Wondering how to contact Instagram?

You’re not alone.

With over a billion users, you would think that the Instagram team would have a better way to manage customer service. Unfortunately, that seems to be something that HQ overlooked when they said that they’re “always testing new ways to improve the Instagram experience.”

Unlike most social media platforms that come with a service team that you can reach over telephone or email; Instagram lacks in any discernible way to access help.

Fortunately, we’re here to guide you through some of the not-so-obvious solutions.

How to Contact Instagram: The Basics

While you used to be able to contact Instagram via their Support@Instagram.com address, the team stopped delivering responses from that platform a while ago.

Now, if you message the Instagram team over email, you get a brief response redirecting you to the Instagram Help Center.

Instagram support

There’s no Instagram email address anymore, no phone number, and no sign of any instant chat function on the Instagram help page. While the social media channel does offer a pretty comprehensive Help Center, that’s not much good if you need to report a problem or speak to an expert.

So, what on earth are you supposed to do if you need to talk to someone about your Instagram questions?

Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

How to Contact Instagram: The Social Media Option

One of the easiest (and most obvious) ways to communicate with a social media platform is to use your social media channels.

Instagram has its own account on Insta, which you can find here. As an Instagram user, you’ll be able to follow the account, and send direct messages with the hope that someone will eventually get back to you. Although, we wouldn’t hold your breath if we were you.

If you can’t log onto Instagram for any reason, there other social channels where you can find Instagram too, including Facebook, and Twitter. Once again, you can post on the Instagram profile here to try and grab the customer service group’s attention or try sending an instant message.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a lot of evidence of Instagram responding to customers on these alternate profiles, even when users have commented directly onto feed posts.

Instagram Facebook support

How to Contact Instagram: The Website or App

If like most users, you’re having no luck when you try to contact Instagram on social media, you can try reaching out through the Instagram web page. The website doesn’t seem to offer any distinct ways to get in touch, but you can find out if there are any current “known issues” happening with the app, which might be helpful, to begin with.

There’s also plenty of advice on the Help Center to assist with things like troubleshooting your profile, controlling visibility, blocking people and so on.

Similarly, if you’re logged into Instagram on your smartphone app, you can go to your profile and click on the three horizontal lines at the top of the page to enter your Settings. From here, you can choose from the following sections, where you might be able to track down the answers to your questions:

  • Ads
  • Terms
  • Data policy
  • Privacy and security
  • Report a problem
  • Help center

How to Contact Instagram: Reporting a Problem

If you want to report a problem, like an issue with your app, or a problem with someone stalking your profile, then the essential Help Center won’t be much use. Fortunately, you can still submit a support ticket to Instagram at help.instagram.com. From here:

  • Click on the privacy and safety center
  • Choose “Report Something”
  • Click on one of the options such as “Hate Accounts,” “Hacked Accounts” or “Exploitation.”
  • Look for a link that allows you to report the issue
  • Fill out the appropriate form and hit “Send.”

How to contact Instagram

You can also contact Instagram to report something on the Instagram mobile app. Here, you click on your Instagram settings, scroll to Support and tap “Report a Problem.” The app will give you instructions on what to do next.

If you need to report an Instagram account that’s acting against the terms and services of the app, click on the three dots to the left of the person’s username and click Report User. To report a Story, open the story and click on the Report option at the bottom right-hand side of the content.

If you’ve noticed an issue with the app or API for Instagram, you can report a developer issue here. Crucially, this team doesn’t deal with basic account problems like login errors.

What Can You Report on Instagram?

If you do have an issue that you need to report on Instagram, there are a range of options available. Not all of these will come with apparent ways to contact Instagram, however.

Your choices include:

  • Impersonation accounts: When someone is impersonating you
  • Hacked accounts: When you believe your account has been stolen or hacked
  • Underage children: When you think you’ve found an account belonging to someone aged under 13
  • Hate accounts: When you see an account promoting hate speech.
  • Exposed information: Click this if you see someone posting private information such as phone numbers or addresses
  • Self-injury: Click this to report a post where someone seems to be hurting themselves.
  • Spam or abuse: Click on this to report harassment, spam or abuse
  • Exploitation: Click this to view resources regarding issues like human trafficking
  • Other: This covers other issues why you might want to contact Instagram.

What if I don’t Hear Back When I Contact Instagram?

Although you may get an automated response from Instagram when you send your message, you’re probably not going to hear back from a human.

With 1 billion customers to look after, the Instagram team probably have an absurd number of support tickets to deal with every day. That means that you’re probably going to be left to deal with your issue on your own, for the most part.

The good news? You might not need to talk to someone on Instagram to solve your problem. Before you start the process of trying to contact Instagram yourself, it’s worth checking out the Instagram Help Center. You won’t get any human guidance here, but you will get a lot of answers to basic problems:

Instagram help center

Here’s a breakdown of some of the main issues you can address with the Help Center:

  • Instagram for Business: If you’re using your Instagram account for brand or business purposes, you’ll find the answer to most of your questions here.
  • Privacy and Service Center: If you’re new to Instagram, and you want to make sure that their community guidelines are up to scratch, this is the right place for you. Check it out for insights on how to improve your own profile privacy and security too.
  • Login Help and Troubleshooting: If you’re having issues accessing your Instagram account, these instructions will help.
  • Managing your Account: If you’re having issues with managing post privacy, turning comments off or on, saving posts to your phone, disabling your account, adding new accounts and so on, you’ll find answers here.
  • Using Instagram: This part of the Help Center covers everything from signing into your account to syncing contacts, updating your profile, and more. You’ll also learn how to edit videos and photos on Instagram, tag people in your content. You might even discover how to share your Instagram material on other social media channels.

Other Ways to Get Help from Instagram

If you can’t find what you need on the Help Center, then you could consider checking out Facebook’s Help Center instead. After all, they do own Instagram.

It’s not the easiest process in the world. However, you can gather some basic information by searching for keywords that are relevant to your query, such as “Instagram + Log in.” If your answer isn’t there, then you can post your questions in the Facebook Community Forum too.

Here, you won’t get a response from the member of the Instagram or Facebook team. However, you might be able to find a solution to your problem from someone else who has had a similar issue in the past. You can also search through the FAQ section to see if your question has already been covered.

Facebook help center

Other Places to Look for Help if you Can’t Contact Instagram

If no matter what you try, you can’t seem to contact Instagram, and you can’t find the answers you need on pre-made Help Centers, don’t worry. You’re going to need to take an alternative route. Fortunately, there are several places on the internet where people come together to share solutions to common problems. You can always try one of those instead.

For instance:

  • Quora: Quora is one of the most popular forums online for people who need to find quick answers to common questions. You can type your query keywords into the search bar at the top of the page to see if anyone has already asked about your problem. Alternatively, you can launch your own question and wait for a response.
  • Reddit: Reddit also offers plenty of ways to learn more about how to use Instagram to your advantage. Once again, you can go through the questions that have already been asked. Start by searching for your query in the search bar, or you can ask a question by posting in the Reddit community. Make sure that you provide plenty of detail on your problem so you can get an excellent resolution.
  • Find the answer on Google: If all else fails, it’s always a good idea to type your question into Google. A social media expert might have encountered the same problem as you and wrote an article on how to fix it. You may even find a video on YouTube that will help you out.

If you’re spending money on Facebook and Instagram ads, and you’ve been assigned your own Ads Manager, then you can always approach that person for help too. Currently, there’s not a lot of public information out there on how you go about getting your own account manager. All we know is that you need to be spending a few thousand dollars per month.

The good news is that if you do get an account manager, then you’ll have a real human being that you can turn to for assistance when you’re having trouble with your content. Make sure that you get to know this person – they could be a valuable resource for you.

Why Is It So Hard to Contact Instagram?

Instagram might be known around the world for its amazing features and fantastic pictures. However, it has an unfortunately poor reputation when it comes to getting customer service and support. Figuring out how to contact Instagram when you’re facing a problem is a nightmare – which means that you’re often left to deal with issues on your own.

Instagram would have to hire thousands of people to deal with the number of support requests they probably get every day. That may be a reason that Instagram tries to make their users solve issues on their own.

Whatever the reason that Instagram is lacking real support options, we hope that the guidelines we’ve given above are enough to help you out. Remember to stay tuned with SocialFollow for more tips and advice on using Instagram. Contact us to learn more about growing your account quickly too!