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  • What are Instagram engagement groups?
  • Are Instagram Pods the same as DM groups on Instagram?
  • Where can I find these Instagram Engagement Groups Or Pods?
  • Are there Instagram pods for specific niches?
  • Do Instagram pods hurt engagement?
  • How do I get Instagram followers fast?
  • Is Instagram cracking down on pods?
  • How do you join groups on Instagram?
  • What are the top Instagram engagement groups

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At the end of this post you’ll also find an updated list of the most popular Instagram engagement groups that are still working today.

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What are Instagram engagement groups?

Engagement groups or “Instagram Pods” as they’re often called, are a group of people that like and/or comment on each other’s posts or they follow each others’ profiles.

The purpose of these groups is to have more followers and more engagement on your Instagram posts.

If your post gets a lot of likes and comments:

  • it reaches more people
  • it shows up more in your followers’ feed
  • it can appear on the Explore page.

These groups or activities are also called “follow for follow” or “like for like” and they can be found on different social media channels. We’ll get into more details about this a bit later in this article.

follow4follow post example from instagram engagement groups

How does an Instagram engagement group work?

Each group has it’s own set of rules. Make sure you read them before posting anything.

But mainly, most groups work something like this:

  1. You post a picture (or your profile, if you want followers)
  2. People like and/or comment on the picture (or they follow your profile)
  3. You reciprocate.

How does an Instagram engagement group work

Why do you need an engagement group?

Imagine that all the Instagram users would open their app and they would find uninteresting, boring content.

People would stop using the platform and Instagram would go out of business, right?

Well, to prevent this from happening, Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes (a.k.a gives more reach) to posts that seem to have higher engagement (likes/comments/views).

In this way, in our news feeds, the content we see is not in a chronological order.

Instead, our feed is filled only with the most interesting and popular content so that we continue to use Instagram more and more.

But, if you post a picture and it doesn’t get too much engagement, it won’t reach more people.

So it’s the chicken and the egg problem: you need engagement so that your post reaches more people, but you also need to reach people in order to get that engagement.

meme experience

The bottom line is this: an Instagram engagement pod or groups gives you that first boost of engagement you need in order for Instagram’s algorithm to pick up your post and show it to more people.

Do Instagram pods hurt engagement? Is Instagram cracking down on pods?

Nope (for both questions). And this is because the likes and comments that you get by joining a pod or engagement group come from real people, not from bots.

Instagram can’t tell the difference between a picture naturally going viral and a post that is liked by random people gathered in a special group.

How to find engagement groups on Instagram?

The biggest and most popular Instagram engagement groups you can find are usually on:

  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp

You can simply Google something like “List of free Instagram engagement groups” and you’ll find plenty of them.

But we’ve already done the hard work for you and below we’ve put a list with the best engagement groups that are actually worth your time.

Are there Instagram pods for specific niches?

Yes, but you’ll probably not going to find Instagram groups for literally any niche or industry.

You can easily check by Googling something like “Instagram engagement group for X niche”.

Below you can find a list that contains some of the biggest and most popular Instagram engagement groups you can try.

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There’s no doubt that engagement groups work. They help you get more followers, get more likes and ultimately grow your Instagram.

But you also have to be aware of the downsides.

First, you have to constantly post your profile and your pictures in order to get more followers and more engagement.

Second, you have to regularly check these groups in order to reciprocate and follow/like/comment on other people’s posts too. Otherwise, you can be banned from the pod.

This means you’ll have to check out these groups several times every single day which can be pretty time consuming and distracting.

And third, a lot of your work will be in vain. And that’s because a lot of people will simply ignore your post and they won’t follow you or comment on your post.

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  • login once a day
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More followers automatically mean more likes and engagement.

The service has been around for about 5 years and it got so popular that it already surpassed 1 million users at the date of writing this article.

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List of Instagram engagement groups or pods

Before you join a group, you need to know that there are different types of pods:

  • Like only pods – members like each others posts
  • Comment only pods – members comment on each other’s posts (read more on comment pods)
  • Like and comment pods – members have to like and comment on each others posts.

Also, be aware that different groups have different rules. For example:

A Dx5 group means you have to engage with 5 posts before you can drop the link of the post you want the next 5 people to engage with.

Make sure you carefully read the rules when you join an engagement pod otherwise you might get excluded or even banned.

Free Facebook engagement groups (pods) for Instagram

Instagram Daily Engagement Group

Instagram Engagement Group

Instagram Engagement group 2

instagram engagement group 3

Empowering Instagram Engagement Group

Engagement Group | Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch

promote your Instagram page

Instagram Follow/Like/Comment Pod

IG Engagement Space (Instagram Pod)

Instagram & Facebook Engagement

Instagram Dogs (& Other Pets) Engagement Group

Instagram engagement group for photographers

Instagram Travel and Photography group


Fitness Instagram POD!

Telegram Instagram engagement groups

BoostGram Dx5 (Likes & Comments)

BoostGram Dx8 (Likes & Comments) (Telegram)

BoostGram Dx10 (Likes only) (Telegram)

BoostGram Dx30 (Likes only) (Telegram)

KD ENGAGEMENT DX10 (Likes & Comments – Mixed niche)

KD ENGAGEMENT DX20 (Likes & Comments – Mixed niche)

KD ENGAGEMENT DX30 (Likes & Comments – Mixed niche)

KD ENGAGEMENT DX7 (engagement group for photographers)

KD ENGAGEMENT DX8 (engagement pod for the travel industry)