With over a billion active users, Instagram is the place to be. For this reason, it’s highly beneficial to jumpstart your Instagram branding. To get started, you must first choose good Instagram names.

In this platform, you only have a few seconds to make a great impression. So make it count!

good Instagram names

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Choose good Instagram names to make your presence known. For one, your name must be easily recognizable. This is especially important since more and more people are using Instagram to search for brands and products.

Therefore, make your account easy to find and remember!

In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of Instagram names in branding and how to use it to attract the right followers. Plus we’ll provide additional branding strategies you can use.

Why Are Good Instagram Names Beneficial for Branding?

According to a study, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile per day. Additionally, 42% of users visit the platform multiple times daily. With these statistics, no wonder marketers are considering Instagram as a growing and influential marketing channel.

It may be impossible for all users to visit your account. However, you have the opportunity to tap into this diverse audience. Therefore, it is crucial to make a name for yourself.

Build Trust

A great Instagram branding strategy will help build trust with your followers. Use it to introduce your brand identity, goals, and advocacies. Choose good Instagram names, upload captivating content, and showcase your products and services.

Boost Brand Awareness and Drive Traffic To Your Website

Instagram only allows one link in your bio. But if your branding strategy is properly executed, it’ll be enough.

Choosing good Instagram names and effective marketing helps boost brand awareness. When done correctly, your brand will be top of the mind.

good instagram names for branding

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For this reason, you need to add call-to-action phrases in your bio or captions. More importantly, update your link regularly. In doing so, you can drive traffic to specific landing pages.

Why Are Good Instagram Names Important?

Choosing good Instagram names may seem like a small task. However, it is essential to jumpstarting your branding.

The right Instagram name:

  • Sets the tone for your online brand identity
  • Will attract the right audience.
  • It helps potential followers understand what your brand is all about.
  • Makes it easy for people to find your products.
  • Most importantly, it helps you stand out among the competition.

For these reasons, your Instagram name should be memorable. Good Instagram names put you at an advantage in terms of Instagram marketing.

Ready to start brainstorming for good Instagram names? But first, here are a few important things to consider.

Key Factors To Remember When Choosing Good Instagram Names

Good Instagram Names Are Original

Don’t use other brand’s name. For one, you might get reported as a fraud account. Most importantly, you could face legal issues.

Nars Instagram name

Credit @narsissist via Instagram

For this reason, come up with original usernames. When brainstorming for good Instagram names, consider these questions:

  • What are your brand goals?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What are your products and services?

But What If Good Instagram Names Are Already Taken?

Don’t fret! There are a few things you can do.

First of all, you can reach out to the account holder. Send an Instagram DM or a formal email. Ask them if they’ll be willing to surrender their IG handle.

You’ll have a higher chance of getting the handle if the IG account is inactive.

Another option is to register a trademark. See if they can help with your dilemma. However, take into account the lengthy and expensive process of registering a trademark.

And even with a trademark, it’s not a 100% guarantee.

The best and easiest option is to use a slight variation to your Instagram name.

Take for example @frankgreen_official. They simply added an underscore and the word “official” for effective branding.

good instagram names

Credit @frankgreen_official via Instagram

Easy To Remember

Your target audience will use your Instagram name to search for your brand. Therefore, it should be memorable. Here are a few tips:

  • Make it as simple yet catchy. One tip is to use a play on words.
  • Avoid using special characters.
  • Don’t use random letters or symbols. These characters will make it harder for users to remember your name.
  • It should be iconic. Consider usernames that have a ring to it.

Look at how Sina, – a wife, mother of two, and influencer, named her account. She created a catchy play on words from “Happy go lucky”.

unique Instagram name

Credit @happygreylucky via Instagram

Another example is from Krave Beauty. They used a simple yet catchy Instagram name to represent who they are. Their beauty company gives your skin what they “crave” for.

good Instgram names

Credit @kravebeauty via Instagram

You can also consider adding punctuation to create good Instagram names. Take a look at how Angie, a digital artist, used punctuation in her IG name.

Instagram handle

Credit @artbyangie.jpg via Instagram

Keep It Short

It’s best to keep your Instagram handle short and simple. Why?

Because if your Instagram name is too long, it’ll look cut off. Take a look at the example below.

Keep good instagram names short

If you go to a profile and look at who they are following, you should clearly see the full username.

Secondly, a shorter name is easier to remember. Potential followers can easily search for it. For these reasons, your Instagram name should be clear and concise.

Don’t Include Gender/ Ethnicity/ Religion

It’s best to keep these out of your Instagram username. Doing otherwise will limit your potential reach. First of all, take into account your target audience. Secondly, consider the content they’d want to see from your feed. Most importantly, respect what they want to boost brand loyalty.

Tip: Adding specific details like gender, ethnicity, and religion can work if your account is for a specific community.

How To Use Good Instagram Names For Branding Strategy

Determine The Purpose Of Your Account

Not sure what your account is about? Consider asking questions like what your account will focus on.

Will your account focus on your personal activities? If so, it’s a good idea to use your name.

In doing so, your audience will know that they are following an individual.

Look at Michelle Choi‘s feed. It’s all about her day-to-day activities, the products she used, etc. For this reason, using her real name as her Instagram handle is a great idea.

use personal name for Instagram handle

Credit @michelllechoi via Instagram

It’s also worth pointing out the extra “i” on her last name. This is to differentiate herself from the other @michellechoi account.

Want to spice up your Instagram name?

Add a hint of what your niche is going to be. In doing so, your audience will know what your account will focus on.

Take a look at Nikkie de Jage‘s Instagram account. Her audience will know that her account provides tutorials right off the bat.

good Instagram names sample

Credit @nikkietutorials via Instagram

But what if your account will focus on products and services?

It’s best to use an Instagram name that is similar to your business name. This will boost brand awareness and ultimately help in branding.

Most importantly, when your audience comes across your products, they can easily look up your profile on the platform. All they have to do is search for your “brand”.

Be Consistent Across Social Media Platforms

Effective branding is all about consistency. It pays to have matching usernames across social media platforms. This is crucial if you want to expand your reach. Therefore, when coming up with good Instagram names, make sure that they’re available across platforms.


For one, it makes your brand look professional. Secondly, your audience can easily look up and discover your account across social media platforms.

For instance, a follower from Instagram can simply search your username on Youtube or Twitter.

Take this example from @nikkietutorials. She used the same handle across Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

same usernames accross social platforms

Most importantly, your audience will easily associate your products with your username. This is how you create a brand.

Keep The Focus On Your Products or Services

Instagram has over a billion active users. Chances are, good Instagram names are already taken. But don’t fret!

There’s a way around it. Consider adding a keyword that hints at your products or services.

This is especially helpful for startup businesses. Why? Because it gives your audience an idea of what your brand is about.

Big or small brands are adopting this strategy. In doing so, they boost brand awareness.

Take a look at how @indybrandclothing emphasized the indie origin of their clothing line.

good Instagram username


Another example is from @kyliecosmetics. By simply adding “cosmetics” to the Instagram username, she differentiated her brand name from her personal account.

Instagam username

Credit @kyliecosmetics via Instagram

But before that, you must consider your long-term goals. For instance, if your vision goes beyond apparel, then it’s best not to add “clothing” or any similar terms to your name.

In doing so, you’ll avoid rebranding your business. Remember, rebranding on Instagram can hurt your reach and engagement levels.

Get Verified!

Of course, having good Instagram names isn’t enough. To take your branding strategy further, get verified!

Have you seen that little blue check mark beside good Instagram names? That icon confirms that an account is authentic and legitimate.

In fact, it has become a status symbol. Getting verified:

  • Builds trust
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Prevents identity theft

But of course, getting that coveted blue badge won’t happen overnight. You need to work on your account. Improve your feed and grow your audience.

What happens to the blue badge when you change your Instagram name?

You might risk your verification badge when you change your username. Remember, Instagram has strict rules. This includes preventing users from transferring verified accounts.

With that said, they might think that the change in your Instagram name means a change of ownership as well.

Tip: Contact Instagram Help Center first. Ask them if they can update your username on your behalf.

On top of choosing good Instagram names, there are plenty of strategies you can adopt to build your brand.

Additional Tips For Branding Yourself On Instagram

Make Your Content Easily Recognizable

Being a visual platform, it’s only natural for Instagram branding to rely heavily on images and videos. This means you need to be creative. To stand out, you need to have a unique style.

Combining creativity and uniqueness leads to brand recognition.

For example, The Beauty Chef, a beauty brand, uses muted, pastel colors in their feed. The tone and shade make their content easily recognizable.

good IG names

Credit @thebeautychef via Instagram

Coca Cola is great at Instagram branding. Aside from their Instagram handle, they also used their brand colors in their feed.

Instagram branding

Credit @cocacola via Instagram

The red, black, and white shades keep their content on-brand.

Tip: Look at your competitors’ Instagram branding strategy. Focus on how they present their content and whether it engages their audience.

Utilize the Name Field

Another Instagram branding strategy is to use the name field to place keywords. Remember, Instagram username is different from your “name”.

IG name is different from name field

Of course, some businesses use their brand names for both their Instagram username and name. It makes their accounts much more memorable.

However, you can also utilize the name field to add target keywords. This makes your account searchable on the platform.

Take a look at @dirtybootspresets. They placed searchable keywords in their name field.

Instagram branding use name field

Credit @dirtybootspresets via Instagram

In doing so, when users search for “presets for Lightroom”, their account will show up first.

use keywords in name field

Tip: When jumpstarting your Instagram branding, know your audience. Understand what they are looking for. Then come up with a strategy on how to quickly provide them with information. It could be through good Instagram names or keywords.

Engage With Your Audience

This is the most crucial branding strategy you must adopt. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Respond to comments, questions, or concerns
  • Like their comments
  • Use Instagram Stories to interact with your audience
  • Host an Instagram contest
  • Feature followers using user-generated content

Instagram is a social media platform. Therefore, socialize!

Don’t let your audience and potential customer’s queries go unanswered. Reach out to them. Interact and start conversations. Ask a question and respond to answers. In doing so, your audience will know that your brand is human.

By boosting your engagement level, you’ll be able to build a relationship with your customers. More importantly, you’ll organically grow your followers.

Ready to Jumpstart Your Branding Strategy with Good Instagram Names?

Starting your Instagram branding can be overwhelming at first. But you can break it down to simple strategies.

First of all, you need to come up with good Instagram names. A simple yet iconic username can help you build your presence on the platform.

Take a few pointers from the tips we’ve listed above. And when you have a recognizable Instagram name, you can move on to other marketing strategies.