When you think you’ve finally found the one, think again!

That’s just how things go when you’re looking for potential Instagram-growth services. There’s a hidden scam behind almost every corner.

And since we’re speaking of scams, DigiSMM is a great example of one. However, this service could not hide its false intentions for a long time.

We do not want you to make the same mistake and fall for the obviously bad intentions of this service. That’s why we advise you not to leave this review just yet.

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  • What caused the downfall of DigiSMM?
  • Is your private information in jeopardy?
  • Is DigiSMM worth your time?

Readers deserve the truth, and we don’t plan to cut back on any information regarding DigiSMM.

This service has officially been exposed, and you’re here for the exclusive edition.

Isn’t it helpful to have a couple of alternatives just in case? This table can help you with that.

IG Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Upleap4.7Check Price
Socialfollow4.5Check Price
Nitreo4.2 Check Price
KENJI4.2Check Price

DigiSMM Review – A Quick Preview

We just realized that there is a lot to be said regarding DigiSMM. To make the point of this review clear from the start, take a minute to go through this table of pros&cons.

Neat layout of the siteSelling fake followers
Promoting inorganic growth
Customer service is unresponsive
Free trial not working
Negative reviews on Trustpilot
Suspicious client testimonials onsite

Hopefully, this helped you grasp the overall concept of DigiSMM.

Now, it’s time to explain each and every factor that we’ve mentioned.

Discussing DigiSMM’s Features

We understand that most of our readers would like to know at least a little about the service we are discussing, which is totally valid.

What do we know about DigiSMM, and how does this service present itself to a wider audience?

It looks neat.

The design of the site itself seems to be regularly updated, and what we can confirm for sure is that you will not have problems with errors or annoying pop-up ads while scrolling.

It’s no secret that they get on our nerves.

DigiSMM is tied to Instagram, and its packages are primarily related to this social media platform. Let’s see what you can buy here:

A screenshot showing digismm packages available

Is there anything that should worry you here?

Maybe. It depends on how serious you are about Instagram.

In case you are serious about boosting your social presence, then we recommend that you try not to stick too much around automatic likes.

If you know at least something about social media, then you are familiar with the fact that they poorly tolerate any automatic inflow. This applies to Instagram followers as well, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Instagram ranks first in use, and there’s no doubt that thousands of people are trying to boost their engagement every day.

People often make the same mistake and rely on growth services that look good from the outside (like DigiSMM). Don’t get this wrong – appearance counts, but your Instagram’s safety should be your number one priority!

Spoiler alert!

DigiSMM has repeatedly scammed its customers into thinking it is a reliable and organic-like growth service.

Do Client Testimonials Seem Suspicious?

As we have already said, appearance should not be your green light for buying Instagram followers.

Read that again if you need to.

The thing that goes directly with the look is the comments from “satisfied” customers that these services tirelessly upload to their homepage. At least 90% of the services you visited have used this method of advertising.

With some, it works. However, we both know better than to believe a couple of well-written comments on the homepage.

This is nothing more than trying to prove to you that this service is exactly what you need. In reality, this is barely the case.

DigiSMM is no different from other growth services. Even this service uses the opportunity to promote its “quality”. Here is one example of a customer testimonial that you can read on their homepage.

A screenshot showing a customer testimonial

The first impression would probably be something like “This might actually help my Instagram skyrocket!”

We doubt it.

Did you know that most of these glowing comments were actually purchased? Yup, services buy fake reviews, and it’s not a secret anymore.

If they are not purchased, then there is a possibility that they were written by employees themselves, of course, using fake names.

DigiSMM Breaking Their Promises

The more time we spent researching DigiSMM, the clearer it became to us that this was actually one huge red flag.

Long story short – Is DigiSMM legit?


This service broke every promise that it so proudly advertised on its homepage, and we will take this opportunity to get to the bottom of this scam, once and for all.

Forwarding Fake Followers

Probably the only thing you’re here for are your long-awaited Instagram followers. This is, honestly, the only package with which you can expect any kind of boost in numbers.

Here’s what Instagram followers offer on DigiSMM.

DigiSMM claimed that their “high-quality services leave a long-lasting effect impression” on their clients.

They seem to have left the wrong impression, as 80% of the followers that were forwarded were plain Instagram bots.

Imagine the disappointment after buying a larger package, only to find out that you’ve been scammed.

Is there a way to recognize these Instagram bots?

You just need to scroll through your followers, and separate the suspicious-looking ones from the “real people.”

DigiSMM claims that all its followers are real people. That’s just common propaganda.

After a minute or two of scrolling, you’d be able to notice quite the number of profiles that don’t have a profile picture, their last post is from 2015, or they just don’t follow anyone.

You can write them off as fake right away.

We give these followers a maximum of 7 days to stay on your profile, at best.

If they don’t remove themselves, Instagram will do this for you, and without hesitation.

With smaller packages, you won’t have to worry so much.

However, if you choose a package of 2,500 followers, and notice that a large number of fake profiles have arrived, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

You wouldn’t be the first one to be banned from Instagram.

Relying On Instant Delivery

The only thing worse than getting fake followers is getting them all at once.

Just imagine the following scenario.

You bought a package of 3,000 Instagram followers, and after 30 minutes, your phone starts blowing up.

Your Instagram notifications are completely flooded by all these new followers coming in at once.

Someone might call this popularity, but we call it a total train-wreck.

Even the most famous influencers know that instant delivery is not something you should look for in a growth service. The key to this “growth” that keeps recurring is that it comes gradually.

You need your followers divided into several intervals so that Instagram does not reveal how you collected a certain number.

Simple math.

Still, companies seem to turn a blind eye and rely on instant delivery.

DigiSMM will forward a chunk of followers after an hour, but it will not be the one to bear the consequences – it will be you.

Think about that for a second.

Their Customer Service Is Slacking

When we think of customer service, we mainly think of:

  • fast responses to complaints/inquiries
  • knowledge about the company’s policies
  • putting the customer first

Unfortunately, DigiSMM has absolutely nothing in common with the parameters we just mentioned.

Do they even have a customer support team? Yes.

How to contact DigiSMM? Via email.

Customer service that relies just on emails is ineffective, to say the least.

Keep in mind that this is social media and that the number and frequency of emergencies are much more common. This automatically requires operators who are available 24/7.

DigiSMM didn’t seem to get the memo.

Their customer support took too long to answer even the simplest of questions, and clients began to lose their patience.

Eventually, more and more customers started to give up buying followers because they didn’t feel safe.

We can’t blame them.

Free Trial Under Maintenance

Do you know how services offer free trials that include about 50 or 100 Instagram followers? Well, this is mostly an attempt to gain your trust.

With DigiSMM, the “free trial” is currently under maintenance, so you’ll have to settle for the premium option, and this one includes spending your money.

It’s obvious that you came here in hopes of getting free followers, so why would you want to pay for them? Well, DigiSMM thinks this is a great idea.

They want you to choose their services so badly that they offer you 1,000 followers for $11,99. The question is, are you willing to do that?

Our advice would be not to indulge in something that is still not 100% sure, even if the service offers you a special package with a huge discount as a consolation.

Customers Are Disappointed By The Service

Just when you think you’ve read it all, we’re here to add icing to the cake.

We’ve saved the best for last – reviews from past customers. Mind you, these are the real ones, and not like the ones you read a minute ago from their homepage.

The source where you will always come across honest and vivid comments from past customers is Trustpilot. Just take a look at these two examples.

Here’s the first one.

 A screenshot showing the first review

This is exactly what we’ve been talking about all this time. Your followers will disappear, and their customer service will leave you on read.

A screenshot showing the second review.

Here, we’ve got a money-related issue. It turns out DigiSMM doesn’t give you a refund, which makes the experience even worse.

The Final Verdict

Seems like we’ve covered it all, and that leaves us with just one question.

Is DigiSMM safe?

No way. DigiSMM is nothing more than a scam.

Everything we mentioned about DigiSMM should serve as a warning to you to stay away from all services that work similarly.