Too many Instagram growth services exist just for the purpose of taking your money. So it’s understandable if you spend hours looking for a dependable IG followers provider.

To spare you many hours in front of the screen, we decided to do the legwork for you and investigate all of the services ourselves, compiling our results into objective reviews.

Today’s topic is a service named Inzta. Well, that’s what it’s called now, although you’re more likely to recognize it by the name Hypez.

Why did they change their name? What’s the status of the service now?

Check out this Hypez review to learn more.

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Hypez Review – A quick rundown

We’ve prepared a quick summary of this service for those in a rush. If it appears to be overly perplexing, that’s because it is.

The entire story is confusing, but we tried our best to disentangle it for you, which is why we strongly advise you to read the entire review.

Rebranded to Inzta
Inzta’s website doesn’t exist
No Inzta reviews on Trustpilot
Hypez reviews are mixed, mostly bad
Probably a scam

Hypez – An Introduction

Because the Hypez/Inzta story is so complicated, let us just start from the beginning.

We know that Hypez changed their name to Inzta, therefore their new website should be called Inzta instead of Hypez.
However, a visit to (the supposed new website) reveals that it does not exist. There is an available archive on the web, so we can see how it looked:

A screenshot that shows Inzta’s homepage.

Of course, that’s not all. 

There is a version of a Hypez website, only it is hosted on a UK domain, which is rather odd as it suggests that the service didn’t rebrand for the global market, only for the US. 

This is what that site looks like:

A screenshot of Hypez’s UK homepage.

You can check it out if it raises curiosity. What you’ll see is that they call the company “the best place in the United Kingdom to buy Instagram followers.”

As it turns out, Hypez is functioning normally on the other side of the Atlantic, which prompts the question of what happened to Inzta. Why isn’t the service accessible in the United States?

We looked everywhere for any Inzta remnants, but we didn’t find anything. 

The old homepage was the only thing we could find, and that was it. Even the Internet archives don’t reveal anything regarding Inzta’s demise. And if those guys don’t have it, it’s probably gone for good for the rest of us. 

So, what now? 

As you can probably assume, it’s not in our blood to give up, so we dug deeper into the most reliable source of information regarding these services – customer reviews.

Customers have spoken…

If you’re not familiar with Trustpilot, it is a reputable site where customers can leave honest reviews about services they used, and it’s also our first source of information in situations like these (and always TBH).

The first thing we did was search for reviews with the keyword Inzta, with no luck:

An image depicting what happens if you search “Inzta” on Trustpilot.

We knew we had to look for Hypez reviews instead. Contrary to the previous one, this wasn’t a fruitless effort.

There are approximately 100 Hypez reviews available on this site, with an average grade of 2.4 stars. The majority of them are one-star evaluations that claim Hypez is a scam where you buy Instagram followers who then disappear or don’t show up at all.

Here’s what one not so happy customer says:

A picture of a negative Hypez review on Trustpilot.

Aside from the quality of followers, several customers are displeased with slow customer support. They claim to have sent emails, but Hypez has not responded to any of them.

A picture of a negative Hypez review.

This shows the level of unprofessionalism that simply can’t be justified. 

The phrase Hypez free likes appears several times in the reviews. Many people tried this function, and they are typically pleased with it (or were pleased when the service actually worked).

Trustpilot was the only place where we managed to find first-hand experiences with Inzta/Hypez. 

Other popular sites like Sitejabber don’t even have either a Hypez or an Inzta page. 

Is Hypez A Scam? Spilling The Tea

It’s quite obvious so far that we don’t have the best impression of Hypez. 

Since it became Inzta, it’s natural to expect is their up and running website. However, when you visit it, you’ll be met with an error that says the account expired.

That being said, this website was working at one point, but a few customers mentioned it wasn’t secure. This made us wonder, was it ever safe to use?

But don’t forget that, even when the service worked, they frequently failed to provide the followers. Customers paid a lot of money for the service, yet they didn’t get a single follower.

People weren’t willing to put up with this kind of bad service, so they confronted the company, only to never hear back from their customer support. 

So, if you wondered “is Hypez legit?” we have to disappoint you – it’s clearly not. 

An online company that doesn’t, first and foremost, have a working website can’t be considered legitimate. 

What about our other concerns? Is it a scam?

When you hear that a service is not legit, the chances are it’s a scam. After all, what do you call someone who takes money from their clients, fails to provide the service, and disappears into thin air?

Is Hypez UK in a similar situation? To answer this, we’ll need to do a lot more research and conduct a thorough evaluation, which we’ll save for another day.

Summing up

Considering this was a wild ride, let’s round up this story of Hypez/Inzta with another pros & cons list. We figure these are the best way to really form a final opinion, so here it is:

Changed the name to Inzta
Hypez still exists in the UK
Zero Inzta reviews on Trustpilot
A lot of negative Hypez reviews
Poor customer support
Charges for the service it doesn’t deliver

Final word

So, should you try Inzta or not?

Well, the truth is you can’t, even if you wanted to. 

They have a Hypez service available for the UK market, so you could perhaps try your luck on that website. 

As for Inzta, we’re afraid that ship has sailed. 

Perhaps Inzta will make a huge comeback sometime in the future since they still haven’t sold the domain. If it does, we’re not convinced you should give them a chance, unless they seriously upgrade the quality of the overall service. 

If that ever happens, we’ll see you again for another Inzta review. For now, our only advice is to remain heedful of scams such as this one, cause it’s not the first, and it’s certainly not the last one out there either.