If you’re wondering how add to music to Instagram videos, you’ve come to the right place. With the rise of IGTV, stories, and new parameters for hosting video content, Instagram is becoming a more video-friendly platform than ever. And while IGTV users may already be familiar with editing programs and how to add tunes to our posts, for the rest of us it isn’t so simple. 

Whether you want to add the perfect beat to advertorial content or just spice up a video of you and your friends, adding music to Instagram videos isn’t difficult. Using music is a great way to spice up your feet, especially when it comes to video content. Follow this guide to find out how to add music to Instagram videos. 

Add Music to Instagram Videos: Stories vs. Posts

The first thing to determine when considering adding music to your Instagram videos is the format you’ll be using. The methods for adding music are different when it comes to stories, videos, or IGTV. That being said, it’s pretty easy to use all three of them – although stories definitely take the cake when it comes to ease of use.

The most straightforward way to add music to your Instagram videos is definitely by using stories, due to the native features on the Instagram app designed for that purpose. But what happens if you want to share the same video across multiple formats or accounts? Let’s take a look at all the different formats you can use to add music to Instagram Videos

How to Add Music to Instagram Videos Using Stories

Instagram stories are the easiest to add music to – if you live in the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, France, or Germany, that is. That’s because Instagram music is available in these countries. 

Instagram music is basically what it sounds like. Just upload a video to Instagram and search for a song, and then when someone watches your story the music will play alongside the video. To add music to a story, upload your video to your IG stories. Once your video is uploaded, go to the stickers section. 

Click on “Music.” (And anything else you want to add to spice it up! Maybe there’s a perfect gif for your song.)

Select your song. Instagram automatically displays some of the most popular songs, but you can still search for yours using the search bar. Once you’ve found your song, click on it. Then select the graphic you want to play, if any.


Click upload. Congratulations, you’ve officially added music to your Instagram video! 

Instagram music is a very cool feature that elevates accounts to the true creative sphere of aesthetic goodness we all dream about. But there is a reason for its limitedness: Unfortunately, Instagram only has licenses to music in certain countries. If you aren’t one of the blessed few who gets access to an Instagram soundtrack, here are some ways you can bypass the issue:

How to Use Instagram Music Outside the U.S.

  1. Use a VPN 

A lot of Instagram’s features are first tested in the U.S. and then rolled out very, very slowly to other countries. If you don’t want to wait to get access to all of the bells and whistles, though, consider downloading a VPN on your phone. A VPN makes it look like you are accessing Instagram from another country where Instagram music is available and gives you access to Instagram’s musical library. 

What If They Don’t Have My Song?

Instagram’s music library is large, but not even they have every piece of music that’s ever been made. If you know exactly what you want, but you can’t find it in Instagram’s music library, chances are they haven’t obtained the license to it. While it might be a geographical thing, they may also simply not know about the song, even if it’s sitting in your purchased music. In that case, you have a few options of what to do: 

Record on your phone

This is the oldest trick in the book, but be warned that it is also the one that will yield the least professional results. If you’re recording your video straight from your phone, you can simply hold up the song you want and capture its sound through the built-in speakers. 

If neither of these solutions will work for you, you can rest easy. Thankfully, where Instagram creates a demand, people always step up to fill the need. There are plenty of third-party apps that will allow you to add music to Instagram videos.

Apps To Add Music to Instagram Videos, IGTV, and Stories

Instagram music, unfortunately, only works for stories. If you want to add music to an IGTV or regular Instagram video, check out these apps :

  1. Prequel 

Prequel is a great app with a variety of visual effects as well as sound effects to spice up your videos. You can get a VHS look, add sparkles, make it look like you’ve shot on film, add music and sound, and use a variety of postprocessing tools. It’s the perfect answer to making memorable Instagram videos all-around, with or without music!

2. Splice

Splice is one of the most favored video editors around, and there’s a reason why. It’s got a feel similar to a desktop editor, but it’s specifically designed to make your iPhone experience easier. With splice, you can add transitions, time your shots to music, and much more. Check it out here.

3. InShot

InShot is the answer to Splice for people who aren’t familiar with any kind of editing program. This is a very user-friendly, simple to use video editor that you can access right from your phone. Not only can you add music and sound effects, you can also add transitions, resize your videos, and even add voice-overs and filters. 

4. Lomotif

Lomotif was created as an answer to Instagram music’s limited capabilities, and we have to say it pays off. It’s a user-friendly one stop shop to edit your videos, and make them fun with Lomotif’s own extensive sticker library and music selection. You can even use GIFs on the app. There are endless filters and editing capabilities to give you a truly all-encompassing Instagram video editor. 

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5. Videoshop

Videoshop is a very popular editor for a few reasons. It’s very simple and easy to use and offers a few distinguishing features, like the ability to make claymation videos. You can merge videos and add voice-overs too. Its big drawback is that it is only compatible with videos from your iPhone and iPad, so make sure your specs are right before you use it. 

Adding Music To Instagram Videos Isn’t Hard

There’s no need to wonder how to add music to your Instagram videos. While Instagram is still working on its native ability i to add music to Instagram videos with Instagram music, there are plenty of third-party apps that make it simple and fun to add music to Instagram videos. Between editors like Splice, Lomotif, and Prequel, there’s absolutely nothing to stop you from making a rocking Instagram video – for IGTV, stories, or even a regular post. If you’re determined to use Instagram music, you can always use a VPN. Don’t wait to share your tunes with the world. Music makes everything better, and Instagram is no exception.