It’s tough enough having to pick one among hundreds of Instagram growth services without having to worry whether it’s a scam or not. 

Sadly, this is something you have to take into account with every single service and research it down to the nitty-gritty before you trust it with your IG account and money. 

Since you’re here reading our review, you’re on the right path, so kudos!

We imagine you want to know all about Boostlikes before giving it a chance, and our comprehensive Boostlikes review will help you do that. 

  • How good is Boostlikes?
  • Is Boostlikes safe to use?
  • Are their followers authentic?

We’ll cover these and more, so dig in!

We have already found a service that checks the boxes above and more. It’s called Upleap. Don’t forget to peruse our Upleap review where we talk in detail about all the upsides of this service. 

Also, we’ve listed a few more choices below in case this one doesn’t work out for you!

IG Growth ServiceAverage RatingPrice
Upleap4.7Check Price
Socialfollow4.5Check Price
Nitreo4.2 Check Price
KENJI4.2Check Price

Now, back to Boostlikes!

Boostlikes Summed Up

We understand that not all of you can dedicate 5 minutes right now to read the whole review, so here’s the gist of it in the table below. 

However, be sure to come back and read till the end to form a better picture of what this service is. 

A variety of packages availableZero customer reviews
Relatively cheapThe ever-present possibility of receiving fake followers
Offer a drip-feed methodNo PayPal option

What is Boostlikes?

A screenshot of Boostlikes’ homepage

Boostlikes is a service that helps you expand your social media following. 

They provide Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram services. The service sells (supposedly) real followers and engagement on various social media platforms.

If we were to summarize their website in one word, it would be “boastful.” Positive customer evaluations and self-praising descriptions abound on the site. There’s also a comparison chart showing how Boostlikes outperforms the competition.

They surely think highly of themselves, but our job is to find out if there is any merit to these claims. 

The real question is, does any of this hold water?

We’re not entirely convinced it does. 

Throughout our research, we came across comments from disgruntled consumers. For reasons we’ll describe in detail a bit later, these people were unhappy with Boostlikes. For the time being, we’ll just say that their engagement/followers aren’t as real as they claim.

Let’s take it easy for a moment.

We don’t want to come out swinging on this service straight away. There are some positive aspects to it. It’s been around for a long time, for example. They’re probably doing something right if they’ve been able to survive in the digital world for so long.

Before we discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly, let’s first see how it all works. 

How Boostlikes works

The first thing we have to note is that there are two services with the same name. The one you want and the one we’re talking about today is hosted on the site The other one is dot co, so don’t get these two mixed up. 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see how Boostlikes works. 

Once you visit the site, you’ll see what they offer on the homepage. The website is quite user-friendly and intuitive, which is one plus side of this service.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you’re looking for, whether it’s features for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. 

For now, we’ll stick to the Instagram portion of the service. 

You can buy followers, likes, and comments with Boostlikes. Auto-likes were also introduced somewhat recently.

Choose the quantity of engagements/followers you want, then paste the URL of your account and pay. The order should then be sent to your profile. 

Boostlikes followers

The crucial part of any service of this type is the followers. They’re the ones that are supposed to bring engagement and real growth to your account. 

So, what’s the deal with Boostlikes’ followers?

The unique thing about Boostlikes is that it allows you to buy anywhere between 500 and 50K followers (the packages are in 50 followers increments).

A picture of the info on Boostlikes’ followers buying process taken from the official website.

And the thing is, they are not expensive. You can get 1K followers for $36, and 50K for $1,200, which is not the cheapest option out there, but it surely is in the affordable price range.

Normally, we’d advise against purchasing such a huge number of followers as most of these services offer only instant delivery. Getting tens of thousands of followers overnight could be detrimental to your account. 

However, Boostlikes offer a monthly drip-feed method, so the followers arrive at your profile gradually. 

This is the best strategy as it resembles organic growth the most. 

There is one downside to this process though. Boostlikes offers payments via credit cards and cryptocurrency, but there’s no PayPal option

Boostlikes likes & comments

Boostlikes also has an interesting strategy regarding the likes. They give you the option to choose between the number of likes per post and how many posts you want the likes for. 

So let’s say you choose to receive 50 likes per day on one post per day, it’ll cost you 60 bucks/month, and so on. 

And where do Boostlikes come from, you might ask?

Well, they claim all of them come from USA accounts, but who’s to say what’s the truth.

As for the comments, we’re not sure they’re worth talking about much. Since we couldn’t find any customer reviews about comments, we’re going to go out on a limb and say they’re not that great, as always. 


Boostlikes has this section on the website they call Freebies. You’d assume they’re talking about a free trial, and it is (kind of).

They actually offer two things here:

  • A $30 gift certificate if you talk about Boostlikes on your blog
  • Idea generator for Twitter and Facebook posts

One thing’s for sure – Boostlikes doesn’t fail to surprise, does it?

Where are the customer reviews?

So, here’s the real kicker – there are zilch online reviews from past customers of Boostlikes. Take a look at their Trustpilot page:

A screenshot of Boostlikes’ Trustpilot page

This is shocking, considering Boostlikes is not exactly a new service. By now, there should be at least one available review. 

This is probably one of the deciding factors when making a decision about a certain service. 

Is Boostlikes legit?

Although the lack of customer reviews doesn’t go in Boostlikes’ favor, it’s not exactly enough to entirely dismiss this service as a scam. 

Nothing about it confirms it is, indeed, an illegitimate company. However, we can’t either say it is 100% safe to use, for simple reasons. 

We don’t know for sure how good the quality of the followers they sell is. 

From our vast experience, there’s a good possibility they sell either bot followers or mixed quality followers at best. 

But, again, we can’t be absolutely certain about it until someone tries it out and leaves honest reviews.  


It’s time to consider all of the facts provided in this review and make a final decision about Boostlikes. So, the big question is whether you should give Boostlikes a chance or not.

It’s true that Boostlikes offers plenty of great things, like various packages and numbers of followers for purchase, gradual delivery method, and so on. 

On the other hand, we don’t know for sure how good every aspect of this service is. Perhaps they sell mixed quality followers, perhaps they don’t always deliver. And let’s not forget customer service – we don’t know squat about that either. 

If you’re willing to take a risk and give Boostlikes a chance, well, go for it. Maybe go with a smaller package at first, so you don’t spend too much money if it doesn’t work. 

And if not, scroll up to the beginning and check out our recommendation that is guaranteed to work.