Instagram has become the new home for many brands and businesses. And why wouldn’t it be? With over 500 million users engaging on the platform every day it’s the perfect place to build brand presence. With that said. Instagram sponsored ads are perfect for reaching new audiences.

Why? Because Instagram audiences are highly engaged. These users not only engage with family and friends but with brands as well!

Instagram sponsored ad sample

Credit @wishtrend via Instagram

Advertising on Instagram requires a different approach than traditional media. In fact, it also presents different goals. Aside from reach, Instagram sponsored ads also help brands to:

  • Grow their account
  • Establish brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to their website
  • Increase sales

In this post, we’ll discuss the different types of Instagram sponsored ads and how to create one that converts. Plus, we’ll give you quick tips to manage Instagram ads.

What Type of Instagram Sponsored Ads Should You Choose?

Instagram is a visual and mobile-first platform. Therefore, images and videos should be at the right size. For instance, use vertical videos if you’re advertising on Stories. Secondly, landing pages and other post-click experiences should be augmented for mobile. No matter how you advertise on Instagram, you must focus on providing stellar user experience.

Ready to get started?

But first, here are the different types of Instagram sponsored ads you can run:

Single Image Instagram Sponsored Ads

This is the simplest type of Instagram ad. It only consists of one photo in a landscape or square format. Make sure though to add an attention-grabbing caption and call-to-action.

The CTA could be written in the caption, like “Shop now” or “Tap the link in our bio”. But with the latest update, CTAs can also be in-photo like this example below.

In this post, users can simply tap the “Visit Instagram Profile”. They’ll be immediately directed to @karanph’s account.

Instagram sponsored ads sample

Credit to @karanph via Instagram

Carousel Instagram Sponsored Ads

Carousel Instagram sponsored ads allow you to add between 2 and 10 images or videos. Users can simply swipe through the gallery. Advertising on Instagram through this feature offers more opportunities to be creative.

For instance, you can tell a story about your product. Or you can provide a teaser catalog for new products.

Here’s an example of a carousel ad from @cocoandeve. They showcased two of their most popular products. Most importantly, they added the Shop Now call to action, providing more streamlined user experience.

Coco and Eve Instagram sponsored ads

Credit to @cocoandeve via Instagram

Video Instagram Sponsored Ads

Gone are the days where you can only upload a 15-second video. Today, users can post up to a minute-long video. In fact, brands and businesses are taking full advantage of this update.

Brands use video ads to tell a story about their brand. Or they can be truly unique and create short films.

Additionally, videos get more engagement than images on Instagram. For this reason, video ads are more effective.

sample of Instagram video ads

Credit to @masterclass via Instagram

A few quick tips when creating video content for Instagram sponsored ads:

  • Opt for a square format. Better yet, choose vertical videos – the kind that takes up most of the screen. This type of video format is more attention-grabbing.
  • Keep the video short. Just because you can add a 60-sec video, doesn’t mean you should. Remember, Instagram users have a very short attention span.
  • Add subtitles to your Instagram video ad. Remember, the sound doesn’t autoplay in the feed. Therefore, subtitles help users understand your video even without the sound turned on.

Instagram Stories Sponsored Ads

According to a study, around 500 million users use Instagram Stories every day. For this reason, it’s the perfect place to start advertising on Instagram.

The catch?

Instagram Stories self-destructs in 24 hours. Additionally, users can simply tap or swipe through them.

However, with its vertical, full-screen format it’s still highly advantageous! To overcome challenges, make sure that your Instagram Story ads are eye-catching and highly engaging.

Instagram sponsored ads in Stories

Credit to @tresemmeph via Instagram

For instance, you can create interactive content. One of the best things about Instagram Stories ads is that they look and feel like organic Stories. This creates a more natural user experience.

With Instagram Stories sponsored ads, you can choose between two types:

  • Image Story ads last for 15 seconds between other Instagram user’s Stories. Remember though, these images don’t come with a caption. Therefore, focus on visuals and add necessary text.
  • Video Story ads are like image Stories. They also play for 15 seconds only.

Want to maximize this ad placement?

Tip: You can add three 15-second videos. These will play back-to-back like an uninterrupted series of Stories. This means you can upload a 45-second teaser ad by simply splitting it into 15-second videos.

You now have a basic idea of the different types of advertising on Instagram.

But simply running Instagram ads won’t immediately boost sales. In the following section, we’ll let you in on some tips to create a successful campaign.

How To Create Instagram Sponsored Ads That Convert

Instagram is a powerful platform. Brands and businesses can use it widen their reach. However, it doesn’t guarantee a successful campaign every time.

Audiences are always looking for new and exciting content. Therefore, brands need to go beyond a sales pitch. Brands should find a way to stand out from the competition if they want to reap the benefits of advertising on Instagram.

Multi-photo Instagram ads sample

Credit @reformation via Instagram

Set Goals

First of all, before you even conceptualize your advertising campaign, you need to identify your goals. For instance, do you want to:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Increase Instagram followers
  • Promote new products
  • Drive traffic to your website

Set your eyes on a single objective. Create Instagram sponsored ads that will help you achieve it. Here are a few tips for setting campaign goals:

Be Specific

Who is your target audience? What do you want them to do after seeing your ad? It’s crucial to identify your audience then tailor your ads to fit the demographic.

Secondly, you need to set your budget. How much are you willing to spend for a specific campaign. Thirdly, you must also determine how long the Instagram ads will run. Set a realistic time frame. However, don’t make it too long that your audience will lose interest.

Instagram ads that aim to boost sales

Credit @summerfridays via Instagram

It Should Be Measurable

Take a good look at your current followers as well as your current engagement rate. How many more followers do you want to gain? Do you want to boost your engagement? Use Instagram analytics or third-party tools to keep track of your growth.

Is It Attainable?

Are your goals realistic? Of course, objectives may seem challenging at first. However, it shouldn’t be insurmountable.

For instance, don’t plan to go from 50 followers to 10,000 followers in less than a month. Unless you create viral content, that goal is too unrealistic.

Utilize Both Feed And Stories

Don’t miss the opportunity to reach more audiences by utilizing both feed and Stories.

For one, Instagram Stories ads can complement your feed content. Take this example from @goat_story. This Instagram Stories sponsored ad is part of a specialty selection campaign. It is a promotion that would also look great in their Feed.

Instagram sponsored ads in Stories

Credit to @goat_story via Instagram

To boost this Instagram Story, they posted about it in the Feed as well.

Support Instagram Stories with a post in the Feed

Credit to @goat_story via Instagram

Another option is to curate your Stories campaign in a Highlight. Just like what Mango did with their Leandra Medine collaboration.

Instagram ads campaign in Highlights

Credit to @mango via Instagram

Make Your Instagram Sponsored Ads Look Organic

To boost engagement and encourage click-through, don’t make your ads look too salesy.

Instagram users are more engaged with organic content. In fact, 72% of users make purchase decisions when they saw a product on the platform. With that said, advertising on Instagram should be carefully planned.

This Instagram ad by @forloveandlemons blends well with their organic content. Therefore, their audience won’t be turned off by a sudden sales pitch.

organic-looking Instagram sponsored ad

Credit @forloveandlemons via Instagram

Here’s a tip: Try incorporating actual people into your images and videos. According to a study, such content gets 38% more likes than content with no faces in it.

Your Instagram ads should align with your brand’s overall aesthetic. It’s all part of your branding strategy. But it should still be memorable and easily recognizable.

Add Character To Your Instagram Ads

Aside from using the same aesthetic as your brand, your ads should also have your brand personality.

What is the tone of your sponsored content? Do you want to make the audience laugh? Are you hyping them up before a product launch?

Take this example from Jollibee, a popular fast-food chain. They conveyed the heartwarming joy of the Christmas season.

Jollibee Instagram sponsored ad

Credit to @jollibee via Instagram

With more than 300K views, it’s definitely an advertisement that caught people’s attention.

Partner With An Influencer

What is an “Influencer”?

Influencers are individuals who specialize in a specific niche or industry. They have a large, organic, and engaged audience on social media – in this case, Instagram.

So why partner with them?

Because they have certain “influence” over your target audience. They can bridge the gap between you and your market. These influencers add authenticity to your advertisement which helps gain the trust of your audience. Tapping their loyal and engaged followers will get you in front of more users.

A few things to remember when partnering with an Influencer:

  • The Instagram sponsored ad must abide by FTC guidelines.
  • Sponsored content must be clearly labeled as an ad.

Take this example from @michellechoii. For full disclosure, she added #ad and a clear “Paid partnership with danielwellington” is written at the bottom of her name.

michellechoii instagram sponsored ads

Credit to @michellechoii via Instagram

Tip: Before partnering with an Influencer, do your homework. First of all, choose an influencer whose personality aligns with your brand. Secondly, look for influencers who share your values and aesthetics. Lastly, look at their other sponsored posts. Do you like how they represent other brands?

Most importantly, pay attention to who their audiences are. Are they engaged? Do they fit your demographic?

Want to take this strategy further?

Consider running an Instagram contest or giveaway. The Influencer followers will drive likes, shares, and engagement to your Instagram sponsored ads.

In doing so, you’ll:

• Boost brand awareness
• Increase engagement
• Grow your account.

For example, the contest price is a month’s supply of your product. The winner will get to try your products, for free! If they like it, there’s a huge chance that they’ll post it on their Instagram account. This means, more promotion!

Partner with an Influencer

Credit to @mynykaa via Instagram

Most importantly, these participants can become leads for your brands. Then these leads can turn into potential customers.

These are just a few tips for effectively advertising on Instagram. The next crucial step is placing your Instagram sponsored ads and launching it using Facebook Ads Manager.

How To Manage Instagram Ads on Facebook Ads Manager

First of all, you need to connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook Business profile.

Go to your Facebook profile then tap Settings. Choose Instagram.

Facebook ads manager step 1

From here, you can fill in your account details.

Get Started In Managing Instagram Ads

At the upper-right corner of your page, tap the drop-down arrow. Choose Manage Ads.

How to access Ads Manager

Or you can also go to this direct link.

From here, you can:

1. Create a new Instagram Ad

Facebook ads manager - create a new ad
2. View chart where you can see the performance, demographics, placement, and delivery of your ads

Manage Instagram Ads - View Chart
3. Edit an existing campaign. This is where you can set a budget limit or optimize your campaign budget.

Manage Instagram Ads- Edit Campaign
4. View the performance of each campaign

Facebook Ads Manager dashboard

Credit to Social Media Examiner blog

As your Instagram ads run, you must closely monitor it. In doing so, you’ll know what’s working and what needs to be paused or stopped altogether.

Tip: Pause or stop ineffective campaigns. Allocate the adspend to more effective ads.

Don’t Have Time To Manage Instagram Ads?

You can use a Revealbot, a Facebook ads automation software. It turns your advertising strategies into automated rules. In fact, with this software, you can apply the same rules to multiple ad accounts.

Revealbot to manage Instagram ads

Credit Revealbot website

In just a few clicks, you can duplicate and edit rules. Additionally, with Revealbot, you can choose to auto-boost top posts. But first, you need to set certain conditions. Once met, it automatically promotes posts.


With Revealbot, you can speed up your workflow and save hours in creating and managing Instagram ads.

In Conclusion

Make the most out of the growing number of Instagram users. Widen your reach through Instagram sponsored ads.

Creating engaging Instagram ads can be a bit challenging. But when done right, it can lead to high conversions.

So don’t be intimidated by Instagram ads. Choose from the different types of ad placement then use the tips we’ve listed above.