There are a lot of websites that have been well-known in the past but have mysteriously disappeared for one reason or another.

It seems that Audience Gain has become one of these websites since there is more than one problem with the domain they once owned.

But be patient, we have all the answers you’re looking for right here.

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But, let’s get right into our main topic here.

It’s not the first nor the last time that a company has disappeared from the face of the earth with no logical explanation.

Also, it should be noted that this happened relatively recently, so it’s not exactly old news.

We have a few ideas about why this happened and how it happened, so those speculations will be explained in greater detail later in the article.

For those speculations and some facts we have collected that are closely related to Audience Gain and what happened to them, we highly suggest you keep reading this Audience Gain review and find out.

Let’s get into it!

What Was Audience Gain?

This is the first thing we need to make sure every reader is familiar with since you won’t be able to find even basic information easily anymore.

Audience Gain was a company that provided its users with social media boosting services that helped them reach their desired goal, be it followers, likes, or views.

There were a few social media platforms that services were available for. For example Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat (if we remember correctly) among others.

All of these services were nothing new and were provided long before Audience Gain, and will be provided long after their disappearance.

But, let’s not get too caught up in that.

In essence, Audience Gain was mostly known for its Instagram-related services which were the most bought ones as well.

Instagram followers, likes, and views are, generally speaking, the most well-known services available on these types of websites.

The company we’re talking about today provided these services as well, and that’s why we are interested in them.

What Happened?

Today, if you want to buy Instagram followers, likes, or views, and you visit Audience Gain, you’ll be met with a few unpleasant surprises.

First of all, if you try to click on a link someone sent you, or just type their URL in your search bar, you’ll see a message that goes something like this:

A screenshot showing a message related to the lack of secure connection to the website you’re trying to reach when you enter in a search engine.

This is not something you’d like to see when trying to visit any website on the Internet.

What a message like this means is that there’s a deeper problem below the surface and that something security-related happened to the website.

But, this is not the end. If you try to refresh the page in order to get to your desired website, you’ll get yet another surprise:

A screenshot of the main page for the Stormlikes website that a user is redirected to when refreshing the old Audience Gain website.

Seeing this means that Stormlikes probably bought the domain that once belonged to Audience Gain and now uses it to redirect the users to their official website in order to boost their traffic and potentially get some new users.

This is not something that’s considered forbidden, but it’s often frowned upon since this technically means they’re taking advantage of an unfortunate situation for Audience Gain.

But, we’re telling you this to avoid you getting confused about how you ended up on the official Stormlikes website when you entered Audience Gain in your search bar.

Some of you might ask how long does audience gain has an unfunctional website? It’s hard to tell, but this has been happening for months now.

There are a few things that might have resulted in Audience Gain shutting down and leaving their domain opened for sale.

The first thing that we suspect might have happened is that they got banned or sued by Instagram.

This is more than a plausible theory since people started complaining how their followers bought from Audience Gain started disappearing after a short while.

An occurrence like this might have happened because the Instagram algorithm that was designed to detect bought followers did its job and erased them.

Oftentimes, when Instagram finds out from what company these services were bought, they want to sue them and shut them down.

In fear of a lawsuit from a company that’s as big as Instagram, the owners of Audience Gain probably shut down their website and sold the domain to minimize the losses.

This is not proven, nor should it be taken as a truth, it’s just a scenario that is more likely to have happened than the rest of them.

The other scenario is that because it was becoming widely known that the service bought from them gets erased not long after it’s bought, that the sales dropped and people started realizing that there were much better options.

A screenshot showing a negative review regarding Audience Gain and not receiving the bought followers.

This might have led to a lack of funds, and in order to cut the losses, they probably sold the domain or just closed down the website and their service.

The comment above is a perfect example of some of the negative reviews that we stumbled upon which might have caused the second scenario.

Audience Gain Review – Conclusion

Some of you might have asked yourself at the beginning of this review “is Audiencegain net legit?” But the thing is that there is a service called that has nothing to do with the Audience Gain that we just talked about.

But if your question is if this audience gain was legit, it’s hard to say. If we take into consideration the poor reviews and the negative experiences users had with this service, we are obliged to say NO.

All-in-all, let’s take a look at some of the good sides of this once existing service and the bad sides of it, in order for you to get the rawest information side by side.

/Didn’t deliver followers
/Followers that they sold kept disappearing
/Ended up being deleted without any explanation

As you can clearly see from the table we made, this company didn’t actually provide its users with anything worth mentioning as a pro.

Other companies that are still in business do have a pro or two to their name, unlike this one that doesn’t exist anymore.

All-in-all, the conclusion we’ve come to is that regardless of the reason this company and its service got deleted – it’s a good thing.

These kinds of services shouldn’t exist in the first place.