One of the many technical questions asked on the platform is how to unfollow everyone on Instagram. 

Of course, there’s always the manual way of doing things (which we’ll discuss later). We’re willing to bet, however; that as a professional business or influencer, you likely don’t have the luxury of hitting “unfollow” on each and every user.

Below, we dive into some of the easiest methods of unfollowing everyone on Instagram – including automated and brute-force tactics, as well as the benefits of doing so.

The Benefits of Following Less (Or Even Zero) People on Instagram

Some of the world’s most influential names – Beyonce, Rupi Kaur, and Oprah Winfrey, to name a few – follow a surprising number of zero users on Instagram.

You may be wondering why this is; after all, isn’t the point of following others to network and grow your own audience? It’s a common tactic to follow other influential or growing accounts in your niche, with the hope of getting a “follow” back.

Follow notifications

But even more surprising are the benefits of this. Turns out, these iconic women are on the right track. The less you follow (or following no one at all) on Instagram, the better; boosting your overall content strategy. How?

It Helps You Focus on Content Creation

Having less or zero people on your feed rids you of all the unnecessary noise.

Most of us avid Instagrammers fall into an hours-long time-sink as we mindlessly scroll through the latest photos, videos, and Stories.

That’s precious time that could’ve been spent on brainstorming and creating new content of your own.

Beyonce's followers (@beyonce)

Courtesy of beyonce (Instagram account).

Having less third-party content to wade through lets you shift your energy towards content creation, rather than content consumption. This keeps you busy developing your feed, aesthetic, and ideas. In the long run, you’ll grow in style and quality as a content creator – gaining you even more followers who resonate with what you do.

It Prevents Unhealthy Competition

It’s a well-known phenomena that social media ain’t all that great on your mental health.

In fact, a 2017 survey of 1,500 teens and young adults discovered that while Instagram’s great for self-expression and creativity; the overabundance of grand travel photos, picture-perfect selfies and photoshopped models have led to concerning levels of anxiety, depression, and “FOMO” (fear of missing out).

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Cutting this out of your Instagram experience prevents you from repetitively comparing yourself to others. It rids of the unhealthy mentality that you “aren’t good enough”, or are “missing out” on all the exciting happenings around you.

You Filter Out Low-Quality or Inactive Accounts

This applies to those who simply wish to reduce their “following” count, rather than ditching it altogether.

Doing a little spring cleaning on your “following” list helps you keep it exclusive to users you’re truly close to; whose content you actually enjoy and admire. The process can help you spot any spam accounts you’ve accidentally followed, or users who aren’t as active as they once were.

Instagram follower list

This way, you’re refining your home feed to display only the most valuable and inspirational content; keeping any toxic or inactive users at bay.

Having a Good Follower/Following Ratio

A key factor in marketing your Instagram is having a good follower-following ratio.

These numbers are typically the first things people see when visiting your account. On top of your content, the amount of followers you have vs. the amount of people you follow also helps them judge your overall account quality.

A low follower-following ratio commonly determines a “low quality” profile. These accounts likely rely on mass-following users for the simple purpose of getting a “follow” back. As such, these users probably don’t care about content as much as they do mere numbers. If you’re looking to grow a genuine audience, you’d want followers who actually support your creations and what you stand for.

Bad follower-following ratio - Quora

Courtesy of Quora.

A high follower-following ratio, on the other hand, is proof of a “high quality” profile. These numbers are common among top-tier influencers and celebrities; public figures who’ve managed to build a dedicated, loyal fanbase for themselves.

@kylieversoza follower-following ratio

Courtesy of kylieversoza (Instagram account).

According to Work Macro, an “acceptable” follower-following ratio only matters among accounts who have between 1,000 and 15,000 followers. Its importance dwindles at the 15,000 mark since most users would already be convinced of your established influence. At that point, you’re better off focusing on content quality. 

Work Macro also lists common follower-following ratios, and what they say about your account:

What Your Follower-Following Ratio Says About You (According to Work Macro)

  • <0.5 or 0.5-1: Users are likely suspicious of you being a “spam” or “low quality” profile. These ratios are a sign of poorly used automation tools (leading to careless mass-follows) or low-quality content resulting in poor follow-back rates.
  • 1-2: You’re considered to have a “normal quality” account. Users with this ratio have mildly successful engagement and marketing strategies.
  • 2-10: You’re considered a “micro-influencer”. You’ve got effective content strategies and an engaging profile that captures an audience.
  • 10+: You’re either a top-tier influencer or rising social media celebrity. This is the best follower-following ratio to have; showing that you’ve mastered the art of Instagram marketing and content creation.

How to Follow/Unfollow Someone on Instagram

Before we dive into how to unfollow everyone on Instagram, let’s cover the basics.

Following someone on the platform is as simple as visiting their profile and tapping the large, blue button labelled “Follow”.

How to follow a user on Instagram (@gothic_box)

Courtesy of gothic_box (Instagram account).

The “Follow” button can also appear next to one’s username above their post (provided you aren’t following them already).

How to follow a user on Instagram (@gothic_box)

Courtesy of gothic_box (Instagram account).

To unfollow someone, open up your “Following” list. Tap the “Following” button next to the user you wish to unfollow. This immediately removes them from your “Following” list without notifying them.

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram - manual unfollows

And that’s all there is to it! With how easy following/unfollowing is on Instagram, it’s clear to see why many use it in their growth strategy. With that out of the way, let’s explore the common tactics of mass-unfollowing users on Instagram.

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram Trick #1 – Manual Unfollows

Starting the list off simple; one of the easiest ways to unfollow everyone on Instagram is to remove them from your “Following” list one-by-one.

It’s by far the simplest method – though one of the more cumbersome ones.

But before you embark on your unfollowing spree, make sure you’re aware of Instagram’s restrictions.

Follow/Unfollow Limits

To ensure clean, spam-free activity on the platform, Instagram has restrictions in place for regulating the amount of follows/unfollows a user carries out in a day.

According to most research, users have a maximum amount of 200 follows/unfollows per day. It’s recommended to keep to 10 follows/unfollows an hour, as this prevents your activity from appearing as “spam”.

However, it’s best to reach your follow/unfollow cap in increments. Experts suggest starting slow and small, gradually increasing your numbers by the week. For example, one may start by having 50 daily follows/unfollows in the first week; followed by 100 in the second, and 150 in the third.

Getting Blocked by Instagram

So what happens if you go above your limit?

Pushing Instagram’s restrictions is quickly seen as “spam” activity on the platform, resulting in your account getting temporarily suspended. Fortunately, the platform now sends out notifications when enabling a “block” (as opposed to previous years when they’d take users by surprise).

When this happens, you’ve got no choice but to wait out your suspension (usually taking between 24-48 hours).

Instagram follow block - Techzillo

Courtesy of Techzillo.

In rare, severe cases, you may even get permanently banned from the platform.

It’s also important to note that while you’re allowed an infinite number of followers; Instagram caps your “following” count at 7,500. Once you’ve hit your limit, the app displays the message: “Error: You can’t follow any more people.”

Given Instagram’s strict limits and penalties, it’s best to unfollow (or follow) with caution – whether manually or through automated means.

Using Unfollow Apps

If manual unfollows sound unappealing, you can always opt for automated tools.

Thankfully, users can now choose from a wide selection of apps, though we’ve filtered and reviewed the best ones below:

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram Trick #2 – Unfollow for Instagram

Unfollow for Instagram is a simple, yet effective management tool for filtering out users who don’t follow you back.

Your navigation menu categorizes those in your “following” list into three different groups: non-followers, mutual followers, and fans.

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram - Unfollow for Instagram

Courtesy of Unfollow for Instagram.

Non-followers are those who don’t follow you back. Simply tap on this list to start unfollowing these users.

Mutual followers are those who do follow you back. Fans, however, are users you don’t follow – but follow you anyway.

The app also lets you “whitelist” users you don’t want to unfollow (useful for when you’re performing multiple unfollows). Additionally, you can copy the followers of other users by doing a mass-follow of their audience.

Unfollow for Instagram - features

Courtesy of Unfollow for Instagram.

Though it’s handy app on the outset, Unfollow sadly lacks in options to limit your follow/unfollow activity. Since they allow multiple unfollows, their lack of restriction can easily send “spammy” signals to the Instagram platform.

Fortunately, the second app on our list is allows far more flexibility.

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram Trick #3 – Combin

Combin is a much-beloved platform for Instagram users and marketers alike; offering plenty of tools to help grow and manage your account.

On top of their convenient scheduler (allowing users to plan both Stories and posts for auto-publishing), they have Combin Growth – a tool for audience targeting, analytics, and boosting engagement.

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram - Combin Growth

Courtesy of Combin.

The application’s dashboard includes a side menu with separate tabs for profile, analytics, and audience management. Individuals can view all the accounts they currently follow under “Users”.

This tab also lets you view those who have yet to follow back. Select “Not Followers” to view this list. To unfollow everyone on Instagram, click “Select All” and then click the “Unfollow the users” option.

Combin Growth - dashboard

Courtesy of Combin.

This mass-unfollows all users on the list. However, unlike most other apps, Combin is well aware of Instagram’s restrictions; taking time to unfollow those you’ve selected over time. This keeps your account safe from any spam detection and thus – temporary bans.

If you want to speed up the process, the app also lets you change their processing intensity. This switches your activity mode to “Risky”, and while harmless on occasion – can result in penalties when left enabled 24/7.

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram Trick #4 – FollowLiker

FollowLiker is another advanced tool that not only automates your follow/unfollow activity, but your likes as well.

Users can deliver a set of automated likes to a certain user or a customized list of photos. “Liking” is another popular growth method among Instagrammers; as this gets your name in their notifications.

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram - FollowLiker

Courtesy of FollowLiker.

On the flipside, FollowLiker also lets you auto-unlike photos after a set timeframe.

For follow activity, the app lets you mass-follow a competitor’s audience, specific users discussing a topic (filtered through keywords or hashtags), or a custom list set by you. Unfollow options include auto-unfollowing those who don’t follow back after a set time, and whitelisting users you wish to keep following.

FollowLiker - unfollow options

Courtesy of FollowLiker.

Thankfully, both their “like” and “follow” tools let you limit your activity, preventing you from getting flagged as spam.

FollowLiker’s other features include the ability to automate direct messages, comments, and photo searches.

With their wide selection of flexible tools, the app sadly comes at a price. Their cheapest plan goes for $57.99 as a one-time payment, plus $5.99 monthly after your first month of use.

How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram Trick #5 – Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Finally, we have Mass Unfollow for Instagram.

Like the first app on our list, Mass Unfollow offers simple functions for cleaning out your “following” list. Among most “follow/unfollow” apps, this is one of the cheaper options – going for free with occasional ads or ad-free with the one-time cost of $1.99.

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram - Mass Unfollow for Instagram

Courtesy of Mass Unfollow for Instagram.

How to unfollow everyone on Instagram - manual unfollows

Mass Unfollow has three main tools – mass-unfollowing (of course), blocking ghost followers, and unliking your recently-liked photos.

“Ghost followers” are users who haven’t liked or commented on your last 50 posts. Blocking these ensures you’ve got a quality audience who actively engage with all your recent content.

Unfortunately, the app is currently exclusive to Apple users.

Keep a Quality “Following” Count

Limiting your follows to “quality” accounts not only enhances your overall Instagram experience, it also boosts your image among new or potential followers. It shows your willingness to connect with only the most passionate and active users on the platform, helping you build a more credible, trustworthy presence on the platform.

Maintaining a healthy number in your “following” list can be just as important as building your audience – both your home feed and growth will surely thank you.