First impressions last, and this is absolutely true on Instagram. When users visit your profile, you have a few seconds to make a lasting impression. Therefore, put every effort in curating your feed, especially in choosing your Instagram profile picture.

Your feed isn’t the first thing users will see upon visiting your profile. They’ll first notice your Instagram bio – particularly, your Instagram profile picture.

Instagram profile picture sample

Credit to @lululemon via Instagram

With that said, you need to carefully pick a profile photo. Remember, your Instagram profile picture will tell your audience who you are and what your brand is about.

In this post, well discuss the importance of a good Instagram profile picture. Then we’ll provide tips for choosing the perfect one!

Why An Awesome Instagram Profile Picture Is Crucial For Growing Your Account

Your Instagram profile doesn’t only consist of your bio and feed. Many users take their profile picture for granted. They prefer to focus on curating their feed. However, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

Your profile picture is what people will see when they:

  • Watch your Instagram Story
  • Send you a message
  • Or when you like a content, leave a comment, or send a message to other users.

For this reason, your profile picture must grab attention.


For one, it makes your account look more trustworthy.

A creative and unique photo leaves a lasting impression. It will urge them to click your profile and see what your account is about.

Instagram profile picture sample

Credit to @kleankanteen via Instagram

However, if your profile image doesn’t look professional, users will hesitate to trust your account.

Remember, Instagram is a visual platform. Therefore, make your photos visually appealing. Your Instagram profile picture must stand out from the rest.

Secondly, it helps boost brand awareness.

Even if you’re a start-up business and new to Instagram, you should still pick a good Instagram profile pic. In fact, your picture should look professional.

Take this example from Krave Beauty. It is a beauty brand that started its operation last 2017. Today, they have around 121K followers on Instagram.

sample Instagram profile image

Credit to @kravebeauty via Instagram

They used a clean, minimalist profile picture so their audience will know exactly who they are. This minimal approach is a reflection of their brand’s advocacy. Their brand aims for a minimalistic approach to skincare.

Most importantly, it helps you grow your account.

Your Instagram profile picture plays a huge role in branding. When you use a specific photo consistently, your followers will start recognizing you.

They won’t even need to read your Instagram name to know who you are. All they have to do is look at your photo.

Use brand logo for Instagram profile photo

Credit to @pepsi via Instagram

Ready to make a lasting impression? The following tips will help you choose the right one!

How To Make Your Instagram Profile Picture Stand Out

Your Instagram Profile Picture Should Fit In The Circle

This means your photos should have the right size and format.

Don’t know the appropriate picture size?

All profile pictures should be 110 x 110 pixels. Yes, it’s a perfect square. However, Instagram crops profile pictures into a circle on your feed.

For this reason, you need to utilize the space well. As a tip, your headshot or logo should be front and center. In doing so, you keep the focus on your brand.

Look at how National Geographic utilized the space. They placed their iconic yellow rectangle logo at the center. Then they placed their name beneath it in a sleek, readable font.

Instagram profile image should fit in the circle

Credit to @natgeo via Instagram

So even if users won’t read their Instagram name, they’ll know for sure whose account it is.

If your brand is yourself, then you need to keep the focus on you. Renee, a beauty blogger and digital creator, had a perfect idea.

Instagram profile picture headshot

Credit to @gothamista via Instagram

Utilizing a white backdrop, she draws the eyes to her side profile. In doing so, her audience will know that her account is about her – her activities, reviews, and more.

Stay On Brand

Are you running a business on Instagram? Like selling products and services? If so, then consider using your logo.

Doing so will help boost brand recognition. When a user clicks on your account, they’ll be familiar with your logo and branding.

Farmacy Beauty is a skincare company that used Instagram to broaden its reach. They used their name for their Instagram profile photo.

Instagram profile photo

Credit to @farmacybeauty via Instagram

To take their branding further, they even used the same font as the one used in their products.

Instagram branding

Credit to @farmacybeauty via Instagram

But what if your logo is too long? Then use an abbreviated version of your brand name. Take for example @paperkumaco, an online stationery shop.

Since their name is too long, they used their brand initials, “PKC”.

Use business name initials on profile photo

What if your business involves providing services. For example, influencers or photographers?

Consider using a headshot as your Instagram profile image.

In doing so, you’ll introduce yourself to your audience right off the bat!

Take a look at Lizzie Darden‘s Instagram profile image. She’s a photographer, creative director, and content creator.

Headshot IG profile image

Credit to @lizzie_darden via Instagram

The beautiful combination of her side profile, ginger hair, colorful eyes, and sea green backdrop help set the tone for her account. It’s a prelude for her bright and colorful feed.

Keep The Focus On Your Brand

This may sound redundant, but it bears repeating. Your Instagram profile image should focus on your brand!

Remember, your profile image is very small – especially when viewed on a phone screen.

Therefore, your logo or headshot should be the focus of the frame. As a tip, have your logo fill the circle.

Indy Brand Clothing did just that. They made use of the entire space to feature their logo.

IG profile image

Credit to @indybrandclothing via Instagram

If you’re using your business name, it should be easy to read. Take a look at @figleavesofficial‘s profile image.

clear and concise IG profile photo

Credit to @figleavesofficial via Instagram

They used a white background and a simple yet clear font. As a result, the viewer’s attention will focus on their brand name.

Keep Your Instagram Profile Picture Timeless

Choose an Instagram profile image that will withstand the seasons.


For example, your profile picture features a beautiful Christmas tree. If a user visits your account in the middle of summer and sees your profile image, they might think you’re not active.

For this reason, choose an image that is timeless. One that is not attached to an event or season. In doing so, you can use that photo for a long time.

This consistency can lead to easy brand recognition. Your followers will associate that image with your account. So, when they scroll through their feed or Stories, they’ll easily recognize you!

@girleatworld is an excellent example of consistency. Mel has had this profile picture for years now. So when her followers see the cute Hello Kitty shaped donut, they’ll know it’s her.

timeless Instagram profile picture

Credit to @girleatworld via Instagram

Additionally, her profile image is shot the same way as the rest of her feed. The food at the center and the city in the background.

Make Use of A Bold, Colorful Background

With over a billion active users on the platform, you’ll have plenty of competition. With that said, you need to continuously find ways to stand out.

One strategy is to use bold, colorful backgrounds in your profile picture. An eye-catching color scheme grabs people’s attention. However, it shouldn’t take the focus away from your brand!

Sam Ushiro, an Industrial Designer, isn’t new to this strategy. Her profile photos always feature bright, bold background colors with her headshot at the center.

Sam Ushiro's IG profile image

Credit to @aww.sam via Instagram

Her Instagram profile image beautifully matches her colorful feed. Even her Instagram Highlights feature bright and colorful backgrounds that surely catches the eye.

On the other hand, you can also use dark colors to accentuate the focal point of your profile image. Take a look at Janice Sung‘s Instagram profile picture.

IG profile photo sample

Credit to @janicesung via Instagram

Janice is an illustrator and designer. She featured her signature artwork style against a dark background.

When new audiences come across her work, they’ll be able to tell that her account will be about her artworks. For her avid followers, they’ll associate that specific artwork style with hers.

Tip: Try to experiment with different backgrounds or textures. But keep in mind to take into account your brand aesthetic as well.

Have you chosen the perfect Instagram profile picture? The next section will take you through the simple steps of changing your profile picture.

How To Add or Change Your Instagram Profile Picture

It only takes a few clicks to edit your profile image.

First, you need to go to your profile page. Then tap Edit Profile.

how to change your Instagram profile picture

You’ll be forwarded to a page where you can edit your account details. Simply tap “Change Profile Photo” to update your image.

how to change your Instagram profile picture step 2

You can choose between the following:

  • Remove Current Photo
  • Import from Facebook
  • Take Photo
  • Choose from Library

If you select “Choose from Library”, you’ll have to choose the folder where your photo is saved on your phone. Once you’ve chosen an image, make sure it fits the circle!

how to change your Instagram profile picture step 3

When you’re satisfied with how it looks, simply tap Save.

Congratulations, you’ve just updated your Instagram profile picture!

Want to take your Instagram marketing strategy further?

Bonus! Quick Tips For Creating A Killer Instagram Profile

An awesome Instagram profile image isn’t enough. You also need to optimize your profile!

A good bio will help you attract your ideal audience. It is where you can properly introduce your brand.

Feeling inspired? Here are a few tips for optimizing your bio:

Inject Brand Personality Via The Bio Section

Aside from your Instagram profile picture, your “bio” is also among the first things that your potential followers will see.

You have a maximum of 150 characters to introduce your brand or business. So make it count!

Use it to:

  • Add a short and meaningful introduction
  • Place your business tag line
  • Give your audience a reason to tap the follow button.

Here’s an example of how @wework used their bio section to place their tag line. More importantly, they added their branded hashtag. In doing so, they become more searchable.

sample Instagram bio

Credit to @wework via Instagram

Utilize the Name Field For Adding Keywords

Remember, your name field is different from your username.

With that said, utilize this space to be more discoverable on the platform.

@dirtybootspresets have the right idea when they added searchable keywords in their name field. First, the targeted keywords introduced what their account is about. Secondly, when users search for “Lightroom presets”, their account easily shows up at the top.

Instagram name field

Credit to @dirtybootspresets via Instagram

Add A Link To Your Website

Even with all the latest updates, you still can’t post multiple clickable links in your bio. You can’t even add a link to individual content!

For this reason, be smart in using the “Website” field. Want to drive traffic to your website? Then add the link in the field.

In doing so, users can easily go to your website, blog, or any specific landing page.

Add a link on your IG bio

Credit to @glossier via Instagram

Tip: Add a call-to-action in your bio

Since you can only post one link on your profile, make sure that your audience knows about it. Add call-to-action phrases like:

  • Click here
  • Shop our product here
  • New post

Use call-to-action to direct your audience to your latest campaigns, promos, or limited time offer.

Use CTA in your Instagram bio

Credit to @supergoop via Instagram

Put Your Contact Information

Lastly, you need to add your contact information. Make it easy for your followers and potential customers to reach you.

Tip: Switch to Instagram business profile. Aside from being able to add contact information, you’ll also enjoy exclusive features like:

  • Promoted posts
  • Instagram ads
  • “Swipe Up” feature in Stories where you can add a link
  • Instagram analytics

When you have a business profile, you can add your email address, phone number, and location on your profile.

Glossier, a beauty brand, not only added their email address but also the location of their physical store as well.

Complete Instagram profile sample

In Conclusion

Your Instagram profile is a valuable real estate. You need to fully utilize every section to catch your audience’s attention.

Your Instagram profile picture is the perfect place to start. It is a small space, but using the perfect shot can do wonders!

Use the tips we’ve listed above. And when you do, you’ll be on your way to choosing a profile image that fully represents your brand.

Remember, your profile picture is essential in building your Instagram presence. And along with it, you also need to optimize the rest of your Instagram profile. Take time to properly introduce your brand. And don’t forget to inject your brand’s personality as well!