Have you ever come across a source that seemed suspicious and unsafe to you from the minute you entered the official website?

Well, we have a perfect example of this type of service, and it’s called Automatic Viral. If you’ve had the opportunity to purchase followers from this source, we sincerely hope that it didn’t cause you too much damage.

This is a source that has failed to fulfill its claims, and after a while, it got shut down.

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Regardless of the fact that Automatic Viral obviously has a bad reputation, you can learn a lot from this example. 

And if it ever comes back – you’ll know what you’re dealing with!

Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

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Automatic Viral – A Brief Preview 

We’re dealing with a service that has done a lot of things wrong, and we believe that a short pros & cons table would best present the overall picture of Automatic Viral.

Got shut down twice
Promoted inorganic growth
Followers got deleted
Used fake accounts instead of real people
Unprofessional customer support
Poor rating on Trustpilot

It is certainly not pleasant to look at a table in which there are no positive aspects. 

However, that’s the way things are with Automatic Viral at the moment, and we’ll explain what caused this service to crash.

What Is Automatic Viral?

Before we get into the details, let’s clarify what Automatic Viral is.

In simple words, this is yet another Instagram-growth service that was supposed to help you boost your account with REAL Instagram followers.

This service was related to Instagram, and the services it offered were:

  • Instagram likes
  • Instagram followers
  • Instagram video views

Automatic Viral Shut Down

Where is this service now?

It got shut down, not once, but TWICE.

The first shutdown occurred in 2019, and Automatic Viral was not available for a long time. 

However, something happened, and Automatic Viral briefly appeared in early 2021. Just like the last time, this didn’t last for long, and the second shutdown happened. 

Many think that this is also the final one, but with services like this, you just never know. We’ve seen examples that reappear for a day and go blank again.

If you try to access Automatic Viral’s homepage, this will pop up.

 A screenshot showing the automatic viral login

It says that they’re not accepting new customers, which should be your first red flag.

You are only able to access the services if you already have an account with this service. But how is this profitable? Clearly, it’s not.

There is something fishy going on with Automatic Viral.

Forwarded Only Fake Instagram Followers

The biggest mistake of this service was that it forwarded only fake Instagram accounts instead of real Instagram followers.

Automatic Viral most likely bought fake accounts from China and India and forwarded them to its customer under the false claim that they were high-quality and real-looking.

These accounts were temporary bot accounts that would disappear from your profile after just a few days. The only thing that mattered to Automatic Viral was that you clicked on the buy button.

That’s another red flag right there.

They sold their followers at cheap prices, but they didn’t think twice about the quality. Sadly, a lot of customers fell for this.

… With No Speed Adjustment

In addition to the fact that Automatic Viral apparently only had fake Instagram followers in its offer, it forwarded them instantly to your account.

There was no speed adjustment.

Automatic Viral solely relied on instant delivery, which could severely damage your account.

Let’s say that an influencer bought a large number of followers from Automatic Viral.

First, they would receive just a bunch of evidently fake accounts. Second, they would come all at once. It’s hard to say which one is worse, but one thing’s certain – Instagram would detect this as inorganic growth.

Yup, you would probably lose your followers. In some cases, we’ve even seen people lose their accounts as well.

Cheap prices, but fake followers and inorganic growth are not exactly the offer you were hoping for. 

It’s pretty clear that Automatic Viral was only after your money, and maybe that’s why it’s still allowing old customers – this source is just a thief.

If you’ve learned anything from these facts, then you’re probably halfway looking for Automatic Viral alternatives.

Unprofessional Customer Support Team

There is something worse than poor services, and that is an unprofessional customer support team.

Automatic Viral, in addition to not caring about its fake accounts, did not provide its customers with decent customer support.

Anyone who experienced a problem, and wanted to reach out to someone in customer support had to wait for a couple of days for any kind of feedback.

There was no live chat.

And when someone reached out to you, it was done in a rude and unprofessional manner. Their operators had absolutely no patience for customers.

Poor Rating On Trustpilot

Automatic Viral did not have onsite reviews, but even if it did, we know how that would look – five-star comments praising the services, and telling you how Automatic Viral is the best out there.


These comments will never be a sufficient measure of quality, and that’s why you should always check out some real and reliable sources like Trustpilot.

That’s exactly what we did, and the reviews there confirmed what we’ve been talking about all along. Take a look for yourself.

A screenshot showing negative reviews on Trustpilot

People who bought followers and likes from Automatic Viral claimed that they received accounts with 0 followers, posts, and no profile pictures.

If that’s not a description of fake, then we don’t know what is!

Automatic Viral damaged people’s accounts by shutting them down.

Is Automatic Viral Still A Scam?

Services that got shut down are supposed to be completely unavailable, but Automatic Viral still accepts old customers. 

After all that we have mentioned, a question that arises is whether this service is still a scam? We’re pretty sure that it is since we couldn’t find one positive thing about it.

If you’re an old customer, we hope you didn’t try to log in again.

Automatic Viral – Final Words 

We’re pretty sure that we’ve covered everything there is about Automatic Viral, and all the facts point to a single conclusion – Automatic Viral is a scam!

This service had absolutely nothing positive about it.

All it did was scam its customers by:

  • Forwarding fake accounts
  • Ignoring their customers
  • Promoting inorganic growth

It got shut down twice, and this reason alone is enough for you to learn a lesson. Never trust a service that even the slightest resembles Automatic Viral!