It’s a rare occasion that we stumble upon a company as bad as AppSally. We’re not saying this just because we don’t like their website design or because we’re keen on getting their rating down.

There are a few things that need to work in order for a company to even start being recognized as legitimate.

Through our research, we’ve come to the conclusion that AppSally not only lacks in one of those things but multiple.

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But, let’s get back to the main topic – AppSally and the things they’re calling “their service”.

We usually don’t condone expressing negative feelings about a particular company or their service before you get an in-depth view into what’s really wrong with what they offer, but this is an irregular occasion that calls for this kind of red caution sign.

Now it’s time to methodically present you with all the important information regarding this company and the services they provide their customers with.

But let’s get something clear, we advise you to take everything we say here with a reserve and make up your own mind about AppSally and the surrounding facts since everyone’s opinion can be different for the same things.

Let’s get into this AppSally review and dig through together!

What Is AppSally?

In their words, AppSally should be “The Perfect Growth Weapon For Your Business”.

Sadly, the problem with this claim that they made on their website can’t be further from the truth.

AppSally is a company that claims to provide its users with real and organic growth, which sounds fantastic in principle.

But, the number of social media platforms they offer their services for, and the clunky mechanics of the whole website indicate that the most probable scenario for you to participate in as a user is a sheer disappointment that’s waiting for you at the end of your payment process.

What AppSally should have been is another story. It’s obvious that they had a vision of a website that supports and provides all kinds of creators with services made for almost any social media platform out there.

It’s an overall thought that should count, but the problem is when the realization is so far from the initial thought.

It’s important to stay true to what you preach, but it seems like AppSally couldn’t be farther from that.

The Website

Overall, the first thing the consumer comes into contact with is the website. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but it has to be one thing – functional.

Our firm opinion is that a website has to be made functional at first, and then made aesthetically pleasing.

This is where we come to our first problem regarding AppSally and what they have to offer.

Their website is not functional (to say the least). We had to refresh it countless times just for it to recognize the clicks we’re imputing.

These are not some hard-to-get things or details in the website building process, but these things are instead really beginner and quite simple things to get down.

In order for a website to even function properly and get the customer to where they want to be, the clicks and basic things along the lines of that need to be fully functional.

When we tried to choose a service we wanted to test, there were multiple problems including the website not registering our clicks, and we had to refresh the whole website in order for it to work.

These are all situations where you expect things to go smoothly, but that’s not the case with AppSally for some reason.

Otherwise, the website looks good, but the payment process and the number of new pages you have to load just to get to the checkout is so big that we got lost and didn’t know what step we were on for a short second.

The process goes something like this:

  • Choose the social media tab
  • Find Instagram
  • Click on your marketing goal
  • Copy your Instagram’s URL
  • Mark your interests
  • Say how much you’d like to spend
  • Go to checkout and fill in the credit card information

We think you see the problem with that. Other companies just ask you for your Instagram handle, you pick a package, and then you fill out the CC information – it’s that simple.

We know that this is done to improve the quality of the engagement you’re getting, but it’s obviously too much work for a slight increase in the quality and targeted audience you get for it.

Let’s look at the “interests” tab, for example. We get the use of this tab, but it’s quite confusing if you don’t know what your audience should like specifically or if you’re in some fields that aren’t covered here, like agriculture.

A screenshot showing the tab for choosing interests on the official AppSally website.

If a tab is added to help customers, but it makes it more difficult to come to the end product, it’s completely needless.

Payment Method

The payment method is also quite hard to fill out. We understand that some companies ask for more details than others, but it can also be done in just a few steps.

A screenshot depicting the checkout phase of buying services from AppSally

As you can see, the problem is that there is too much going on in front of you. They could have just asked for basic credit card information, which is plenty on some websites in order for you to complete your order.

Not only does this take time, but if you want to buy from AppSally some other time or buy another service for some other social media platforms they have on their list, you’ll automatically remember the lengthy process that’s ahead of you and probably search for an alternative.

All this hassle over the billing details and the payment process wouldn’t be so annoying if it wasn’t for the negative reputation that this website gets for what they provide their users with.

Many people that we talked to said that their zero-bot policy works just on paper and that there’s no way that they can deliver a full batch of followers or likes without any bots mixed in with genuine accounts.

AppSally Review – Conclusion

The lengthy and confusing process that every customer has to go through in order to get their likes or followers from AppSally wouldn’t be a problem if it was worth the time.

But after all, is AppSally legit? We would say no.

Also, the value-quality ratio isn’t the best either. But, we’ve said enough in this article about these things, so it’s time to see them all side by side in a table for a more clear overview of the strengths and weaknesses of this website.

An original idea to boost the quality of engagementLengthy process
Confusing billing details page
Non-consistent zero-bot policy
Website is not working properly

As you can see from the table above, there are much more cons to this service than there are pros.

Every time this is the case, we highly recommend you take into consideration some other options that are out there that might satisfy your needs and meet the requirements you have for a service.

In other words, there are companies out there that’ll boost your engagement without putting you through a process that might end up not getting you what you wanted.

And if that’s the case, just keep looking!