-free, high protein, and have ridiculously low sugar.

No Cow Instagram video sample

Credit: @nocow via Instagram

They successfully combined a dose of wit and fun animated posts. Take this video as an example. It’s fairly simple with a lemon meringue pie being pushed out by their protein bar.

The caption states that their protein bar is the healthier choice. In doing so, they provided value to their audience without sounding too salesy.

If you want to get ahead of the competition, start creating a solid video marketing strategy. It’s an excellent tool to catch your audience’s attention.

3. Stand Out From Other Types of Content

Remember, an IG video must be 60 seconds (or less) long. This is very different from a 3 to 30-minute video for your Youtube channel.

When you create Instagram videos, it needs to have a faster pace. In doing so, your audiences won’t simply scroll down their feed. But if done successfully, you’ll be able to stand out from the sea of content.

Take this example from Mango. They used a movie-like Instagram video to introduce a stunning new collection.

First, they added a short Instagram Story video that served as a teaser. When their audience “Swipes Up”, they will be redirected to their IGTV.

Mango IGS

Credit: @mango IGS via Instagram

In their IGTV, they created an Instagram video that feels like a movie, complete with an opening sequence. It’s fun, unique, and will surely pique the market’s interest.

Mango IGTV

Credit: @mango via Instagram

To top it all off, they also posted snippets of the teaser in their feed. One video earned 38K views in under 4 hours.

Mango Instagram video sample

Credit: @mango via Instagram

Don’t forget to utilize Instagram Stories!

Aside from adding teaser videos to Stories, you can also post behind-the-scenes. A great example is from For Love and Lemons.

For Love and Lemons IGS

Credit: @forloveandlemons via Instagram

They posted a short BTS video about their campaign with Zoe Thaets.

4. Instagram Video Drives The Most Engagement

Still on the fence whether a solid video marketing strategy is good for your brand?

According to research conducted by Quinty, they discovered that IG videos receive up to 21% more engagement than images.

What does this mean for brands, businesses, and influencers?

It means adding a killer video marketing to your strategies will help your brand stand out.

How To Create Instagram Videos To Boost Engagement

When making your Instagram video, be as creative as you want. However, make sure that it’ll capture your audience’s attention.

Your video should spark curiosity within the first 3-5 seconds. It should encourage viewers to keep watching. So how do you create Instagram videos that are engaging?

Determine Your Objectives

First of all, you need to have a goal. Before you even brainstorm ideas, it’s crucial to figure out your objectives.

  • Do you want to create hype for your new products?
  • Drive people to your websites?
  • Encourage viewers to make a purchase?
  • Teach your viewers how to do something

Knowing the purpose of your video will determine your next steps. For instance, it’ll help you decide how you’re going to shoot as well as the editing techniques you’ll need to use. Plus, it’ll help you come up with relevant hashtags.

Keep Your Instagram Video Short

An IG video can be 60 seconds long. But just because you can create a full minute video, doesn’t mean you should.

Remember, a viewer’s attention span on Instagram is very short. This means you need to capture their interest instantly or else, they’ll simply scroll past your content.

As a tip, you should use movement and visual stimulation. Take a look at this Instagram video by Oreo. They created a clean yet colorful animation.

Oreo Instagram video sample

Credit: @oreo via Instagram

It showed the struggles of gift wrapping. Plus, they published it at the perfect time when the holidays were just around the corner.

Another way to capture your viewer’s attention is by adding compelling text. But we’ll talk more about that in the succeeding section.

Don’t Rely On Sound

Instagram auto-play videos and they are muted by default. The viewer needs to tap the video to turn on the sound.

With that said, your video must be clear enough so your viewers will understand it even without sound. So how do you create attention-grabbing Instagram videos?

First of all, your videos must be of high quality. Create content that is as stunning as the images in your feed.

Remember, Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, aesthetic is crucial so use visually-stunning images in your video.

Secondly, consider using text in your videos. In doing so, your viewers will be able to understand the message behind your video.

Take this example from WWF International. They used text to talk about a wildlife recovery story. In doing so, they provided value without even the need for sound!

WWF instagram video with text overlay

Credit: @wwf via Instagram

With that said, you shouldn’t also rely on adding text and subtitles. Your video must be clear and compelling enough to get your message across.

Create a coherent narrative through footage and proper editing. Take a look at this video content by We Work.

we work Instagram video sample

Credit: @wework via Instagram

In this video, they were able to clearly convey what their company is about: providing shared workspaces.

Incorporate Instagram Videos In Your Feed

Your Instagram videos must have your brand identity and aesthetics. For example, if your feed looks clean and minimalist, then aim for something similar to your videos.

Additionally, consider making horizontal videos for your feed. Or use the same aspect ratio as your images.

Vertical videos are great for Instagram Stories and IGTV. However, it’ll look awkward in your feed. It’s better to shoot horizontally or in the same aspect ratio as images.

Burts Bees Instagram video in feed

Credit: @wwf via Instagram

Take this example from Burts Bees. They created a video with a 4:5 ratio. It’s big enough to take up most of the screen, grabbing the viewer’s attention. Additionally, it looked great as part of their feed as well.

Burts Bees Instagram video

Credit: @burtsbees via Instagram

These are just a few ideas to inspire you.

Now it’s time to know the best Instagram video creator in the market.

Top Instagram Video Creator You Should Definitely Try

You probably know by now that Instagram videos are a huge hit. In fact, they are everywhere!

That’s why you need to publish eye-catching and valuable content. A well-edited video can make you stand out from your competition.

Don’t know the first thing about video editing? Don’t fret!

There are plenty of Instagram video creators out there. And we’ve listed some of the best!


Canva is one of the best design tools online. In fact, it has everything you need to create the following:

  • Logo
  • Animation
  • Presentation
  • Banner

With a simple drag-and-drop, you can make high-quality content for your feed and Instagram Stories.

Want to create a simple GIF or video? You can do so with the Canva Animator feature!

First of all, you need to Sign Up.

Once logged in, go to Create Design.

Instagram creator - Canva

Credit: Canva

From there, you have the option to create custom dimensions. Or you can choose from the suggested templates.

Instagram creator - Canva editing

Credit: Canva website

For this example, we chose Animated Social Media. This will give you pre-animated templates which you can edit.

Another option is to design a standard Canva text image.

Once done, you have the option to download it as an Animated movie or gif.

Create Instagram videos in Canva animation

Credit: Canva

This Instagram video creator has a collection of animation styles. It includes “Rise”, “Bounce”, “Slide”, and “3D”.


Animoto is another excellent Instagram video creator. They claim that to use their platform, no video editing skills are needed.

Instagram creator - Animoto

Credit: Animoto

If you want a quick, simple video creator, try this online app. Their drag-and-drop platform makes the process so easy. You can quickly create stylish and professional-looking videos without prior experience!

Instagram creator - Animoto editing

Credit: Animoto

All you have to do is Sign Up!

Once logged in, you can pick from a plethora of pre-designed storyboard templates. You can also add photos and video clips.

To make your video more personal, you can customize fonts, colors, and more.

If you choose to upgrade to a Professional or Business plan, you’ll have access to millions of stock photos and videos.

Animoto is definitely one of the best options if you want to create killer Instagram videos.


Like the previous Instagram video creators we’ve listed, you also don’t need any experience to use Shakr.

This Instagram video creator boasts over 2,000 video designs! These are created by professional designers. Plus they also have available pre-licensed music. This means you can add background music without worrying about copyright infringement.

Instagram creator - Shakr

Credit: Shakr

To make things easier, Shakr also has a drag-and-drop interface. All you have to do is upload your media files and add them to a video timeline.


Credit: Shakr

The downside? Users can only edit existing text, template media, and music. You have very few editing options in terms of clip length, fonts, and transitions.


Need an attention-grabbing intro to your Instagram video? Bannersnack is the tool for you!

This online banner maker helps you create high-resolution visuals for your Instagram videos. It also has a simple drag-and-drop interface. Plus it also boasts hundreds of stock photos, graphic elements, and more.

Create Instagram videos in Bannersnack

Credit: Bannersnack

For maximum customization, upload your own image!

Another option is to create a video presentation. You can put together stunning photos with animated designs. No prior experience necessary!


Want to create minimal, clean, yet professional-looking animations? Biteable is the perfect Instagram video creator!

The app is one of the simplest video makers in the market. Additionally, it boasts a wide collection of pre-animated scenes and templates.

Create Instagram videos in Biteable

Credit: Biteable

What other benefits does it offer?

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • Works using a pre-designed template which saves you time and effort.
  • Hundreds of live-action, animated style content.
  • Professional quality animations and videos.

To use, simply choose from a plethora of templates. Then add your text, adjust color themes, and add pre-licensed background music if necessary. Lastly, preview and save!

Ready To Make Your Own Instagram Video?

Use the tips above to create an impressive video marketing strategy. Remember, you don’t need to be a professional video editor to create stunning Instagram videos.

With the plethora of video editing apps at your disposal, creating Instagram videos is as easy as dragging and dropping clips.

All you need is to have a clear objective. Most importantly, emphasize your brand voice and identity.