Being your own Instagram manager can be challenging.

Gone are the days when Instagram held a mere 30 million users, with advertising available to only a few select brands on the platform.

Today, the app brandishes a whopping one billion active users per month. There are two million monthly advertisers, and a plethora of features to help users reach their full business and marketing potential. However, while we can now enjoy its extensive range of functions – the rising number of profiles have made finding success and influence a far more difficult task.

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Thankfully, various third-party tools and services have emerged to make the Instagrammer’s life a tad easier. The Instagram management tools we list below can help you build your profile and audience more efficiently – saving you time and energy for quality content creation, by taking care of all your menial marketing tasks.

Top Instagram Management Tools: Auto-Likers

One of the most effective ways of gaining more profile exposure is the simple method of liking other people’s posts. Not only is it a nice gesture – by giving someone a “like”, you’re showing appreciation for that person’s work – but it gets your brand name in their notifications. If they’re curious enough, they’ll tap through to see your profile. Assuming you’ve got plenty of quality content to offer, and they identify with your very same niche, they may just drop you a few likes in return. In some cases, they may even leave a follow.

Instagram Management Tool #1 – Kenji

Kenji breaks the stereotype of “bad” Instagram bots by offering the simple, non-intrusive service of automating your likes on other people’s posts.

As mentioned, this is an effective and pleasant way of getting under people’s eyes. Kenji enables you to further concentrate on your target demographic by specifying hashtags within your niche. You can also narrow them down via location. Once you’ve set your parameters, Kenji then gets to work sending likes to these accounts.

Buy followers for Instagram through Kenji

Courtesy of Kenji.

As part of their HyperTarget feature, you can also identify your competitors, directing Kenji to the followers of these users. Their audience will likely be interested in what you have to offer as well.

This app has gained much love from the Instagramming community for its affordability, efficiency, and best of all – compliance with Instagram’s guidelines. As Kenji does not send DMs or comment on your behalf, you can ensure your account’s safe from spammy behaviour.

Buy followers for Instagram through Kenji

Courtesy of Kenji.

Additionally, the service guarantees exclusive interactions with real, active users. This means they steering clear of fake , bot-powered profiles that clutter up your follower count.

Instagram Management Tool #2 – Robolike

As with Kenji, Robolike is another auto-liker bot that prides in its simple service of liking other people’s content.

It follows a similar process, where users define the most commonly used hashtags among their target audience. Robolike then starts liking all content categorized in these tags. These helps you pop up in these users’ notifications, and, since they’re from the same community, they’re likely to be interested in your brand and content.

Top Instagram management tool - Robolike

Courtesy of RoboLike.

Unlike Kenji, however, Robolike does not seem to feature competitor or location targeting.

The app guarantees up to 90 likes per hour. They also offer full transparency by displaying all your most recently liked photos each time you check in. For busy-bee Instagram managers overseeing multiple accounts, there’s also the “bulk account” option; users get set up with a “bulk account manager” that provides this same liking service to those with over 10 growing accounts.

Instagram management with RoboLike

Courtesy of RoboLike.

Top Instagram Management Tools: Virtual Instagram Managers

If Instagram bots don’t appeal to you, perhaps you’d feel more assured with an actual Instagram manager.

Plenty of online services now offer users their very own virtual manager – an actual person who handles your account engagement for you. These people are responsible for the same routine marketing task of engaging with other people’s accounts, boosting your visibility in the process.

Instagram Management Tool #3 – Upleap

One of the most popular companies available in this field is Upleap. This service offers users with dedicated account managers who help you gain successful platform growth and influence.

Users connect to their very own Instagram manager upon signing up. They are then asked to identify the niche and interests of their target audience. If you’re a fitness influencer, for example, you may specify users who are into healthy eating, sportswear, and the gym lifestyle.

Buy followers for Instagram through Upleap

Courtesy of Upleap.

Once that’s done, your new Instagram guru interacts with these potential followers. This includes viewing their stories and liking their posts, effectively getting your name on their radar. Upleap ensures that they only engage with real, active accounts to help you grow a genuine audience.

Buy followers for Instagram through Upleap

Courtesy of Upleap.

While they take a huge marketing weight off your shoulders, Upleap Instagram managers refrain from posting on your behalf. This helps you maintain your brand image and creativity, while your manager focuses on maintaining an active Instagram presence.

Instagram Management Tool #4 – Ampfluence

Another popular marketing company is Ampfluence – a service that, like Upleap, offers you with an Instagram manager dedicated to building your audience.

Like Upleap, Ampfluence managers engage and interact with potential followers according to your specified parameters. However, they go a step further by commenting and replying to users, and even offer scheduling and content creation services.

Top Instagram management tools - Ampfluence

Courtesy of Ampfluence.

Their process is a tad more intensive. Users will consult with a their connected Instagram manager, who then researches and tailors a customized marketing strategy for your account. They’ll then begin their engaging with your potential audience, measuring your profile growth along the way.

Instagram management with Ampfluence

Courtesy of Ampfluence.

While a productive solution for any thriving Instagram business, their services don’t come cheap. Ampfluence packages start at a minimum of $129 a month for those who wish to focus on engagement; and users looking to grow their following are looking at $299 a month for their all-inclusive “Growth x2” package.

Top Instagram Management Tools: Bio Optimizers

One of the first things you encounter when stumbling upon someone’s profile is their Instagram bio. Here, profiles will often give short yet memorable description of who they are and what they’re about.

Underneath this small block of text is a link directing viewers to their online store, official website, or other social media platform. But what if you have a range of different links – leading to various landing pages or affiliate products – that you wish to advertise?

Here’s where bio optimizing tools come in.

Instagram Management Tool #5 – is any business profile’s best friend, providing a one-stop shop for all your content links.

Sign up to their app to create your very own profile. Here, you’ll import all your content from external social media sources; such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, or affiliate marketing programs.

Top Instagram management tools -

Courtesy of

Your profile organizes this information in visual blocks, which you can easily adjust through their drag-and-drop interface. It thus creates a space that promotes all your latest activity and promotions, keeping your audience conveniently updated on your affairs.

Instagram management with

Courtesy of

You’ll then have a unique URL (linked to your profile) to paste in your Instagram bio. You’ll never have to change your bio link again – simply update the content on your profile; all accessible under one static link.

Your profile can additionally update itself automatically to show all your latest social media activity – making your life even easier as an Instagram manager.

Instagram Management Tool #6 – Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio provides an incredibly elegant way of organizing your social media links for Instagram. Like, users create their own profile to import their content to. The service offers a wonderfully simple setup process, where users need only sign up, connect their Instagram profile, and start adding in all their desired links.

Top Instagram management tool - LnkBio

Courtesy of Lnk.Bio.

Lnk.Bio also displays these links in the form of blocks, which users can easily arrange through drag-and-drop. Once they’ve confirmed all of their links, the app provides them with their unique URL to paste into their Instagram bio.

Instagram management with

Courtesy of Lnk.Bio.

This platform prides in its sleek, minimalist appearance, displaying all your imported information in bold, easy to read visual boxes. You can add as many links as you wish; though while their most basic functions come free of cost, users can also choose their premium monthly packages that offer link tracking and customized URLs.

Top Instagram Management Tools: E-Commerce Apps

With 60% of users discovering new products on the platform, and 50% of them following brands – (making them the social networkers most likely to follow an online brand) – it’s no surprise that Instagram’s a hotspot for selling products and business marketing.

Once a mere gallery for visual product promotions – tools have recently emerged to turn one’s Instagram feed into a full-blown shopping experience. Never mind the hassle of directing viewers to your website; these apps cut out the extra effort, delivering products to your potential customers with ease and efficiency.

Instagram Management Tool #7 – Shopping On Instagram

While still in its early days, the Shopping on Instagram is set to change business profiles forever. This feature essentially turns your Instagram feed into a shoppable storefront, allowing you to now add product tags to your standard posts and stories.

The process works by promoting a specific product (or products) in an Instagram image, and adding an interactive tag labelling the item. Interested viewers can tap on these product tags, directing them to a corresponding product description page.

Monetize Instagram with Shopping on Instagram feature

Courtesy of Shopify app.

Here, they’ll be given a full image of a product, a full description of its features, its price, and a CTA link that directs the viewer to your official online store to complete their purchase.

You manage to generate sales straight from your feed – and your followers are offered an incredibly easy shopping experience.

Instagram management with Shopping on Instagram

Courtesy of Engadget.

Sadly, Shopping on Instagram is only available in select markets, as of now.

Instagram Management Tool #8 – Snapppt

While not a native tool, Snapppt provides the same valuable features of Shopping on Instagram – successfully turning your feed into shoppable product images.

However, your viewer’s shopping experience takes place on Snapppt’s separate platform. Upon signing up to their service, you can then connect your Instagram profile, prompting Snapppt to automatically import all your Instagram photos into your new Snapppt profile.

Instagram management with Snapppt

Courtesy of Snapppt.

This profile replicates the look, structure, and order of your Instagram feed. You can then preview all your imported photos, removing any unnecessary posts. Once you’re happy with the layout, rollover to each image. On each photo, add a product link that directs viewers to your official website or store.

Top Instagram management tools - Snapppt

Courtesy of Snapppt.

When you’re done linking all your product images, simply copy the unique link to your Snapppt page. Then, paste this into your Instagram bio.

For those who wish to track their conversions (and determine their highest-performing Instagram posts), Snapppt also offers performance trackers for select e-commerce platforms.

Top Instagram Management Tools: Follower Boosts

Finally, let’s discuss how you can boost your followers – quickly and easily.

Growing an audience is the main challenge of all new Instagram businesses. After all, how are you going to sell or promote anything, if you’ve got no one paying attention?

There are number of ways one can attract new, potential followers; but one of the most controversial (yet effective) methods is by opting for a program that gives you a superficial boost in followers. Often, these involve participants that aren’t genuinely interested in your bran. They do, however, offer enough social proof to catch your prospective audience’s attention.

Instagram Management Tool #9 – Socialfollow

Socialfollow is a service that offers just this – and best of all, its completely for free.

Interested users need only sign up to their program with basic details, including their name, e-mail, and a random password. Your actual Instagram password will not be required, though you’ll be asked to submit your username.

Create a Socialfollow account

Courtesy of Socialfollow.

The second step involves choosing three categories that best describe your profile interests. Your username is then added to network of other users with similar interests.

Get Instagram followers through Socialfollow

Courtesy of Socialfollow.

The third and final step is follow up to 10 people from a list Socialfollow provides. These are based on the interests you’ve specified. When you’ve followed these 10 people, you get 50 free followers in return. This can be done once daily – resulting in up to 1500 followers a month!

Get Instagram followers through Socialfollow

Courtesy of Socialfollow.

It’s as easy as it sounds, and you’re guaranteed to keep your account safe. The program never requests for your private Instagram details, share your data with anyone, or have you participate in sketchy surveys. It’s free followers in a matter of seconds; though be sure you don’t remove anyone you’ve recently followed, or your new followers will be alerted to unfollow you, too.

Get Instagram followers through Socialfollow

Courtesy of Socialfollow.

Instagram Management Tool #10 – Skweezer

Unlike Socialfollow, Skweezer is a business that provides you the opportunity of buying followers, along with comments, views, and likes.

The company’s unique selling point is its network of real people, tasked with liking, following, or commenting on your account, based on the type of service you buy. These users get paid a commission from Skweezer’s earnings in return.

Buy followers for Instagram through Skweezer

Courtesy of Skweezer

Users can choose to simply boost their follower count (by ordering a package of real users to follow their profile), or they can choose to buy active followers.

These are followers who not only add to your audience base, but send hundreds – or even thousands – of likes and views to your regular posts. Not only will you have the social proof of a higher follower count, you also gain higher engagement. This ranks you higher on hashtag pages, follower homepages, and Instagram’s explore page.

Instagram likesBuy followers for Instagram through Skweezer

Users get started on a monthly subscription. Additionally, they can choose the speed at which they receive their new followers.

Be A Killer Instagram Manager!

Building a new business on Instagram has become an increasingly challenging feat. With these tools, however, you can optimize your time and energy on the platform; saving it for other pressing and creative endeavors. Work smart, not hard, as an Instagram manager – and get board these with these Instagram management tools today.

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