It’s no secret that Instagram-growth services often change their look and name, if not the entire scope of services. There are many reasons why they do this.

Some are forced to do so because they have had a bad reputation for a long time, and some simply want to improve their appearance, services, or come up with a catchy new name.

You probably know today’s service as Gramblast, however, this Instagram-growth tool changed its name to Blastup. Sound familiar?

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  • Does this service sell legit or bot Instagram followers?
  • What are the experiences of past customers?
  • Will followers stay on your profile?
  • Are the prices budget-friendly?

If you want to get answers to all of these questions, you’ll have to scroll down! 🙂

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Gramblast Review – A Quick Preview Of Services

Let’s clarify something right away.

Gramblast just changed its name to Blastup. The scope of services stayed more or less the same. Still, this is a great opportunity to put together a small table of pros&cons, and try to see the bigger picture. Shall we?

Here are the characteristics of Blastup, ex Gramblast.

A neatly arranged websiteTerrible reviews on Trustpilot
Offers a free trialDelays in their customer support team
Affordable pricesPromotes inorganic growth
Offers a refill on lost followers

For the sake of better understanding, and the fact that this Instagram-growth service is no longer Gramblast, we’ll be using the current name – Blastup.

Introducing Blastup – Any Major Changes?

Say goodbye to Gramblast, and say hello to Blastup. 

Blastup is an improved version of the online social media growth tool you once called Gramblast. This can even be noticed on their homepage.

A screenshot showing the blastup homepage.

Right off the bat, we can agree that the website looks neat and eye-catching. It has that modern social media vibe to it.

However, this is by no means enough. A neat layout will not answer questions like “Is Gramblast safe” or “Is Gramblast legit?”

Excuse us, Blastup. Force of habit.

What else can we learn by scrolling through Blastup’s homepage?

There haven’t been any major changes regarding this growth tool.

Blastup is still connected to the platform we are interested in, and that’s Instagram. If you click on the services, you will have the opportunity to choose between:

  • Instagram likes
  • Instagram followers
  • Automatic likes
  • Instagram views

Since followers are the most effective way to expand your social presence on Instagram, we will concentrate on this offer.

Buying Followers From Blastup

Although Blastup offers packages like automatic likes and views, Instagram followers have remained the most popular to this day. And it’s not only with this, but with many other growth services.

However, clicking on “Buy” will not solve all your problems. Before you decide on a particular service from where to buy Instagram followers, you should double-check several factors.

We will help you by using Blastup as an example.

Packages & Prices

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the packages available.

A screenshot showing follower packages on Blastup

The first thing we notice is that Blastup offers only three follower packages: 100, 500, and 1,000 Instagram followers.

This can be a problem for business accounts, or influencers who want to skyrocket their Instagram follower number.

The next thing we immediately pay attention to is the price. Unlike most Instagram-growth services, this one sells its followers in euros. You are used to US dollars, but there is not a huge difference here.

It is more important to consider the number of followers you will get for the price you pay. Paying almost 3 euros for 100 followers is not much at all. Moreover, this is budget-friendly.

According to Blastup, their followers are real people that use Instagram just like you.

This is partly true. Within these 100 Instagram followers, you will be able to come across a couple of suspicious accounts without a profile picture and followers. After a couple of days, they’ll probably disappear.

Another factor that makes Blastup’s followers disappear from your profile is inorganic growth.

According to Blastup, your order will be realized in the first 30 minutes. This may not be so dangerous when it comes to 100 followers, but the inflow of 1,000 new Instagram accounts will surely raise some suspicions.

Instagram’s algorithm is very cautious when it comes to this, and you can expect to lose most, if not the entire package of followers.

Refill on Lost Followers

If you take a closer look at the features, you can see that Blastup offers a refill on lost followers. However, this is only possible if your followers start to disappear in the first 30 days of purchase.

Please remember that some services advertise, but do not meet this requirement. This largely depends on the customer support team.

And speaking of which, does the Blastup customer support take care of their customers?

We’ll be able to check this when we take a closer look at past customer experiences.

Blastup Free Trial – Is It Worth It?

Blastup offers a free trial, but the real question is is it worth it?

A screenshot showing the blastup free trial

Getting 10 likes certainly won’t do wonders to your account, but it may help you make sure Blastup offers real people.

On the other hand, this free trial has nothing to do with Instagram followers. Also, the likes and followers are different.

Instagram followers should be people who will continue to interact with your activity.

All in all, you can apply for a free trial, but it won’t help you much in your hesitation for followers.

Terrible Reviews On Trustpilot

If you go to Trustpilot and look at comments from past customers, you will be surprised. More than 90% of reviews are negative.

Everything we suspected, these users confirmed.

Just take a look at the first review.

A screenshot showing the first negative review.

This user confirmed your worst nightmare. Reportedly, followers from Blastup are mostly fake, and they disappear after a while.

Another user had a problem with customer support. Here’s what this customer has to say about Blastup.

A screenshot showing the second negative review.

If you continue to scroll down, you will read dozens of similar comments. This will surely make you wonder “Should Blast up be your primary choice?”

Blastup, ex Gramblast – Summing Up

It is time to make the final decision regarding Blastup.

This Instagram-growth service has its pros and cons. For example, Blastup offers its Instagram followers at affordable prices, but they tend to disappear after a while.

Moreover, the free trial that Blastup offers doesn’t really do you justice.

All in all, it is up to you to decide whether it is worth it to risk buying followers from Blastup, keeping in mind dozens of negative reviews on Trustpilot.