Don’t you just hate it when you come across a service that you hoped would help you, but after a better look, it turns out to be just another scam?

Well, this happens more commonly than you’d hope for, and one example we remember distinctly is related to InstaBoostGram. You may have even used it before.

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Even if you doubted the quality of service for just a moment, you should not ignore it. Chances are you had a good reason for it.

With InstaBoostGram, there were many reasons for suspicion, and they eventually led to the conclusion that this service is no good.

So, if you are interested in what are the potential red flags of a scam and how to avoid them, we will explain everything to you through this detailed and to-the-point InstaBoostGram review.

Do not leave your chair, we’re about to spill the tea!

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InstaBoostGram – On The Whole

Since we already have an elaborate opinion about this service, we can single out some of the main features and present them in a pros & cons table.

This will surely help someone who is reading to pay special attention to certain parts of InstaBoostGram that contributed to this service being referred to as a scam.

Without any delay, let’s get right to InstaBoostGram’s major features.

Currently unavailable
Instagram removed their followers
Promoted inorganic growth
Customer support is unresponsive
Poor reviews on both Trustpilot and Sitejabber

As you can see from this table, there are absolutely no advantages regarding InstaBoostGram.

That can’t be good.

If you are here just because of the table, we would advise you to think again and stay until the end of this review. We’ll be listing examples and information that can be of great use to you in the future!

Trouble Accessing InstaBoostGram

If you’ve been trying to open the official site of InstaBoostGram while reading this article, you’ve probably come across something that has nothing to do with the service we’re currently reviewing.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been lucky enough to access InstaBoostGram in the past few days either.

Is there something wrong with this service? Is IstaBoostgram legit or not?

We’d love to give you the correct answer to these issues, however, we’re not entirely sure why InstaBoostGram is currently unavailable.

Could it be that it shut down? Highly likely.

What makes us believe this is the facts we were able to list above in the table. After all, hardly any company can stay on the internet for too long while having so many drawbacks.

One thing’s certain, and that is that InstaBoostGram had a bad reputation, and somebody had to pay the price for that.

In order to get to the heart of this service, we had to take a closer look at InstaBoostGram, and that was only possible with the help of archives.

If you’ve forgotten what this service looks like, here’s a little reminder.

A screenshot showing the homepage from the archives

From what we see, InstaBoostGram’s main concern was boosting your Instagram account. However, this service has also dealt with other platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, and Spotify.

In many cases, companies that expanded to other platforms cannot keep up with this pace, and shutdowns often occur.

Within the Instagram offers, in addition to the followers that we will explain in more detail, you could buy Instagram likes, video views, and automatic likes.

If you have seen a similar offer on other services, our advice would be to avoid views and automatic likes.


Buying followers through such services affect Instagram’s policy. But buying something that implies an automatic inflow only increases the chance that your account will be damaged in some way.

We’ll talk about this more shortly.

InstaBoostGram Followers – No Good!

The reason why you came to this review is because of your Instagram followers.

InstaBoostGram’s followers are no good, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick something useful from this.

Let’s take a look at the quality of these followers by taking a better look at the follower package.

A screenshot showing the follower package

The first thing we’ll focus on will be the prices you pay.

When it comes to services like this, we should agree on one thing, and that is that they should be available to all types of potential customers.

The thing is, you never know with prices. 

You must have had the opportunity to come across packages that want you to spend a couple of hundred dollars for a handful of followers. (We sincerely hope you didn’t click buy)

High prices do not imply high quality.

It seems to us that InstBoostGram did not have so many issues with prices, since the available packages seem to be budget-friendly.

Constant Worries About Quality

With InstaBoostGram, you may not have had to worry about the price, but you were never 100% sure of the quality you paid for.

This is officially the first red flag.

When you buy followers and they arrive on your profile, don’t let this go unchecked.

Don’t be lazy, take a minute, and scroll down your followers. Click on any profile that looks suspicious to you. What are you looking for?

Well, look for profiles that have no profile pictures, have very few to no followers at all, and almost no posts. If you come across an example like this, it’s probably a fake profile.

Give it a couple of days, and it will probably disappear.

It’s no secret that a large number of services buy or create one-time profiles that seem okay at first glance, but they are actually just Instagram bots.

Unfortunately, you can’t be 100% sure of this until you actually buy a package. And with InstaBoostGram, there were more profiles like this than you can count.

Beware Of Inorganic Growth!

What can be worse than poor quality? Easy. The speed at which the followers arrive at your profile.

InstaBoostGram failed in this category by forwarding its followers instantly.

While someone counts this as an advantage, we are here to tell you that instant delivery has no advantages regarding Instagram growth whatsoever. This type of inflow can actually harm your account.

As an example, let’s take InstaBoostGram. This service forwarded large numbers of followers in just a few seconds. After the “transfer” was complete, it didn’t take long for Instagram to recognize this as automatic, and remove all those followers.

I guess you don’t want something like this to happen to you, and you certainly don’t plan on losing purchased followers or having your Instagram account shut down.

How Does InstaBoostGram Work?

Unlike many other services, InstaBoostGram is not complicated to use.

If you wanted to buy followers, for example, the purchase would not take longer than a few minutes. All you had to do was choose a package, enter your username and wait for the followers to start coming in.

InstaBoostGram may not have asked you for sensitive information, but it definitely failed in other fields.

Customer Support Team Unresponsive

You must have been worried about your Instagram account at some point. In situations like this, you should have someone who is online 24/7, and who will be able to help you.

Many services have solved this by introducing a live chat option in which at least one operator is available at any time of the day.

With InstaBoostGram, it’s different. This service doesn’t seem to care about its customers. 

Consider this another red flag.

Services that do not provide adequate customer support are not only questionable, but they are most likely just a scam.

InstaBoostGram ignored requests and emails from its customers for weeks. This can only make us think that customer support did not even exist.

Low-Grade Reviews

The icing on the cake regarding InstaBoostGram would definitely have to be definitely the reviews we came across. As much as this service tried to improve its reputation with glowing comments on the homepage, it still failed.
Trustpilot showed InstaBoostGram in its true light, and those were just negative experiences from past customers. These are two examples that caught our eye.

A screenshot showing trustpilot reviews

Is InstaBoostGram Legit? Concluding The Topic

After everything you read in this article, you could conclude one thing – InstaBoostGram is a total scam!

This service did nothing but trick its customers into believing that they were getting real and legit followers for their account.

Our advice would be to stay away from all companies that resemble InstaBoostGram in the slightest way.