We all know a few current or aspiring “Instagram girls.” They’re always glamorous, posing for pictures in the golden hour, and they never seem to have go into the office or get sick. Their feed is row after row of stylish selfie. But what makes an Instagram girl different from an Instagram model? And how much of their job, exactly, is work? 

In this article we’ll delve deep into the mystery of exactly what an Instagram girl is and how anybody can become one.

What Are Instagram Girls?

Instagram girls are girls on Instagram who are, basically, followed for being hot. While that may seem like a blunt assessment, all it takes is a peek at the comments on a selfie to see the kind of feedback these photos are generating. They’re called “Instagram girls” because they don’t seem to do anything else except post on Instagram. The truth of that, of course, is flagrantly overblown, but that’s what it seems like to the outside eye. And hey, Instagram has never been about real life. With the increasing homogeny of what is considered attractive and the viability of Instagram as a career option, it’s no wonder more women are turning to Instagram as a means to open up different opportunities.

Instagram girl Lisa showing off typical posing

Instagram Girls vs. Instagram Models

 Instagram girls and  Instagram models are two careers that seem like the same thing. But there are very subtle differences. 

The first and foremost difference is the audience. Instagram girls generally aim to attract admirers. An Instagram model wants to attract followers to bolster a different kind of career. An Instagram girl is unlikely to display too much personality on her page, where an Instagram model will probably post a message alongside – whether that’s inspirational or fashion-focused, there’s more going on than just looks. 

So why would anyone want to be an Instagram girl, besides vanity and harassment in the DMs? The answer: clout. Amassing a large number of followers can lead to a profitable career in other areas. Whatever area that is, having clout as someone with a large following can open further opportunities to a person. 

How Much Do Instagram Girls Make?

With reports of Kardashian-level Instagram models earning as much as $250,000 per Instagram post, it may appear that being an Instagram girl is one of the most lucrative careers a young woman could pursue in the new decade. But not all of us are related to someone with the last name Jenner, so let’s look at the difference.

Partnering with any Instagram influencer is difficult for brands, because there is no industry standardization. However, someone with 500 followers who wants to charge $5000 per post isn’t being realistic. There’s a loose rule of 1 cent per follower or $100 per 10,000 followers that circulates Instagram (although certainly not everybody follows this!) While macro-influencers tend to charge somewhere between $500 and $800 per post, micro-influencers generally land around the $300 mark. Micro-influencers are often preferred by brands since they have a more effective and compact reach. Check out more statistics at Later.

But if you check out the page of an Instagram girl, you might be surprised to see a lack of sponsorships on the page. That’s because, to them, the touted “influence” is more important than money. An Instagram girl career will often lead to free things – whether that’s clothes, experiences, or things like concert tickets – that can then be used on the person’s profile. An Instagram girl isn’t necessarily after real capital as much as she’s after social capital.

How To Take Photos Like An Instagram Girl 

If you want to get started as an Instagram girl, there’s a certain style of photos you’ll want to perfect. If Instagram models are fashionable, Instagram girls are sexy. Lighting is best if golden, hair tousled, and lips in a pout.


While this isn’t the only kind of content visible on these profiles, it’s certainly the dominating one. There’s more to it than biking pics, though – you’ll also need to get the look. 

Show Off Your Confident Style

There’s more to being an Instagram girl than just racy photos, though. There’s a unique style purveyed among them. Instagram girls drip confidence, and they’re often pictured in streetwear, swimwear, or ambitious styles. They’re trendy and keep up to date with the latest fashions. Think army jackets and crop tops, running sneakers and big earrings. However, it’s more about HOW she wears it than what she’s wearing. Her confidence is always the most alluring thing about her.

Show A Life Beyond Vanity 

While an Instagram girl may not display a lot of personality in her posts, that doesn’t mean people don’t want to see her personality. If you’re trying to gain social influence, it is, in fact, important to be liked. If you want to make a name for yourself, pay attention to your stories and to your followers. Show what you’re up to and let your personality shine that way instead of writing out extremely long captions for every single post. There’s a bit more mystique to it, which is what being an Instagram girl is all about. 

While she may not build genuine friendships with her followers, she engages with them enough to make them feel seen and heard. The trick to being a successful Instagram girl is knowing how to make people come back for more. The modern socialite, she is committed to her image of glamour. 

The Top Instagram Girls

Some of them are models, some of them are influencers, but they’re all Instagram girls. Let’s take a look at some of the most-followed women who make a living on Instagram through their looks.

Yovanna Ventura

Yovanna Ventura is an American model whose confident attitude shines in all of her posts. With great fashion sense and great abs, it’s easy to see why she already has 5 million followers.

Emily Garcia

Emily Garcia is a Brazilian influencer whose photos really encompass the golden hour aesthetic Instagram girls strive for. With plenty of beaches and romantic poses pictured on her profile, she’s got the look down.

Natasha Oakley

Natasha Oakley embodies all that we love about Australia – blonde and leggy, her beachwear reflects the confident, casual vibes we get from her Instagram.

What It Leads To

Being an Instagram girl may seem like a vain or shallow career, but it’s actually a (pretty clever) move to gain social capital. There’s a certain amount of mystique and allure to Instagram girls that allows them to stick in the consciousnesses of their followers and keeps them coming back. While many of them don’t make money in the traditional sense, they get their lifestyle fix by being awarded with free things and experiences to use on their pages. And when they make it big, it does become quite a lucrative career.

It’s not a long-term career goal, though – many Instagram girls are in pursuit of bigger, better things like real modeling or hosting careers. If you want to become an Instagram girl, take a look at some photos and remember to let your confidence shine. With a few photos and developing your own unique style, there’s no telling what a following could do for you. There’s a world out there waiting for you.