Wondering how to delete your Instagram account? We’ve got you covered.

Social media platforms like Instagram are great fun, but after a while, it can start to feel as though your addiction to social media is taking over your entire life. When you can’t concentrate at work because you’re wondering who might be sliding into your DMs, or you can’t sleep without a dose of #InstaGood each night, it might be time to admit you have a problem.

Social media addiction has become such a significant issue in the current landscape that you can even find rehab centers for people who just can’t handle life without hashtags.

The only real way to overcome your obsession of course, is to either deactivate or delete Instagram and learn how to cope without it for a little while.

Pulling the Plug on Instagram: Your Options

Sharing every aspect of your life on social media or becoming obsessed with things like likes and followers can really get you down over time. It’s when that happens that figuring out how to delete Instagram usually becomes a good idea.

However, if you’re using Instagram for business purposes, to help strengthen your position online, or you’ve put a lot of work into building your presence, you might not want to let all of that effort go to waste. Sometimes, all you really need is a little break from Insta, so you can come back to it later with a new, healthier perspective.

Since Instagram knows that different people will need different kinds of breaks from their social media lifestyle, there are two options available when it comes to deleting Instagram. You can either temporarily deactivate your account and come back to it later, or you can get rid of your profile forever. Crucially, if you do decide to delete Instagram forever, then that’s it – you can’t get your account back – it’s gone for good.

Before You Delete Your Instagram Account

If you’re not ready to delete Instagram once and for all, deactivation is a good alternative. When you deactivate your account, your likes, comments, photos, and other aspects of your profile will be completely hidden from followers and other users. However, when you return to Instagram, you can start posting again as normal – like you never left.

To temporarily delete Instagram, or deactivate your account, go to your Instagram account on a desktop, and navigate to your profile page. You’ll need to be logged into your account to do that. From there, click on “Edit Profile” and select “Temporarily disable my account” at the very bottom of the page.

How to delete Instagram

Instagram will want to know more about why you’re deactivating your account. Hit the little drop-down menu and select the option that appeals most to you. You don’t necessarily need to give this information – but it’s helpful. When Instagram asks, hand over your password, and confirm that you want to disable your account (at least for now).

Now, go and take a break. Drink a cup of tea, relax, ignore social media for a while.

Later, if you decide that you want to reactivate your Instagram account, you can do so by logging into your Instagram profile again – it’s that simple. If you’re having trouble logging back in, you might have a problem with a forgotten password, which means that you need to contact Instagram.

Extra Steps To Download Your Content

So what if you really do want to know how to delete Instagram?

Maybe you’re sick of all the drama and the headaches when it comes to figuring out which filter to use. In that case, there are more permanent steps available. However, you’ll really want to take some extra measures first. Before you delete your Instagram account, download a copy of your Instagram content first. This includes everything you’ve ever uploaded to the platform, including videos, photos, comments, and so on.

Instagram recently introduced an option to download your activity by following the instructions on this page. You’ll need to enter your email address and your password to get your content. You can also find the download page by going to the “Security” section of your Instagram profile and tapping on download data, or “Request Download”.

Within 48 hours, you should receive an email from Instagram to the address that you signed up with. The email will have the subject line “Your Instagram Data”. It will include a link where you can download the content you’ve shared. Keep in mind that this link is only active for four days, so you’ll need to access it fast.

download data

Click on the link to “Download your data”, and a folder will be loaded into your computer, containing all your photos and videos. Instagram places this content into JSON files. This is a bit of a pain for people who aren’t familiar with tech stuff. Dragging your content into a Firefox window will work, or you can view your content in a Chrome Browser using an extension.

Downloading all of your data before you delete Instagram means that you can still access all the photos and videos that you’ve shared. This will be useful if you ever decide to recreate your account. It’s also good if you just want to look for an old image that you didn’t save to your phone.

When You’re Ready to Permanently Delete Instagram

Once you’re done downloading your old content and you’re ready to go ahead and delete your Instagram account, there are a few simple steps to take. Make sure that this is definitely what you want to do, as it is an irreversible step.

You can’t delete your Instagram account from within the app, so you’ll need to log into the account from a web browser instead. Start by going to the Delete your Account page on Instagram. You can find this page within your Instagram Profile Settings. Instagram will ask you to give a reason for deleting your account, just as it asked you why you were deactivating.

We wouldn’t recommend deleting your account just because you have “trouble getting started”. There are plenty of great tutorials out there. Additionally, there’s a good chance that you probably won’t be deleting Instagram because you can’t find anyone to follow. There are dozens of great accounts out there, and SocialFollow can even help you to choose the right accounts to follow to boost your presence online.

However, there’s a good chance that you will have concerns about your privacy, thanks to Facebook’s history with privacy problems, or you might find Instagram too busy or distracting.

Once you’ve chosen why you want to know how to delete Instagram from the list of options available via Instagram’s drop-down menu. You’ll be asked to re-enter your password. This is your chance to reconsider if you really want to delete Instagram or not. With your password entered, Instagram will offer the option to permanently delete your account. You can click on this to remove all the content you’ve ever shared, your profile, and your conversations from existence.

Delete Instagram account

That’s it – once the process is over, you’re done forever.

You can always start a new Instagram account, but you definitely can’t get your old one back after it’s been deleted.

How to Delete Instagram Comments, Pictures and Other Stuff

Deciding to delete Instagram is a big decision, and not one you should take lightly. If you delete your account and decide that you want it back, then there’s no way to access that account again. With that in mind, it’s important not to rush into anything.

Ask yourself why you’re wondering how to delete Instagram in the first place. Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with the way that you use the platform. Alternatively, maybe you’re just embarrassed about a comment or a photo that you would rather get rid of. There are a lot of things that you can delete on Instagram without getting rid of your entire account.

For instance:

  • To delete a comment: Select the post with the comment that you want to delete, and swipe left across the comment in question. Click on the trash icon or tap the icon with an exclamation mark if you want to report someone else’s comment as spam. You can also proactively turn off commenting for a post by tapping the three dots. If someone has already left a comment on a photo, turning off commenting removes that comment automatically.
  • To delete your search history: Feeling weird about your Instagram stalking habits? Hide them from anyone who might see your account by deleting your Instagram search history. All you need to do is go into your profile and click on Settings, then “Search History” then “Clear Search History”.
  • To delete a conversation: If you’re sick of someone sliding into your DMs, go into your Direct Messages folder and swipe left on the conversation. If you’re bored of getting constant notifications, you can choose the “Mute” option. Alternatively, hit “Delete” to get rid of the conversation for good.

How to Delete Instagram Followers or Photos

If you’re not the source of the Instagram stalking issues in your life, but someone else is, then you can always get rid of a follower that’s causing you hassle.

The only real way to “delete” Instagram followers is to block them, but this will stop them from connecting with you, so it serves the same purpose. The person in question won’t be able to see your profile, photos, videos, or Stories when they’re blocked, and they won’t know that they’re blocked either.

To block someone, go to your Profile, then Settings, then “Block”. If you just want to stop someone from commenting on your photos, go into your Settings, hit “Comment Controls” and tap “Block Comments From”. Then enter the person’s username.

Maybe the thing that’s making you wonder how to delete Instagram entirely isn’t a person, but a photo that you wish you had never shared. There’s no way to bulk delete photos on Instagram if you’re embarrassed by an entire phase in your posting life, but you can delete individual images.

To delete a photo, tap the three dots in the upper right corner next to the image, and select Delete. From there, you’ll need to confirm whether you want to delete the image before it disappears entirely. If you really hate the photo, you can delete it and forget all about the problem. On the other hand, if you want to pull a Blake Lively, you might want to archive your images instead.

To archive, your image, click “Archive” instead of “Delete,” and you’ll be able to access the photo again later if you decide that you do want to use it after all.

Should You Delete Your Instagram Account?

Ultimately, only you can decide if you should delete your Instagram account or not.

It’s a bold move, and one that you can’t come back from if you change your mind later. If you’re not absolutely convinced that you’ll never want to use your Instagram account again, try just deactivating for now.

The truth is that you could leave your Instagram account deactivated forever if you wanted to. It would be no different to delete your account completely. The only real difference is that you have the option to come back.

The best reason to delete Instagram are that you’re no longer happy having it in your life. You may also delete because it’s causing you distress, or you’ve started another account and want to focus on that.

If you just aren’t getting the right results from your account, try reaching out to SocialFollow. We can help you achieve growth without any drastic measures.