There are a few reasons you might want to try an Instagram video downloader. You could be saving a video for reference, for your own personal records, or for #receipts. Unfortunately, Instagram offers no way of downloading videos from within the app. 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 5 best apps you can use to download Instagram videos. Read on to find out what they are!

Why Would I Want to Use Instagram Video Downloaders?

Reasons are reasons. Downloading Instagram videos means that nobody can ever take them away from you – if the user decides to delete a video or they disappear in stories, a download protects them forever. You could be looking for inspiration for a brand campaign, or you could simply just like something and want to keep it. You can also use Instagram video downloaders to save videos for the ever-popular re-gram, a favorite of many celebrity and fan pages. Brands often regram works from others showing off their products, too.

Using an Instagram downloader is nothing new, and in fact, it may be in your best interest to begin downloading Instagram videos. If you like something, it’s best to make sure you’ll keep it. After all, you don’t want something you’ve loved for ages to just disappear. Re-gramming can also help bring new interest to your page and foster relationships with people whose content you spread. 

Or perhaps you want to download your own Instagram videos after you upload them, or something from a collaborator. I often use social media as a sort of backup to my files – I’ve personally downloaded Instagram videos after I had already uploaded them so I could get rid of the raw footage and have the smaller compressed size ready to go. An Instagram video downloader was extremely helpful in achieving that!

Without further ado, here are the best five apps to download Instagram videos:

#1: DownloadGram 

DownloadGram is an incredibly straightforward and easy-to-use Instagram downloader. It allows you to download not just Instagram videos, but also photos and IGTV. (And some of the IGTV is really worth downloading!) Unfortunately, there’s no way to download stories, but the interface is so simple we’re willing to let it go. Literally all you have to do is put in the link of whatever you want to download. You can read about some ways to download stories here.

Note that you do have to work with DownloadGram from an actual computer, not a phone. Actually, you could work with a phone if you wanted to, but honestly, the computer is going to be a lot easier. There’s not that much else to say about DownloadGram – it’s simple and effective, and there’s no better way to download Instagram videos.


Instasave is another really straightforward Instagram downloader where all you have to do is drop a link and you’re on your way to always having your Instagram videos on hand. What sets Instasave apart is that you can download entire albums. If you want to download everything say, Taylor Swift, has ever posted, you can.

In fact, if you have a link, you can pretty much download whatever you want – profile pictures, every single one of someone’s posts, their highlights covers, etc. Instasave also saves your history, so you can see exactly what you’ve gone in and saved. No account is necessary to use Instasave, so you don’t even have to be worried about looking like a creep. 


Although their interface leaves a little to be desired, Insta-Downloader makes up for it with their easy-to-use platform and features. Like Instasave, you can download an Instagram user’s entire album if you so choose (but you can also just download a single photo or video.) Simply click on the tool you desire (there are four – one for photos, one for videos, one for profile pictures, and the last for private downloads.)

They have a private Instagram downloader, but you must have access to the private Instagram in order to download from it. Other than that, Insta-Downloader is your one-way stop for all your Instagram downloader needs. 


Hashtags4likes is a particularly good app to use for more reasons than an Instagram downloader, but we’re glad to report that their Instagram downloader rocks too. You can download photos, videos, and stories here. Their interface is modern and easy to use, and it’s part of their entire ethos – the site was created for downloading Instagram videos for reposting and resharing (remember to always give credit to the original poster!) 

Check out some of the other features on hashtags4likes too – their analyzer will surely help your brand growth. Hashtagsforlikes is free to use with a free account. 


This is perhaps the simplest entry on our list, but it gets the job done, and what more can you ask? You can download both photos and videos by simply entering the URL and – hooray – this one works on mobile devices! Although they do caution the video downloader has some trouble with iOS, if you have an Android, this is a perfectly suitable solution. No-nonsense downloading is at your fingertips!

Get Started With Instagram Video Downloaders

Using an Instagram video downloader may seem unnecessary, but it can actually help you expand your reach. It doesn’t matter if you download for re-gramming or for personal use. The tools available to download Instagram videos are all straightforward and simple. Give it a shot!

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