Looking for a legit source that can help you in boosting your Instagram fame will make you encounter numerous obstacles. These online red flags can include anything from hidden scams to overpriced services.

This research can take a lot of time, and you certainly didn’t plan to spend it sitting in front of a computer and opening dozens of different tabs.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard part of the job and researched Buzzoid to the last detail.

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For now, let’s focus on Buzzoid, and how this particular Instagram-growth service fits your requirements.

Without further ado, we’d like to get right into the details.

In case you’d like to look at a couple of more options, we put together this table of alternatives.

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Nitreo4.2 Check Price
KENJI4.2Check Price

Buzzoid – Boiled Down

Maybe some of you have already spent too much time researching this source without any luck. If this is the case, then this short pros and cons table will certainly help in forming an opinion about Buzzoid.

Even if this is not the case, a visual representation can help the reader focus on the details that particularly interest him.

Here are some of the key attributes that marked Buzzoid.

A neat layout of the siteConcerning reviews
Offers a refundSlow customer support
No sensitive information requiredPromotes instant delivery
Affordable prices

What are your thoughts after seeing this table? We believe that it would be a good idea to stick around a bit longer and really get into the details of this service.

What Is Buzzoid?

Buzzoid is your average Instagram-growth service. Through this particular source, you can boost your Instagram numbers and increase your engagement.

For starters, this is what Buzzoid’s homepage looks like.

A screenshot showing buzzoids homepage

If we were to comment on the site in general, we’d say that they’ve done a good job with the design of the site, and how they distributed their offers.

However, don’t get carried away by the looks. 

During your research, you must have come across sites that are cluttered with unnecessary information, so seeing Buzzoid made you feel relieved. Just remember that this should not come as a surprise, and every site should be accessible and easy to navigate.

Moving on.

As you can see from the homepage, with Buzzoid, you can buy:

  • Instagram followers
  • Instagram likes
  • Instagram views

We’d say that these are somewhat standard offers, but how profitable are they? Let’s see. 

The most talked-about service would certainly be the followers package.

How Does Buzzoid Work?

Buzzoid is not complicated at all.

All you have to do is:

  • Choose your desired package
  • Fill in the billing information
  • Wait for the inflow to start

This is certainly a relief, knowing how many companies out there turn this simple purchase process into a monotonous and exhausting experience.

Buy Instagram Followers From Buzzoid – Yay or Nay?

In order to have a better insight into whether buying followers from Buzzoid is a good idea, we will have to fully dedicate ourselves to this package and what it offers.

Here’s what the follower offer on Buzzoid looks like.

A screenshot showing the follower offers on buzzoid

From what we see, Buzzoid has changed the way it presents its offers visually, and we also notice that it has raised prices by a few dollars.

How does this change affect potential customers?

Well, in terms of the range of offers, it’s still the same Buzzoid we know. The offers are neatly arranged, and potential customers have the freedom of choosing anything between 100 to 5,000 Instagram followers.

Moreover, prices are inevitable, and in many cases, a decisive factor in any purchase. We can say with certainty that there are no rules when it comes to prices.

There are Instagram-growth services that sell their followers at dirt cheap prices, and on the other hand, there are services that have overestimated their services. With such, you can expect to pay as much as $100 for a handful of followers.

Buzzoid is somewhere in the middle, opting for reasonable pricing that should be available to all types of consumers – from teenagers to established brand names.

Even if you’re a little skeptical, paying almost $3 for 100 Instagram followers will certainly not disrupt your monthly budget.

Your Account Information Is Safe

Another thing that puts a plus in the pros category is the fact that Buzzoid doesn’t require you to give away any sensitive information.

If you do decide to buy any offer from Buzzoid, you’ll just have to type in your Instagram username and your email address – there’s no need for your Instagram password.

At the checkout, you’ll have to fill in your credit card information, and we know that some of you prefer paying via PayPal. If you’re familiar with cryptocurrencies, you can make this your payment method as well.

Risky Inflow Of Followers

If you took a closer look at the claims under follower offers, you could read that Buzzoid relies on almost instant delivery of followers, and we’d like to say a couple of words on this topic.

You should know that this is nothing more than an advertising deception that has been present on the online market for a very long time. Namely, a majority of customers associate instant delivery and cheap prices with quality.

In many cases, this is far from the truth. Instant delivery might be good for shipping goods, but with Instagram, it’ll only cause you problems.

Followers should arrive on your profile gradually, and not all at once. This is the golden rule!

Buzzoid delivers your offer within the first 10 minutes, and if Instagram’s algorithm picks up on this, you can easily lose all of your followers. 

Some people that have been buying huge numbers of followers even got their accounts banned.

Is this what you want? Of course not.

Also, how many followers that arrive on your profile are legit and real people? Many companies are known for forwarding bots that disappear from your profile after just a few days.

Our advice is to always check your followers when they arrive.

Luckily, Buzzoid offers a guarantee if an offer is not delivered, and would be happy to give you back your money.

Delays In Customer Support

Imagine that something happened during your order, and now you can’t get your followers or claim your refund. You need to turn to someone ASAP.

Buzzoid’s customer support is not exactly upgraded.

What you’re looking for is some type of live chat that will give you immediate answers and help with your order. But what you’ll get is a standard email version, in which you can address your problem in detail.

The problem here is that there are no working hours displayed anywhere on the site, and you might end up waiting for a couple of days.

We’re sure that not everyone can be patient for so long, especially when it’s a matter of money or even Instagram safety.

Low-Grade Buzzoid Reviews

Checking if a particular Instagram-growth service is reliable involves much more than price estimates. You need to take into account other people’s experiences as well.

Regarding Buzzoid, we could see that there’s a drastic confrontation of reviews on the homepage vs. some external sources.

If you decide to rely on the homepage (which you shouldn’t), you’ll see dozens of happy customers recommending Buzzoid. They even encourage you to write a review of your own.

A screenshot showing customer feedback on buzzoid

Now, if you decide to take a slightly more realistic look and visit a few external sources, you’ll see that things aren’t actually as great as they seemed on Buzzoid’s homepage.

For example, on Trustpilot, it states that the company’s website is closed (which is not), but it still has some published reviews.

Past customers seemed to be furious. 

Here’s one review titled “Not a happy customer”, and it’s pretty detailed.

A screenshot showing a negative review on trustpilot

If you continue your search on Sitejabber, you’ll see that not much has changed. Even there, people are not overly satisfied with the service from Buzzoid, and you can read it in this recent review regarding premium followers.

A screenshot showing a negative review on sitejabber

Final Statement On Buzzoid

So far, we were able to explore all the prominent features of Buzzoid, and now is the time to make your decision. Are Buzzoid’s followers legit and are they worth buying?

There is no strong indication that Buzzoid is a scam that’s just after your money. The only worry you are left with are the reviews, but other than that, there are not many things wrong with this service.

If you think it’s worth the risk, go ahead and try out their followers.