Instagram has grown leaps and bounds from being a simple visual platform. As the years went by, it has evolved into a marketing channel. For some, it has become a source of multiple revenue streams. Are you also wondering how to get paid on Instagram?

This platform offers a plethora of options. But before you start exploring your options, you must first establish an online presence. By cultivating your personal brand, you’ll have reach and influence.

how to get paid on instagram tips

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These two factors will help you explore different revenue streams.

In this post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to get paid on Instagram whether you want to build an empire or simply earn extra cash.

But First, Grow Your Account

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need millions of followers to start earning on Instagram. However, you still need to grow your account.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • What is your niche? Choose an industry where you can share your expertise. For instance, if you’re good with make-up, then start posting content like make-up tutorials.
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  • Can you commit to posting regularly? If you want to get paid on Instagram, you need to put in the effort. Make sure that you post high-quality, valuable content. In doing so, you’ll not only attract followers but potential brand partners as well.
  • How engaged are your current followers? Potential brands and business partners are more likely to look into your engagement rate than your follower count.

Remember, follower count isn’t everything. Accounts with smaller but engaged following also have the potential to start earning money on Instagram.

So how do you grow your account?

1. Make the most of your Instagram bio

Your Instagram bio is where you introduce yourself to anyone who visits your profile. This means you must include important, easy-to-consume personal data.

  • Make sure to utilize the name field. For instance, you can use it to write your name. In doing so, your audience will know who you are. However, some users use the name field to add important keywords. This allows them to easily show up in searches.
Grow your account to get paid on instagram

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  • Provide a short introduction about yourself. For instance, write about your niche or expertise. You can also add personal branded hashtags.
  • Add your contact information. Let your followers and potential brand partners know where to reach you.

2. Post regularly

As a tip, use Instagram Analytics to know when your audience is most active. Then, you can schedule your posts around those times. In doing so, there’s a higher chance that your audience will see your content.

Additionally, you must commit to a certain number of posts. Do you think you can post one quality content a day? Then make sure that you do. However, don’t just aim to post daily. Most importantly, you should post high-quality, valuable content.

3. You must create unique content

It’ll be to your advantage if you stick to a specific aesthetic. This will help you create your own “brand”. When your audience sees your content, they’ll quickly know that it’s yours.

For instance, you can consider choosing a color scheme. Take this example from @cestmaria. Her feed is made up of pretty, pastel colors that are soothing to the eyes.

Color scheme sample

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Remember, posting regularly becomes pointless if you can’t produce the best quality. And with Instagram’s new algorithm, quality is better than quantity.

These are just a few of the basic things you can do to start growing your account. You can always take things further by creating engaging content.

Ready to learn how to get paid on Instagram? Here are a few tips:

How To Get Paid On Instagram #1: Become An Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is gaining traction on Instagram. More and more users are becoming “affiliates”.

But what is affiliate marketing?

This money-making strategy is basically promoting a product and getting paid every time you make a sale. Think of it as getting a commission.

How does it work?

First of all, you sign up with a brand or company. Then you promote their products or services. When someone buys their product through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

For this reason, affiliates focus more on making a sale for their partner brand. They don’t just raise awareness. They are actively trying to make a sale. To do so, they post engaging content and drive sales through their affiliate link.

how to get paid on instagram - affiliate marketing

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Remember, Instagram doesn’t let users add clickable links on captions. Here are some of your options:

  • Add your unique promo code to captions.
  • Direct your audience to your bio.
  • Use the Swipe Up feature in Instagram Stories
  • You can also use shortened links and post it on your caption

Where do you start?

First, you can consider affiliate marketplaces. You can choose a variety of businesses in different industries. This means you can look for products and services that align with your personal brand. Affiliate marketplaces help you get started quickly.

Next, you need to find niche affiliate programs. You can do a basic Google search. Then sign up with the programs you like. Remember, choose programs that align with your identity or personality. If you promote products and services that are far different from your normal content, you might lose the trust of your followers.

If you’re looking for ways on how to get paid on Instagram, affiliate marketing is a wonderful option. So what’s the catch?

Sample affiliate marketing

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Since Instagram only allows you to add clickable links on your bio, you can only focus on one product at a time. Using promo codes is a much better option.

How to Get Paid On Instagram #2: Become An Influencer

When finding ways on how to get paid on Instagram, the first thing that comes to mind is becoming an Influencer.

According to a recent study, there are over 500,000 active influencers on Instagram.

What is an influencer?

Instagram Influencers are users who have built an online reputation. These users have reach and influence. They are considered as trusted experts in their chosen industry.

So how do these influencers earn money? For one, they post sponsored content. A sponsored post is a photo or video that promotes a certain brand or product.

Today, more and more brands are collaborating with influencers. These Instagram users, with a considerable number of engaged followers, can help brands build awareness on the platform.

Do you think you got what it takes to be an influencer?

Here are a few tips to get started:

Pick A Niche

Brands and businesses choose influencers who align with their brand identity and values. They choose influencers who thrive in their niche.

For this reason, you need to choose a niche that fits your lifestyle. Create content and build your audience with this industry. Some of the most popular niches on Instagram include beauty, fitness, and fashion.

How to get paid on instagram - become an influencer

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If you want to get paid on Instagram, make sure you choose an industry that you love. Remember, you’ll be posting a lot of content about it. Make sure you genuinely love it.

Grow Your Account But Don’t Buy Fake Followers

We’ve previously discussed a starter guide for growing your account. There are plenty of strategies available. It may not happen overnight but these tried and tested strategies will help you get engaged followers.

Do not give in to the temptation of buying fake followers.

Why? Because it’ll only take a few seconds for brands to know whether your audience is worth paying for.

Remember, brands are not only looking at follower count. They also check engagement levels and how your audience reacts to your content.

Organic followers will get results for brands. If you have fake followers, brands will not want to work with you.

Engage With Your Audience

If you seriously want to know how to get paid on Instagram, start with creating an engaged audience.

Your followers must comment, like, or share your content. This is the mark of a successful influencer.

To achieve this, you need to put in effort and time. Consistently post high-quality, valuable content. Your photos, videos, and Stories should be interesting to your audience. Here are a few tips:

  • Ask your audience questions
  • Respond to comments
  • Share valuable and interactive Instagram Stories
  • Go Live
  • Host an Instagram contest

Find Brand Partners

Remember, not all brands are created equal. If you want to get paid on Instagram, you need to be mindful of who you partner with.

Find brands or products that you personally support. Your partners should be a good fit for your own personal brand on Instagram.

How to find brand partners:

  • Send your pitch directly. If you have a considerable number of following and excellent engagement rate, consider reaching out to brands. Tell them what you can offer. Remember, your brand pitch must be compelling. It should provide details about your audience, content, and approach.
  • Sign up with influencer marketplaces: In doing so, you’ll increase your chance of being seen by brands.

Most importantly, fully disclose that it is a sponsored content. In fact, the American FTC guidelines require influencers to add obvious and easy to understand disclosure, such as #ad.

A better option is to use the “Paid Partnership” tag by Instagram.

Fully disclose paid partnership

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How To Get Paid On Instagram #3: Sell Your Own Products

Being an influencer and affiliate aren’t your only options.

Instagram, being a highly visual platform, offers a plethora of opportunities. This is especially true for creators. If you’re looking into how to get paid on Instagram, why not sell your own products?

This may include physical products, digital items, or services. You can build an empire by putting your audience at the core.

One of the most impressive success stories is Glossier. The company focused on Instagram to build their brand. Why? Because their target audience is on the platform.

How to get paid on instagram - Shopping tag on Instagram

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What Products Can You Sell?

  • Consider selling your artworks. Some artists use Instagram as a channel to get their works in front of their audience.
how to get paid on instagram - sell products

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  • You can also sell your photos. Use your Instagram bio to let your audience know about you. Put your contact email or link to your professional website.
  • Another option is to sell digital products. For instance, you can sell Lightroom presets, Instagram templates, courses, and more.
how to get paid on instagram - sell lightroom presets

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Selling On Instagram Is Made Easy

Starting a business on Instagram has become easier. Especially with its continually evolving features. One of which is the Shopping Tag feature. It is available to more 45 countries and is exclusive to Instagram business accounts.

With the shopping tag feature, Instagram changed the e-commerce landscape. Now, users can browse, look at product details, and make a purchase without leaving the app.

Instagram Shoppable tag

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What does this feature do:

  • It allows businesses to add shoppable tags to their images
  • When a user taps on the tag, they’ll be provided with a product overview, including the product name and price.
  • If users want additional info, they’ll have to tap on the tag.

Each product will have a direct link to your Etsy, Amazon, or online website. This makes it easier for users to shop online. It also helps drive traffic and sales from your Instagram content.

Ready to use the shopping tag feature?

But before that, here are a few tips for creating Shoppable posts:

  1. Make your e-commerce content interesting for your audience. You can post a single image or use the carousel feature.
  2. Remember, you can tag up to five products in one photo. If you’re using a carousel post, then you can tag up to twenty products.
  3. As a tip, the shopping tag must be placed on the right product in a post. Your potential customers will surely appreciate it.
  4. Most importantly, use Instagram Insights. Track the performance of your content. In doing so, you’ll have an idea of what’s working and what’s not.
Sample shoppable post

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Final Thoughts On How To Get Paid On Instagram

There are different ways on how to get paid on Instagram. Whether you’re an influencer, an affiliate, or a startup business, there is a world of possibilities in this platform!

To be successful, you need to build your personal brand. Create an engaged community and find brands or partners that share your vision.