If you haven’t been paying attention lately, you might have been among a few that missed the fresh new addition in the world of Instagram growth tools.

Flock Social is the new popular kid on the block, and it’s getting all the attention.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to Instagram growth service offers, these guys are here to prove you wrong.

Marketed as the best Instagram growth service, the Flock Instagram tool promises real Instagram followers fast.

But, before we jump on the popular bandwagon, let’s review it first and see for ourselves.

What is FlockSocial?

Even at first glance, you get the idea of why Flock Social is an organic Instagram growth service businesses, and influencers are flocking to lately. To be precise – 5000 of them and counting.

Pretty impressive for a newbie.

They pitch their service as a one-stop-shop for Instagram growth, engagement, and conversions.

A bold claim backed up by actual projection numbers. You can’t help being intrigued, as it’s something we’ve never heard by any similar service.

It gets better. Flock promises a wide range of top-notch AI-powered features and analytics while staying clear of fake followers and bots. We’ll get more in-depth on the features later.

You also can’t help but notice the attention-grabbing offer right upon landing on their homepage – a completely free trial. As the offer reads, you can test it out completely free, no credit card or anything, for 7 days.

Hooked already? We certainly are.

Before we access the Flock user dashboard, let’s first break down all of its notorious features. 

What Features Does It Have?

Apparently all of them, and then some more.

In all seriousness, these guys aren’t holding back when it comes to all things Instagram growth.

Here’s the entire list of all Flock Social features available across two subscription plans (plus some cool highlights):

  •     Smart following and unfollowing – excellent choice to secure real Instagram followers
  •     Advanced targeting and filtering settings – insight into all the info you need
  •     Similar users targeting – smart competitor targeting
  •     Location targeting – a valuable feature for brick and mortar businesses
  •     Hashtag targeting – allows more focused targeting
  •     Smart insights and analytics – insight into all the vital info you need
  •     Scheduling interactions – safer and better interaction functionality
  •     Access to Instagram tools – additional insight and assistance

Bonus premium highlights (available across all plans, even during a free trial):

  •     Free 7-day trial (no credit card)
  •     Visible results from the 1st day
  •     A monthly call with a growth expert

To make sure everything is actually as awesome as it seems, we decided to test it out. Read on to learn about the step-by-step process. 

Signing Up

Luckily, no surprises here. Sign-up is really painless as they advertise.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps:

Step 1 – Go to their homepage – flocksocial.com

Step 2 – Choose a subscription plan ( we’ll cover this in more detail later on) or choose a free trial option.

Step 3 – Enter your full name, email, and password.

Image that explains how to create an account in Flock Social

Step 4 – Enter your Instagram username.

Screenshot showing how to add your username in Flock Social

Step 5 – Enter your IG password.

We must admit we are always hesitant when it comes to handing out our password; however, the transparency about their encryption plan seemed pretty solid, so we gave in.

Adding Hashtags and Location

Here’s where we experienced a minor setback.

We didn’t count on having to do any preparatory work ourselves, so it took us some time to actually start the process. Hashtag targeting allows adding multiple industry-specific hashtags to help you nail the targeting. Be sure to do a little digging before finding the best options for your account and general goals.

From then on, it was smooth sailing. The user-friendly dashboard leaves no room for guessing and intuitively guides you through the process.

Rumour has it that Flock Social managed to develop a ridiculously functional location targeting. Competing for that best organic Instagram service spot much? At this point, we’re all jitters witing to see if it will deliver any real results.

Spoiler alert – location targeting works!  

Adding Similar Users

Moving on, Flock will ask you to add a couple of similar accounts, i.e., your closest competitors.

Though you are probably familiar with at least a few of those, we would suggest doing another little research to make sure you’re not missing out on some low hanging fruits when it comes to ideal follower targeting.

Now we’re becoming more clear on all the guaranteed metrics. The service promises real followers, organic growth, authentic engagement, and conversions 5 times better. The super-specific targeting actually aims at your most ideal audience. This gives you more than a solid chance of generating real growth and precise results. 

So far, it seems like it’s worth every penny.

Speaking of pennies, let’s look into pricing plans and see how much you’re getting on each deal.

Pricing and No Credit Card Free Trial

Excellent job on two simple pricing plans created to fit the two most common user persona.

For $49 per month, you can get a pretty awesome features package as an Instagram Rising Star user. Created to perfectly suit every end-goal any beginner or pro influencer might have in mind, Instagram Rising Star packs location, hashtag, and similar profile targeting, plus advanced insights, interaction scheduling, and Instagram tools. Flock guarantees hundreds of new followers monthly to Rising Star subscribers, making it more than a fair deal when you think about it.

Instagram, as a Business plan, is geared towards any-size business accounts. With a starting price of $69, it offers additional premium gender targeting, advanced filtering, and a monthly call with a personal growth manager. Not too shabby, to say the least.
Image showing Flock Social's pricing plans

There’s also a nice 20% discount if you take the annual subscription.

Our idea was to make the most out of the deal. We decided to test the waters during a free trial, and then take the annual deal if everything pans out the way we expect it.

And considering there are around 20 new followers a day guaranteed from day one, we figured the free trial would be a nice preview.

You can read more about their free trial here.

Be sure to stick around for the special discount code at the end to save an additional 20%.

Results after First Day

We won’t keep you in suspense any longer.

Much to our surprise (as most times the things prove to be, well too good to be true after all), Flock Social blew us away.

We got everything we bargained for, and the entire experience was a joy from start to finish. 

Day 1 and we could already see some things starting to cook. A bunch of logins to our IG account meant the process is underway. At the end of the first day, we secured our first 4 new followers. However, the numbers of accounts we began to follow got us concerned for a second, until people at Flock told us it’s a part of the process, and the things soon started looking much better.

By day 7 we were ready to become an official flock subscriber. Final score after the free trial – over 350 new real followers and the number of accounts dropped significantly. Flock attributes this to their smart tech, which learns about your engagement and starts discarding profiles that don’t provide any engagement. The accuracy is mind-boggling.

Ready to challenge our results and get started with Flock Social? Sign up for a free trial here, and let’s compare scores in the comments.

You can get Discount Codes

To all of our community members wanting to grow your Instagram with Flock, we’ve prepared a nice additional discount. In collaboration with Flock Social, we came up with a code FLOCK20 to get you started.

The code takes off 20% of any plan you decide to go with. It can come in handy, especially during these times, both for struggling businesses affected by the COVID-19 crisis and influencers starting out. All you have to do is choose your ideal plan and enter code FLOCK20 to get the reduced price immediately. 

Our Verdict

All things considered, Flock Social is the closest thing to being one of the best Instagram growth services we’ve experienced to this day. Yes, we said it.

Seldom do we actually get to review service so cleverly developed to provide the most for the fair price.

What truly sets it apart from anything similar on the market is the speed of delivering results. Even during the trial period, you can see the power of its premium features and get tangible results. If you’re looking for the ultimate all-in-one solution for Instagram growth, our strong recommendation is giving Flock Social a try. It simply doesn’t get any better than that.