We know how frustrating it might be to receive a good-quality service just to realize it got deleted a few weeks after you’ve paid for it.

A situation like this isn’t always the company’s fault, since there are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration when someone experiences something like this.

We will talk about one of the most important – the Instagram algorithm.

But, don’t worry about that for now, since it’s too complicated for us to explain it in one or two sentences.

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But we digress – let’s get back to the main topic of IDigic and what you’re about to read about it.

We’ve dug deep in order to find the most information about this service so you don’t have to. We’ve also filtered that information and came to some fine pieces of information that’ll help you see IDigic and its service for what they are.

There are also some common misconceptions about this service that we’ve also looked into and have found the reasoning behind it.

Without any further ado and more promises of what you’re going to read, let’s dive right in and see what we found for this IDigic review!

What Is IDigic?

Before we get ourselves tangled up in some serious stream of information, let’s get the basics out of the way.

These basics will most definitely help you understand the nature of what IDigic is providing as a service and what to expect from this or any other similar company as a customer or a user.

First of all, the field of work of this company is closely related to Instagram, as you’ve probably figured by yourself.

The point where they differentiate from some other companies in their domain is in the services they offer to their users.

There are three main Instagram-related services, and IDigic offers all three to their users.

We’re talking about Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and Instagram views.

A screenshot depicting the main page of the official Idigic website and what they’re offering.

Generally speaking, Instagram followers are the most popular option and the option that is picked most often.

That’s the main reason why we’re mainly going to talk about that service since we assume that most people that are looking into IDigic actually look for a good Instagram follower service.

So, in its essence, IDigic is a company providing its users and customers with Instagram-related services in the form of Instagram followers, likes, and views.

Is IDigic Trustworthy?

This is the question that everyone’s asking. It’s due to some controversy that some instances of the followers bought over this service are disappearing, but there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

A screenshot showing a negative review related to Idigic and followers bought over it on the official Sitejabber website.

See, this is a very common type of comment that appears when you search for IDigic reviews on the Internet.

But, are the people from IDigic really responsible for the followers dropping, or is there something else that they can’t influence that is taking the followers away?

Well, yes.

There’s something called the Instagram algorithm that is specially designed for recognizing and deleting fake and bought followers. Essentially it’s an algorithm that is supposed to recognize all non-organic growth and suppress it.

This is one of the main reasons why so many followers get deleted in that short amount of time of just a few weeks or sometimes days.

It’s not that we’re legitimizing IDigic and freeing them from any kind of responsibility, but you have to be aware of the technical side of this occurrence.

But, there are some things that IDigic could have done to protect its users and customers from this happening.

First thing is that they could have reduced the number of followers they sold that were all from the same place like China, India, or any country with a larger population since that’s one of the biggest indicators that the followers are fake.

This is done by carefully distributing followers from all around the globe to every person that has bought their Instagram follower service.

By doing this, they’re minimizing the possibility of the Instagram algorithm noticing the new followers and deleting them.

The second thing that they could have offered as a solution for this unpleasant situation is the free refill option that many websites have.

This option allows users to report to the company when they lost the bought followers and the company automatically refills them.

Some companies also provide their users with a fully automated service of refills. 

This means that the users don’t even have to report the occurrence to the company, but the company is automatically monitoring their follower number and the moment the followers drop, they refill to compensate for the missing followers.

This would mean that even if the followers somehow got deleted, the company would take care of it regardless of how much it costs them.

All-in-all on IDigic, the buy Instagram followers option has a lot of space for improvement, but luckily there are things that would help with just a little time spent on improving the service.

We know that most of these things might seem impossible to you; just look at some other companies and how they deal with their services being discovered by the Instagram algorithm and what they’re doing to keep their customers happy.

But, there’s one thing closely related to trust that points the potential and new users in the right direction. That thing is the free trial that’s available on the IDigic website.

A screenshot of the free trial page on the Idigic website explaining the trial to new customers.

This is something that’s often overlooked since there are so many websites that don’t offer it, that when a website does offer it – the users don’t even notice it.

We highly recommend that you go ahead and try out the free trial option since it can give you personal input on how good and how fast their service really is.

The decision that you’ll have to make on your own is quite easier when you had an opportunity to experience the service first hand and without having to pay any money to do so.

In this day and age where companies really just want to sell their product or their service, seeing something like this really is refreshing.

It’s also a big plus since people can see if the follower drop will occur even in the free trial stage of the service, and if it does – it just means you have one more piece of useful information.

In addition and in order to keep this as unbiased as it is, we also need to point out the fact that regardless of the followers dropping and disappearing, IDigic holds a good overall score on the official Trustpilot website, which really does point out a few things.

A screenshot of an overall score for Idigic and its service on the official Trustpilot website.

This piece of information only shows that not all people experience sudden follower drops, regardless of what caused them – the lack of quality of the service, or the Instagram algorithm.

Sometimes the negative comments can overwhelm the positive ones, even if there are more positive comments than negative ones.

All we’re saying is you shouldn’t overlook an overall score of a company on a website that is as trusted as Trustpilot.

Usually, if you scroll through the comments for long enough, you’ll find a pretty even mix of opinions and experiences which is an excellent thing since you can always learn a thing or two about companies and what they’re offering from someone else’s experience.

IDigic Review – Summation

It’s obvious that we’ve collected a hefty amount of information regarding this company and the service they provide their users with.

This is only normal when we’re talking about a company that is one of the largest ones in its niche, so you shouldn’t be surprised.

One thing that seems complicated as a result of a lot of information is to keep it all in your head and make a decision based on the big majority of the said information.

That’s why we made a pros and cons table that depicts all the positive and negative sides of this service.

Let’s take a look at it:

Has a free trialAutomatic refill is not available
Followers packages have reasonable pricesFollower packages are easily discoverable by the Instagram algorithm
Overall good reviews on TrustpilotSome negative reviews on Sitejabber
A clean-looking and easy to navigate website

As you can see, there’s a lot to take into consideration. That’s why we recommend you read through this review as many times as you find necessary in order for you to reach a verdict.

We hope that the information we provided you with will lead you to the best decision available for both you and your wallet!