One picture can tell thousands of stories. Imagine what you can do with 10 photos! Instagram multiple photos make this easily achievable. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile features in the platform.

Why Use Instagram Multiple Photos?

Because it helps boost engagement and drive product sales. Especially when combined with a good creative strategy. Most importantly, it allows you to share a more in-depth visual story without spamming your followers.

When fully utilized, Instagram multiple photos:

Boost engagement: Visual, swipe-through Instagram posts are more likely to catch your audience’s attention. Instagram carousel is more appealing than a single photo or video. Most importantly, it encourages them to do something.

Are more interactive: To view photos and or videos, your audience needs to swipe through the gallery. In doing so, they are interacting with your brand. With that said, they are also learning more about your products and services.

Instagram multiple photos sample

Credit @mango via Instagram

Are a cost-effective marketing strategy: If you choose to use Instagram carousel ads, it’s like any other sponsored posts. They still target a specific audience. However, you’ll be able to showcase more about your products and services in a single content.

To help you make the best out of this feature, we’ll give a short discussion on how to post Instagram multiple photos. Then we’ll provide creative ways and ideas for inspiration.

How To Post Instagram Multiple Photos

Posting multiple photos on Instagram is almost like posting a single image.

Simply tap the + sign.

Then tap the Instagram multiple photos option or the stacked squares icon.

how to post Instagram multiple photos step 2

Select the images you want to include. You can add up to 10 images and/or videos.

how to post Instagram multiple photos step 3

Tip: Pay attention to the number at the top-right corner of the photos. It shows the order of your images. Remember, you can’t rearrange the photos once they are posted. Therefore, make sure to tap the images and/or videos in the order you want them to appear.

how to post Instagram multiple photos - image order

Simply tap Next when done selecting.

You can tap on an individual photo or video to edit it. In fact, you can apply different filters for each content.

how to post Instagram multiple photos step 4

Tip: You can still rearrange the order of the images from here. Simply tap and hold the image you want to move. Drag the image or video to the left or right to rearrange your multiple photos.

When you’re happy with the filter and arrangement, tap Next. Here you can add a caption. You can also tag users in individual photos or videos. Simply tap Tag People.

how to post Instagram multiple photos step 5

That’s it! Your Instagram carousel is ready to be posted.

Want to make the most out of this feature?

Best Practices When Posting Instagram Multiple Photos

Use High-Quality Images Or Videos

Aside from having a creative strategy, you also need to post quality photos and videos. Remember, you’re conveying a visual story. Therefore, make your story more enticing by using stunning imagery.

Instagram multiple photos by frank green

Credit @frankgreen_official via Instagram

Apply the same quality as you would for your individual posts. Additionally, pay extra attention to your first image. It’s the first thing that your audience will see. Make sure that it’s compelling enough for them to stick around and look at the rest.

Include Only What’s Necessary

Just because you can add up to 10 images and/or videos, doesn’t mean you should. With that said, include only the content you need.

As a tip, you must have an objective or a visual story. Add images that will help you convey the story to your audience.

Take this example from @everlane. They use Instagram multiple photos for their “biggest men’s launch”. The images were on point and no-frills.

Instagram multiple photos by everlane

Credit @everlane via Instagram

Determine The Proper Order

Not all images and videos are made equal. Therefore, if one image/video is more attention-grabbing then it’s best to list it first. In doing so, you’ll draw more eyes on your content.

The first image or video is crucial in attracting audience attention. It should make them stop scrolling and encourage swipe through. This creates an elevated level of engagement. Your audience is actively choosing to view your content instead of mindlessly scrolling past it in the feed.

Remind Your Audience To Swipe Through

Instagram doesn’t make it obvious that a post is swipeable. In fact, the only indication that it is a carousel is a stacked photo icon at the top right corner of the image.

Some users might miss it. Therefore, make sure to remind your audience to swipe through your photos!

Instagram carousel sample

Credit @reiandherbooks via Instagram

Think of it like a call-to-action. This urges your audience to do something with your post. Plus it’ll increase the time they spend on your content.

Why? Because instead of simply scrolling by, they are swiping through your gallery.

Stay Focus

If you’re using Instagram multiple photos feature for marketing then make sure it’s always on-brand. This means it should focus on your brand goals.

For instance, you can use it to promote a product launch. However, don’t use Instagram carousel to share your company team building.

Use multiple photos to add variety to your feed. Most importantly, stay focus on your Instagram marketing strategy.

How Can You Use Instagram Multiple Photos For Your Business?

Instagram carousel is a highly versatile feature. You can use it in various ways to drive brand awareness and boost engagement. Here are a few ideas:

  • Showcase multiple products and services in one content
  • Highlight multiple offers
  • Demonstrate the benefits of your products
  • Share reviews and testimonials on Instagram

Feeling inspired? We’ve come up with some of the best ideas for using Instagram multiple photos.

Creative Ways To Use Instagram Multiple Photos

Promote A Product

Instagram is a wonderful marketing channel for brands and businesses. It’s a great platform for teasing your audience with your next product.

And what better way to promote your new product than posting multiple photos and videos. For instance, you can share product variations.

Here are a few ideas

  • Show your product in different colors
  • Post the different styles available
  • Showcase product details

This is where Instagram multiple photos feature come in handy. With Instagram carousel, you can share more pictures and videos for a more in-depth story.

Take a look at how @peakdesign showcased the black and red accents in their product.

Instagram multiple photos by peakdesign sample

Credit @peakdesign via Instagram

Why it works:

Peak Design provided a closer look at their product. They showcased the details that usually go unnoticed by their audience. Most importantly, it piques the interest of their audience and urges them to engage with their content.

Another example is from @glossier. The post showcases their latest product, the Pro Tip. With more than 60K likes and 319 comments, this type of content definitely caught their audience’s attention.

Instagram carousel by glossier

Credit @glossier via Instagram

Why it works:

Glossier showed the versatility of their product. With these photos, their audience will know that it is perfect for different skin tones.

Tell Your Brand Story

Instagram multiple photos are great for storytelling.

Sharing your brand stories on Instagram helps you connect more intimately with your audience. And Instagram multiple photos are perfect for the job.

With this feature, you can share brand stories without disrupting your feed.

How? By making sure that the first photo in the carousel is in line with your feed aesthetic. Once done, you can add the rest of the essential photos and videos.

Check out this post by @sunergos_coffee. They used Instagram carousel feature to share simple snippets about their baristas.

Instagram carousel sample bts

Credit @sunergos_coffee via Instagram

Why it works:

By capturing their baristas in action, it sparks interest. Secondly, the audience will get to know more about their employees. Most importantly, it creates a more human and intimate connection.

Need more ideas?

You can also share photos or videos of your first office. Or you can share early product sketches or snapshots of your latest company event.

Take a few pointers from @cbtlph. They shared Instagram multiple photos to bring awareness to their cause.

CBTL instagram multiple photos

Credit @cbtlph via Instagram

It’s a highly effective strategy to build a stronger connection with your audience. More importantly, it humanizes your brand.

Share A Funny Story

When using Instagram carousel feature to tell a story, make sure to keep it short. Remember, Instagram users have a very short attention span. If your story gets too long, they’ll lose interest.

Take this example from @murrzstudio. She successfully conveyed her point in just two slides!

Instagram carousel comic

Credit @murrzstudio via Instagram

Showcase Before And After Photos

Instagram carousel is also perfect for revealing before and after shots. In fact, brands use it to showcase the benefits of using their products.

The Container Store successfully uses this strategy. They’re visually showing the stark difference between before and after. In doing so, their audience will see the significance of their products.

the container store instagram carousel before and after

Credit @thecontainerstore via Instagram

Another example is this UGC from @dermalogica. They posted Instagram multiple photos to reveal their customer’s before and after.

Instagram carousel before and after

Credit @dermalogica via Instagram

There’s also a rise in revealing the before and after photo edits. This is especially true for businesses selling their Lightroom presets.

Check out @dirtybootspresets‘ content. They usually share the before and after results using their presents.

Instagram multiple photos lightroom presets

Credit @dirtybootspresets via Instagram

Why it works:

It lets their audience and potential customers see how their presets work. It sparks interest in their digital product. Most importantly, their audience will know that their Lightroom presets work in a variety of photos.

Before and after images and videos spark interest. This type of content stops the audience from scrolling and encourage them to swipe through. It’s definitely a great strategy in boosting engagement.

Provide Information That Is Easy To Digest

Brands and influencers alike love to share information on Instagram. With multiple photos, they can do just that but in simple, easy-to-digest tidbits.

Check out @funskincare‘s Instagram feed. She usually shares useful information about skincare and self-care.

Provide info via instagram multiple photos

Credit @funskincare via Instagram

In this particular post, she shared a simple guide to choosing a moisturizer. She used Instagram multiple photos to provide a “cheat sheet”. It’s simple and easy to understand even for a skincare beginner.

Another example is from @theinkeylist. They took some of their frequently asked questions and started a discussion.

Provide info via instagram carousel

Credit @theinkeylist via Instagram

Then they shared the best products to address their audience’s concern. In doing so, they highlighted their products. Most importantly, they provided value to their customers.

Instagram multiple photos by theinkeylist

Credit @theinkeylist via Instagram

Share Customer Reviews

Let your audience know how much your customers love your products and services!

Use Instagram carousel feature to share rave reviews. It’s an awesome way of boosting brand awareness and generating buzz in your brand. Most importantly, it helps build brand trust.

Check out this post by @thebeautychef. They use Instagram carousel to share the kind words sent to them. Plus they also highlighted how many years they are in the business!

Post reviews via Instagram carousel

Credit @thebeautychef via Instagram

Sharing positive reviews creates the impression that your brand is successful and trustworthy. Providing positive feedback is a great way to engage potential customers.

Remember, image plays a huge role in Instagram marketing success.

Post Full-Length Videos

We’ll let you in on a secret. You can post full-length videos on Instagram.

We’re not kidding!

You’re probably aware that you can only post a 60-second video on Instagram. But with Instagram carousel, you can post full-length videos. Awesome right?

Take this example from @glossier. They shared full-length videos on the platform by posting three 60-second long videos. All their audience has to do is swipe to keep watching.

Glossier instagram carousel full length videos

Credit @glossier via Instagram

Show Tips And Tutorials

Another creative way to use Instagram multiple photos is by providing tips and tutorials.

Take a look at this post from @etsy. They provided quick and simple tips to prepare for “Friendsgiving”.

Tips and tutorials via Instagram multiple photos

Credit @etsy via Instagram

The tips were short and easy to read. Plus they provided stunning visuals that are sure to catch their audience’s attention. uses Instagram multiple photos to share tutorials on how to draw.

tips and tricks via Instagram carousel

Credit via Instagram

In Conclusion

Whether used to launch new products and services or share tutorials, Instagram multiple photos is a highly versatile feature.

Users are limited to only adding 10 photos and/or videos. However, if you fully utilize it, it’ll be more than enough. Use Instagram carousel to your advantage. But remember, keep the content light and useful. Make sure that it reflects your brand identity and voice.

Most importantly, don’t just use photos or videos. Mix it up! Instagram multiple photos add depth to your feed. Use it in a smart way to show your customers what your brand is all about.