Instagram is becoming home to more and more brands and businesses. For this reason, it’s important to put your best marketing strategies forward. Learning how to post a link on Instagram is one of the most crucial of all.

Instagram is packed with features that can help your business grow. Using the right strategies can give you an edge. With that said, adding links to posts and Stories is a great way to boost traffic to your site. Most importantly, it can lead to increased sales when done right.

But Can You Post A Link On Instagram?

One of Instagram’s shortcomings as a marketing channel is that users can’t post clickable links in captions. It may not be a big deal for personal accounts. However, for influencers and brands that are looking to drive sales, it can be pretty limiting.

Thankfully, there are different ways to add a link to Instagram. In this post, we’ll list the different ways on how to post a link on Instagram. Plus, a few tips to get more clicks!

Instagram link in the bio

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Ready to get started?

How To Post A Link On Instagram #1: In The Bio

The simplest way to add a link on Instagram is through your bio. This is where you can add short yet useful information about your brand.

For instance, you can add your brand’s tagline or a short introduction about who you are. You can also use this section to add branded hashtags. But most importantly, use it to add a link to your website or blog.

Add branded hashtags

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The catch? You can only add one clickable link at a time.

Of course, you can always update your links. To point users to your Instagram bio, you can caption your Instagram post with something like “Link in the bio”.

However, this strategy has a downside. Since you’ll keep updating your links, any user who views your old images might get confused when they’re redirected to a different landing page.

For this reason, carefully choose which link to post.

Need inspiration on how to post a link on Instagram bio?

1. The first option is to use your website or blog URL. In doing so, your followers and viewers will know where to find you. Think of it as a “home” link.

instagram bio link sample

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2. The next option is to post a link to a contest or giveaway. Instagram users love contests! In fact, this type of content is highly engaging. For this reason, they are a powerful strategy for growing your account.

Add the contest mechanic link in your bio. When followers and visitors click that link, they’ll be redirected to a landing page with contest details. In doing so, you’ll increase site traffic. Plus, you’ll get more engagement for your contest.

3. The third option is to post a link to a coupon code or digital download. Instead of running a contest, why not gift your followers with discounts or freebies? Doing so will surely delight your followers. It can lead to a boost in traffic, high conversions, and increased engagement.

how to add a link to Instagram bio

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So How To Post A Link On Instagram Bio?

Go to your profile and tap Edit Profile.

how to post a link on Instagram bio

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In the Website field, add the URL of the website you wish to add in your bio.

how to post a link on Instagram bio 2

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Tap Done.

Tip: Add a call-to-action in your Instagram bio. Doing so will catch your followers’ attention. It takes less than two minutes to add a CTA but it’s a real game-changer.

For instance, you can add “Shop Here” in your bio. This makes your link more actionable and eye-catching.

Add CTA to your Instagram bio link

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You can also use Instagram caption to direct your followers to your bio. Take this example from @puravidabracelets.

sample CTA

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What they did right?

They informed their followers about the Sale. Then they directed them to their bio. Although their posts aren’t shoppable, their followers will know where to go to buy their products.

How To Post A Link On Instagram #2: Use Linking Services

As mentioned early, you can only post one clickable link in your Instagram bio. But there’s a simple hack to post more clickable links!

You can use link services like Linktree. This option presents your viewers with a list of your links.

Frank Green Official uses Linktree to direct their followers to different landing pages on their website. They made shopping their site much easier.

How to post a link on Instagram bio option 2

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Tip: Use a color scheme that matches your brand aesthetics. Doing so makes your brand look cohesive and professional. Take a look at how @frankgreen_official used the same shade of green as their Instagram profile photo.

Linktree sample

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Don’t want your followers to tap on text buttons?

There’s another option that provides a native Instagram experience. With this linking service, users are directed to an Instagram-style photo grid. by Later is one of the best options. This Instagram tool redirects your visitors to a specific URL. In fact, they are offering Shopify integration so you can easily tag your products in posts.


Credit Later’s blog

How To Post A Link On Instagram #3: Share Short Links On Instagram Caption

Even with the multiple updates on Instagram, users still can’t include clickable links in the caption. For sure, Instagram has its reasons. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find workarounds for this limitation.

Instagram caption plays a huge role in driving traffic and sales. Use it to capture your audiences’ attention and extend your reach.


For one, you can add carefully selected hashtags. If you don’t know a hack on how to post a link on Instagram caption, then adding hashtags is a good place to start.

Remember, adding hashtags to your post will make your content discoverable. It’s like keywords to a search engine.

What if a post requires a link? What do we do then?

Here are a few simple strategies:

Share A Short Link

Of course, you can always direct your audience to the link in your bio. But if you don’t want to keep updating your Instagram bio website, then consider adding a shortened link.

Use URL shortening services like Bitly. These services allow you to create custom links that you can then put in your Instagram captions.

How to post a link on Instagram caption

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The downside? It requires some effort from your followers. Therefore, use it only when necessary. Save it for top content or when you want to convert a small target audience.

Use Shoppable Posts

There’s a simple strategy on how to post a link on Instagram post. The platform has introduced Shoppable posts. With this type of content, users can simply tap on the image to buy a product without leaving the app!

Online shopping just got a whole lot easier. Shoppable posts opened a plethora of opportunities for brands. Plus, it offers a great alternative to adding links in captions.

how to post a link in Instagram through shoppable posts

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To use this feature, you need to:

  1. Create a product catalog on Facebook.
  2. Uploaded your products. It should have a high-quality image, description, and correct URL.
  3. Start adding shopping tags to your Instagram posts.

This feature helps boost engagement and drive sales. But before you can enjoy the shopping tag feature, you need to check off a few eligibility requirements:

  • Switch to an Instagram business account.
  • The account must be connected to a Facebook catalog.
  • You must be located in one of the 46 countries where this feature is available
  • Your app must be the latest version on either iOS or Android.
  • You need to sell physical goods that are compliant with Instagram’s merchant agreement.
Shopping tag product overview

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So what happens when I add shoppable tags?

Users will see a “Shopping bag” tab on your profile. It’ll appear alongside your standard tabs for individual photos, IGTV, and tagged photos.

How to post a link on Instagram via shoppable post

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Tapping on the Shopping tab gives users a full list of your shoppable products. As you can see from the example below, the photos appear in a standard photo grid. Users can tap the photo to shop immediately or simply bookmark items to purchase later.

Shoppable posts not only provide users with a quick product overview. They also help drive traffic to your website. Utilizing this feature on top of learning how to post a link on Instagram could be a game-changer for your business.

How To Post A Link On Instagram #4: Promote A Post

Did you know that you can promote posts on Instagram? Of course, you need an Instagram business profile to avail of this feature.

But why do you need to promote posts?

For one, it helps you reach a wider audience. Secondly, you can add clickable links to promoted content.

Take this example from @summerfridays. They used promoted posts to drive traffic and boost sales.

How to post a link on instagram promoted post

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Here are a few tips on how to post a link on Instagram promoted post:

• Think about your objectives for promoting the post
• Strike a balance between quality content and attention-grabbing call-to-action

How To Post A Link On Instagram #5: Use The Swipe Up Feature In Instagram Stories

The link feature in Stories is a game-changer. It changed the way influencers, brands, and businesses used Instagram Stories.

Who can use this feature?

  • Verified Instagram accounts
  • Instagram business accounts with more than 10,000 followers.

When you’re eligible, you can add a story link at any time.

But recently, even Instagram business accounts with less than 10,000 followers have the Story link feature. However, they can only tag their business partners.

Story links are highly effective in driving traffic and sales. For one, it provides businesses a way to seamlessly move the user from the platform to their online store.

There are plenty of benefits to using this feature:

  • Post more than one clickable link on their Instagram account. Story links allow you to add a link to your Instagram Stories. No need to worry about redirecting your followers to your profile.
  • Drive traffic to your online store or blog. When users view your Instagram Stories, they can simply “Swipe Up” to go to a landing page of your choice. As a tip, use an effective CTA.
  • Boost sales through Instagram Stories ads. You can promote a product and take viewers to your online store in one swipe. This increases conversion since the process is more streamlined and efficient.
  • Build engagement with the viewers. You can use Story links to direct viewers to an ongoing contest. Or you can take the viewer to a blog post on your website.

Take this example from @kravebeauty. They used the Story link feature to direct their viewers to a blog post where their products have been featured.

how to post a link on instagram stories sample

Credit @kravebeauty via Instagram

How To Post A Link On Instagram Stories?

First, you need to create a Story. Either you take a photo or video or upload content from your camera roll. Then, tap the link icon located in the upper section.

how to post a link on Instagram Stories step 1

From here, simply fill the text field with the URL of your choice. That’s it!

how to post a link on Instagram Stories step 2

Simply press Done and your Instagram Story will be published.

Want to make sure that your Stories will drive traffic and sales?

When viewers see your Story, it’ll have a “Swipe Up” or “See More” option. However, some viewers might miss it. It’s best to add bold and captivating CTAs.

Instagram Stories CTA

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Let your viewers know what they must do and why they should to it. Here are a few CTA examples:

  • Swipe Up to Shop
  • Register now – simply Swipe Up!
  • Enter to win – swipe up!
  • Swipe up for the discount code

In Conclusion

There are plenty of strategies on how to post a link on Instagram. The tips we’ve listed above are just some of the many you can try. But the road to increased website traffic and sales doesn’t end there.

You must also pay close attention to your engagement.

Remember, an engaged audience is more likely to click your link. Increasing engagement is as important to drive traffic and sales as adding links on Instagram.

Additionally, you must also find ways to clearly direct your audience to your links. Show them the path to your online website or blog. With that said, use captions, profile buttons, Stories, ads, and more.

Lastly, continue to discover the different ways on how to post a link on Instagram. Use every method available to drive traffic and sales.