The Instagram “like”. One of the app’s defining functions, serving as the community’s primary means of communicating validation. When we’re not posting our own content to the platform, we’re often browsing through the flow of existing posts, dropping that little red heart every now and again.

It’s a gear that keeps Instagram turning, and we’re often hard-pressed to earn it. But why is it such a popular practice? Why are users so obsessed with “likes”?

Why Instagram “Likes” Matter

Instagram “likes” can undoubtedly bring well-earned flattery for the best and brightest creators of the platform. They give us that temporary “high”, knowing that we’ve done a good job – whether it’s capturing that perfect moment, filming a funny 60-second skit, or having written a witty caption. “Likes” are like a pat on the back; like a compliment or temporary applause.

Instagram likes

But this metric of popularity serves far more than just personal validation – it also provides social proof for those striving to build a business.

Instagram Likes Increase Your Visibility

The Instagram algorithm has gone through its fair share of changes over the years. One of the most recent ones involves the performance of the app’s “Explore” page, in which posts are now tailored to user preferences and relationships, rather than general popularity.

However, “likes” still play a vital role in getting your post to rank in hashtag pages.

Instagram #memes hashtag

Each Instagram hashtag you search for displays two separate tabs of content: one for the “most recent” posts, and the other for the most popular, or “top” posts.

The more likes you gain on a post, the more likely it’ll rank as “top” on its corresponding hashtag pages.

When this happens, your post gets displayed on the feed for even more users to like and comment on. You may even get a few visits to your profile – which may even convert into a few new followers.

Instagram Likes Serve As Social Proof

Early July of this year, Instagram decided to make the controversial move of removing likes in seven “test group” countries. These included Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, and Japan.

The change caused an uproar among influencers, who depended on their public display of likes for attracting brands and business deals. Since then, users have turned to other ways of measuring success, primarily substituting their likes with comments.

Instagram removing likes - @maisiewilliamsdaily

Courtesy of maisiewilliamsdaily (Instagram account).

However, if you’re one of the lucky regions with likes still on full display, a prominent purpose still stands: likes serve as a form of social proof.

The more Instagram likes you see on a post, the more you’re inclined to believe that the profile is one of quality. Plus, as a psychological effect, you might be influenced to hit “like” yourself.

Businesses and influencers can thus benefit from this; creating quality content that garners more likes, and, in turn, gains them more clients or customers. More likes means that their brand is reliable, trustworthy, and worth looking at.

Gaining Likes for Instagram: The Organic Way

While we’ll be delving into the online tools and services to help you gain more likes for Instagram, there are ways you can earn them organically. Doing this involves having both a creative content and marketing strategy.

How to Get More Instagram Likes Tip #1 – Quality Photos

Being the visual platform it is, having quality images goes without saying.

High quality Instagram photos

With over 95 million posts uploaded per day, you’ll need ways of standing out. This includes having clear, crisp visuals that “pop” on the screen, immediately grabbing the passive scroller’s attention.

Of course, depending on your aesthetic, a less-polished look can work just as well; provided you’ve got creative, artistic concepts to back it up.

How to get more Instagram likes - @brigitte.aeberhard

Courtesy of brigitte.aeberhard (Instagram account).

It also helps to observe the photos that trend in your specific niche, and the qualities that make it a hit. Consider implementing these characteristics into your own photos. For example, the top-ranking posts for “travel” photos are often wide, high-quality shots of beautiful landscapes and scenery.

Instagram #travel hashtag

Those into “travelling” content are likely looking for these kinds of shots, prompting many similar profiles to incorporate such images in their own feed.

Or, you can take the best qualities of your community’s most popular content, and come up with a fresh, imaginative idea of your own. Murad Osmann’s viral feed is a perfect example of this, combining grand sceneries with POV-style shots of his wife leading him in; allowing for creative and compelling storytelling.

How to get more Instagram likes - @muradosmann

Courtesy of muradosmann (Instagram account).

How to Get More Instagram Likes Tip #2 – Videos

Statistics show that Instagram videos gain 38% more engagement than your standard image post. Thus, for a quick boost of likes (and comments!), you may want to consider incorporating some video content into your feed.

Like photos, millions of videos are uploaded onto the app by the day. It therefore pays to not only have an attention-grabbing concept, but one that’s unique. You’ll also need to take the 60-second limit into account; immediately hooking viewers in to optimize this time constraint.

Get more likes for Instagram with videos

Courtesy of molliexjayne (Instagram account).

Makeup profiles, for example, know how to do this well. The most popular video content in this niche involves time-lapses of make-up transformations. These posts are often bursting with color, and are fast-paced enough to engage the viewer off the bat.

Often, users will plug their official website or Youtube channel for a full-length version of these tutorials.

Get more likes for Instagram with comedy videos - @hoe.moticon

Courtesy of hoe.moticon (Instagram account).

Other users turn to comedy skits or stunt videos, with bold text that instantly catch attention.

How to Get More Instagram Likes Tip #3 – Interactive Content

Finally, one of the most popular and effective methods of gaining organic likes is through content that encourages interaction.

This can be done through images or videos that prompt the viewer to take action – whether through a like, comment, or both.

For example, some posts will urge viewers to “like” if they agree or relate to the content, along with a question that encourages them to comment.

Interactive posts -

Courtesy of (Instagram account).

Other posts will be interactive in the content itself. A popular form of this are “fill-in-the-blank” images, prompting viewers to leave their answer in the comments. While these typically don’t encourage likes, the boost in engagement will still help it rank on hashtag pages (or even on one’s Explore page) – allowing more “like” or “comment” potential.

Interactive Instagram posts - @bravomusicacademy

Courtesy of bravomusicacademy (Instagram account).

Lastly, contests are simple, efficient way of bumping up your likes and comments.

Giveaways, the most common form of Instagram contests, will typically urge viewers to like and comment on the post to enter. This, in turn, boosts your post’s visibility on your followers’ or hashtag feeds; encouraging even more viewers to participate.

Instagram contest - @archandbrowstudio

Courtesy of archandbrowstudio (Instagram account).

The Best Tools, Services, and Apps for Getting Instagram Likes

We’ve run through the common “organic” ways of gaining more likes for Instagram. Fortunately, there are a number of online tools available that can aid in this challenge; offering more likes and overall engagement in half the usual time it takes.

While some of these options may cost you, they’re well worth it for the results you get. Upgrade your Instagram game today, and give these services a go.

Get Likes for Instagram Through Kenji

Kenji is your AI-powered, friendly Instagram bot that breaks the oft-negative stereotype surrounding such tools.

Easy to set up and incredibly efficient, Kenji’s primary goal is to boost your profile exposure. As a result, you’ll be raking in more likes, comments, and even follows by the day.

Buy followers for Instagram through Kenji

Courtesy of Kenji.

To use the app, simply determine the specific hashtags that define your niche and target audience. Targeting content under these tags, Kenji starts auto-liking such posts; gaining you more exposure and visibility among potential followers. Catch a user’s attention, and they may just like your content back.

The app also has a HyperTarget function, allowing you to direct it to the followers of your competitors. You can also choose to have it like content based on certain locations.

Buy followers for Instagram through Kenji

Courtesy of Kenji.

Unlike the typical Instagram bot that’s often avoided due to shady, spammy behaviour – Kenji sticks to likes, and nothing more. The app doesn’t comment, post, or direct message on your behalf. This ultimately keeps your profile name clear and spam-free. Additionally, Kenji only targets real, active accounts, ensuring interactions exclusively among quality users.

Those interested can get started with a 3-day, free trial.

Get Likes for Instagram With Upleap

If Instagram aren’t your thing, you may want to try Upleap.

Upleap’s service places your account in the hands of a trusty Instagram manager, who does all your daily, menial marketing tasks for you. This includes liking others’ posts and viewing user stories to get your name on their radar.

Buy followers for Instagram through Upleap

Courtesy of Upleap.

Like Kenji, Upleap has a super-simple set-up process. Users are instantly matched with their account manager upon signing up, and are then asked to define their niche and target audience.

Using your information, your manager will then get to work interacting with relevant accounts. This boosts your profile exposure and visibility, drawing more viewers to your account. The more traffic you gain, the more likes you’ll garner on your posts as a result.

Buy followers for Instagram through Upleap

Courtesy of Upleap.

Happy Upleap users have reported a 300% faster growth on their Instagram account. Upleap managers also make sure to exclusively interact with real accounts. This ensures engagement with active users, who are likely to engage back.

Those interested can also get started with a free, 3-day trial – no credit card required.

Get Likes for Instagram Through Robolike

Robolike is another useful tool in gaining likes for Instagram. Like Kenji, Robolike functions as a bot, auto-liking relevant posts by your target audience based on hashtags you specify.

Top Instagram management tool - Robolike

Courtesy of RoboLike.

The app works with the exact same purpose as Kenji: sending “like” notifications with the aim of getting user attention. When a user sees that you’ve liked their post, they’re inclined to check out your profile, and perhaps drop a few likes back. Best case scenario – they might even hit that “follow” button!

Instagram management with RoboLike

Courtesy of RoboLike.

Robolike users can set a specific time frame in which the app will run. This can help you avoid hitting the “like” cap Instagram has set, preventing any unwanted shadowbans. Additionally, you can view all the likes made on your behalf, and set filters to avoid liking any “inappropriate” content.

The app also promises up to 90 likes an hour, with the option of “bulk account management”, for users managing more than 10 accounts.

Get Free Instagram Followers With Socialfollow

Along with getting more Instagram likes, growing users should also focus on their following. Like “likes”, followers serve as blatant social proof that you’re a trustworthy, reliable, successful account.

With Socialfollow, you can build that recognition in no time. The helps give new brands or influencers a well-deserved boost by helping them get free instagram followers. That’s right – free.

Get Instagram followers through Socialfollow

Courtesy of Socialfollow.

The process is divided into four simple steps. Sign up to Socialfollow with your e-mail, Instagram username, first name, and a random password. You will then be asked to select a few categories that describe your niche. Once that’s done, you’ll be asked to follow up to 10 people, from a pool of users generated based on the categories you’ve chosen.

Get Instagram followers through Socialfollow

Courtesy of Socialfollow.

Select 10 people to follow – and bam, you’re given 50 new followers, for free.

It may sound like a crazy good deal, but it’s real, safe, and already recommended by more than 10,000 satisfied Instagrammers. The best part (aside from being totally free, that is) is that there are no pesky surveys, shared data, or requirements for your Instagram password. Everything’s free – in risk and financial costs.

Socialfollow testimonials

Courtesy of Socialfollow.

Get More Engagement With Instagram Ads

Lastly, never neglect the power of an effective Instagram ad.

Instagram ads can be created out of any one of your existing posts, or made from scratch through your Facebook Ads Manager. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll stick to the simple process of boosting one of your Instagram posts as a sponsored ad.

It’s recommended that you boost a post that’s been gaining successful organic engagement. Quality posts that have already gained a fair amount of likes and views are likely to do even better as an ad.

Instagram ads - L'Oreal

Courtesy of L’Oreal Paris.

Turning our posts into ads is easy – simply hit the blue “Promote” button under the image or video, and follow the prompts to determine your budget, objectives, and target audience for the ad.

Instagram "Promote" button

Instagram then reviews your post, and once approved, delivers it to your target audience’s feeds, with a “sponsored” label under your username. Catch enough attention, and you’ll surely rake in the views, comments, and likes from interested viewers.

Start Getting More Instagram Likes Today!

While “likes” aren’t the be-all, end-all for most casual Instagrammers – they’re often an important ingredient for business success on the platform. Ensure constant growth with marketing and content strategies that reel organic viewers in; or opt for automated services that help you speed up the process. With the right ideas and third-party tools, you’ll gain that swarm of likes in no time.