Your Instagram username in the first thing people see. Having a creative username makes you stand out from the crowd and brings people back to your profile more quickly. But coming up with a username can be much harder than it looks! But don’t worry if you don’t find the perfect username right away. Keep reading to find out how to come up with a creative username…and what to do if it doesn’t stick. 

Why A Creative Username Is Important

Your username literally defines your brand. Although many of the beauty blogging greats don’t go by their original screen names anymore, there’s a reason we still know Sammi as thebeautycrush and Tati as glamlifeguru! Once you start a brand it can be difficult to distance yourself from it. That goes doubly so if you at any point intend to sell merch or maybe get a brand deal that depends on your username. So whatever you pick, make sure you like it and keep it consistent across all platforms. People should be able to find you on Instagram and Twitter without having to change it up too much. A creative username will help others on Instagram remember you. It’s the first step to building a brand, so put some serious thought into it. 

How to Pick A Creative Username 

If you’re at a loss for ideas for creative usernames, consider these options: 

  1. Your actual name 

It’s best to combine this with something that shows what you do, but using your name in your username can set you apart from your peers. It also gives your username a bit of a personal feeling. If you have a unique name this goes double for you! Nikkietutorials is a great example of a name that shows us exactly what to expect on her Instagram account. We don’t lose the creator in the username. 

2. Your Instagram brand

If you’re particularly known for something, then your username might want to reflect that. Creative usernames differ depending on what sphere you’re in. Hand letterers like @mletteringlover have a different goal than, say, a fashion blogger. Look at goth queen @parlourghosts – now that username is a fitting title for that aesthetic. If your brand has less to do with personality and more to do with your work, then it’s okay to hide your virtual face, so to speak. 

3. Something you’re known for 

This relates a bit to branding, but if you have something you’re particularly known for – or maybe want to be known for – then go ahead and put it in your Instagram username. Let people know what they’re getting the very first time they click on your profile. If you’re a chef, go ahead and put chef in your username. On Instagram followers want to know what you’re about, so tell them! 

A hand lettering example shown off by Instagram username @mletteringlover. An image from Instagram username @parlourghosts.

Use An Instagram Username Generator 

If you’ve looked at all the above options and still come up short, then it might be time to turn to an Instagram name generator. Instagram username generators are a great way to get your creative juices flowing, but be warned that not all of the usernames you come up with may be available. Here are some Instagram username generators you can get started with: 

Spinxo allows you to really tailor your Instagram username to your personality. Just plug in some key words like your name, hobbies, numbers or letters you may want and words to describe you and it will come up with a list of usernames you can use. If you don’t like any of its suggestions, just change the words and go again!

Jimpix is less personalized, but it’s still a great Instagram username generator. You can enter your name (or any word you want) and then choose from a list of categories to find words that match up to your idea. Jimpix also tells you if your selected username is free to use on multiple platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. 


Lingojam has more than just an Instagram username generator (like an Instagram font generator!) but let’s stick to usernames for today. This is one to use if you want to focus on aesthetics – just put in a name or seed word and let Lingojam come up with a whole pile of  usernames related to it. Some of the usernames it comes up with are really random, but it’s a great place to start for inspiration! 

Take a personality quiz! 

If you just want some inspiration, then consider taking a personality quiz to decide on your aesthetic – and get a word to plug into one of those generators! 

How to Change Your Instagram Username 

Maybe you already have a bit of a following, but you want to change your username. Do you have to delete your account and start over? Nope! Read on to see how to change your Instagram username. 

Step 1: Log into Instagram. 

Step 2: Tap your account icon in the bottom right on a phone or top right on a computer to go to your own profile. 

Step 3: Click “Edit profile.” 

Step 4: Make sure you’re on the right profile if you have more than one. 

Step 5: Tap “name” or “username” and make your desired changes. 

Step 6: Press “done.” 

Congratulations, you’ve changed your Instagram username! 

What Happens After I Change My Instagram Username?

So you’ve changed your Instagram username, but suddenly you notice a drop in account activity. When you change your username, all your mentions in other people’s stories and videos won’t also change. In some cases, the link may redirect to your new account, but it many cases it will simply remain broken. So what can you do to combat this unfortunate turn of events?

For starters, don’t change your Instagram username too much. Especially once you have a large following, frequent name changes are simply confusing and can actually hurt your brand. When you’re picking your original Instagram username, make sure it’s something that you’ll be comfortable with for a long time if not forever. Building name recognition is very important to branding, so it’s best to like your name!

If you do end up changing your username, however, don’t sweat it. There’s nothing wrong with adapting. But there are steps you can take to make sure your followers aren’t left high and dry. Make sure you alert current followers of your name change. If you plan to alert them in advance, snap up the new name on a second account so it doesn’t get stolen. Definitely make a post announcing the change after the fact, and put the change in your bio. Last, make sure your posting style stays consistent so followers still know what your content looks like!

What’s In A Name?

An Instagram username is an important part of branding. Putting some extra thought into it is a good idea if you want to be remembered and have a brand that sticks in your followers’ minds. While there are some starting points like your name and what you do to showcase on your Instagram, if you don’t have any ideas you can always turn to an Instagram username generator. But you don’t have to stay married to any username – you can always change it. Just make sure your followers are duly aware of the name change and still know where to find you based on your posts. People change, after all. And so do Instagram usernames.